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Let's have a pint.
04-19-2014, 01:16 AM
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ooc-This rp takes place after this one

I sighed deeply before walking into my daughter's room. There was a cold breeze coming from the open window, which I was guessing that my daughter use to sneak out of the house. She must have been in a rush because she in fact didn't shut the window. I walked over to the window and noticed her cell phone was laying on the ground. It must have fallen out of her pocket when she was climbing through the window. I reached down and picked it up. I touched the button on the top of the cell, the lock screen popped up and asked for me to enter a code. I stood there thinking for a moment. What would she use as a password. After few minutes of thinking. I came up with it. I entered the the numbers 1-9-1-6. The year the IRA was formed. The phone unlocked and I was in. When to her text messages and found a few texts from her friends. Good thing they were from just her female friends. I didn't have to kill any boys. I found a text from Jenna. I knew the girl. She was Bianca's best friend. I read the texts and found out she was going to the club called Poison. I knew the location of the club. It was a block or two from the pup I went to often.

I looked through the other text but there wasn't anything else to do with the club. I place my daughter's cell phone into my pocket and made my way to the door. As I walked out of the room, I shut the door and turned. Standing there was the head maid. Diana Miller aka The Bloodhound. There was a story behind her, but that was for another time.

"Hey there Bloodhound. What are you up to?"

"I've come to check up on Miss Bianca. Is she doing well?"

I could lie to her and say that she was okay but her nickname wasn't the Bloodhound for nothing. She would be able to tell if I was lying.

"Bianca has left. She went out the window to go to a club with her friends. I need to get her back before my wife finds out. So I need to you keep it hush hush. I'm going to go get her. Can I trust you to do that for me?"

"Of course sir. What do you want me to tell Mrs Russo if she should ask about Bianca and you?"

"Tell my wife that I took Bianca out to have a talk. We'll be back later."

"Very good sir."

I nodded and walked off. Now I had to sneak out of the house, It wouldn't be hard to do. My wife was in her office, I'm sure she was. When she was angry she went and did paperwork. I walked out of the house and to my car. I got in, started it up and took off. I was sure my daughter was walking. When I read the texts, they didn't say anything about her getting picked up. If she was walking then I would be able to catch up with her as she was reaching the pub I went to. It only took me five minutes to reach the pub and I as right she was almost passing the pub. I drove ahead of her a little and parked the car across the street from the pub. She would be walking this way. So I just got out and leaned on my car waiting for her. As I did, I lit up a cigarette. I looked up from lighting my cigarette to see her using the crosswalk. As soon as she reached the other end, She saw me and froze in her tracks. There was shock on her face at first but it turned to shame. I just kept puffing on my cigarette. She was walking again and soon was standing next to me. I took a drag from my cigarette before speaking.

"Hey there lass."

She was looking at me, she was looking to the side.

"Hello father."

"We need to talk."

She nodded.

"Yes father."

"Let's go get a pint."

I smiled as I walked pass her. She followed me. We didn't say a word till we entered the pub and sat down at the bar. Yes I know she wasn't twenty one, but I've been bringing her here since she was six years old, I knew the owner. I saved his Irish ass one time. So he let Bianca come into the pub. The bartender smiled as she walked up to us from behind the counter. She was an older woman, about in her forties. Her read hair was still bright and wasn't fading into grey yet but you could tell she was starting to age.

"Michael, So nice to see you again. I see you brought Bianca with you."

She said looking at her. Bianca smiled. She looked back to me.

"So what will ye' two be havin'?"

"Two pints."

"Alright, coming right up."

She left to get our drinks. I saw an ashtray on the counter and pulled it closer to me. I took a cigarette out of my pack and lit up. I could tell my daughter wanted to say something. So I would let her speak first. As I took a drag from my cigarette, the red headed bartender came back with our pints and set them down in front of us. I smiled and nodded to say thanks. She did the same. When she walked away that's when my daughter spoke up.

"Da....I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For sneaking out of the house."

"Oh, I know you are, But just be glad that it's me sitting here with you and not your mother. You should know that I have you covered. I told the Bloodhound to tell your mother that you and I were out having some father daughter time. Now that being said, We are going to have a talk about you sneaking out."

"Yes father."

"Now let me say right now. I do understand why you did it. I can't nor will I hold that to you. I did the same thing when I was your age. So I can't blame you, but you do know if your mother found out. She would be pissed and I mean pissed."

"I know father, but she never lets me go out, I feel trapped, I want to hang out with my friends. I'm seventeen. I'm going to be eighteen later this year. I'm not a kid anymore."

I took a drink from my pint.

"Yes, That is true. I agree, You're not a kid anymore, but have you stopped to think how you mother feels?"

"No, I guess not."

"Your mother is one of the top Mafia Dons in the city. She has a lot of enemies that would use you age against her. The last thing your mother and I want is for you to get hurt, but like you said. You're not a kid anymore and she knows that. Believe me, She knows that and that's what scares her."

"Why would that scare her?"

"You won't be her little girl anymore. You'll be an adult. Free to do what you want. The thing is, There is nothing she can do about it. Time doesn't stop for anyone."

"She shouldn't be. You've been training me since I was seven. I can handle myself."

"I think you can. Listen. I've been planning on talking to your mother about you. She does need to let go and let you be your own person. I'm not going to enjoy it but she does need to realize that, but you can't blame her as well. She loves you and if something happened to you, If someone harmed you. She would burn the world to the ground."

I chuckled at my comment about my wife. She could be a very scary person when she needed to be.

"I understand. I won't sneak out again."

"It's fine. Like I said. Your mother thinks you were with me the whole time. So really, You didn't sneak out. I just met up with you. Right?"

I looked at her and gave her a warms smile. She smiled back and nodded. I backed her shoulder and leaned over and gave her a kiss on the side of her head. We went back to the house after we finisher our pints. My wife was in the living room watching T.V. Bianca went up to her room and I went to sit with my wife. She was dressed for bed, Her blond hair was down and not up in it's normal bun. She moved over to me. I put my arm around her shoulder and rested her head on my chest.

"So, Hows Bianca?"

"She's okay."

"Is...Is she mad at me?"

"No, Like I said, I talked to her. Everything is fine, But I need to talk to you."

She sighed deeply before taking my hand in her's.

"Can we talk about it another time. You're leaving tomorrow right?"


"Then let's just sit here and spend time with each other."

She'd never admit it, But she didn't like the fact I was leaving. She never liked when I left the country to do my job or for other reasons.




"I love you."

"I love you too."

We held each other while we watched T.V. She fell asleep on my chest, That's when I turned off the T.V. and carried her up to our bed to rest. I had a big day tomorrow. I was going to need my sleep.

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