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The Hunt.
03-08-2014, 03:33 AM
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ooc-This rp takes place after this one.

I had made a call about an hour ago to a friend. This friend just so happened be a top ranking Yakuza member. Yes I had made more friends then enemies in my life. Plus it helped that my wife was also allied with the Yakuza. So as I waited for a call back, I looked over at Sean who was seating across from me. I had flashbacks from the time when Sean and I were fighting the British in the streets of Dublin. Those days were rough, always having to stay one step of the British Army but at the same, we had to hurt them. Sometime we had to hide in the underground sewer living off nothing but rats. Being in The IRA wasn't easy, but were didn't do it for the money, in fact he didn't do it for money at all. Many different Irish people joined The IRA for many different reasons, Some for honor, others did for the pride of Ireland. Sean and I joined for revenge. Both of us had lost someone due to the British. I lost a daughter and wife, Sean had lost a brother. That's why I never understood him jumping over to the other side. I guess now was the best time as ever to ask, I might not be able to after this.

I lit up a cigarette and slid the pack over to Sean. He took the pack and took out a cigarette for himself, he slid the pack to me. I took in a drag letting the smoke fill up my lungs. I blew out the smoke before I sighed deeply. I didn't know how to ask, so I guess the best way was going to have to be straight forward.

"Why did you do it?"

Sean looked up at me, he took a pull from his cigarette, he blow out the smoke before speaking.

"Aye, I was waiting for you to ask. Let me ask you something. Would you do anything for your loved ones?"

I blinked a few times, I wasn't expecting that.

"I'd do anything for me loved ones."

"Aye, I know you would, as would I. Michael, I never wanted to betray The IRA but I had to. Those fuckin' Ulster Freedom Fighters had me wife and kids. They blackmailed me. So yes, I turned on you. I won't lie about that, I would do anything for me family."

I didn't see that coming. I could understand where the man was coming from. I too would do anything for my family. I didn't care who they were. No one fucked with my family. I'd track them, find them and kill them every so slowly. I flicked the end of my cigarette to ash it into the ashtray before taking another hit.

"I see. So why didn't you ask for my help? You know I would have done all I could."

"I couldn't risk them killing my family Michael."

He had a point, if The UFF found out, they would had ended his family's lives, as well as his.

"Now that you know the truth. How do you feel now?"

I opened my mouth to answer when my cell went off. I looked at it before picking it up to answer it.


"Michael-san, It's me Mizuki."

"Good to hear from you Mizuki, Did you get what I needed?"

"Of course. The man you're looking for is at a warehouse on 31st Street. My spies tell me that he will be heading out in about two hours."

"31st, got it. Anything else I should know about?"

"He has about Twenty men."

"Do you know where he will be going after the warehouse?"

"Yes, he's leaving to a small airport. Hanger ten. That's all I know, I don't know where he will be going."

"That's fine, He won't be making his flight. Thank you Mizuki."

"My pleasure Michael-san. Tell Nice I do miss her and that we should get together some time."

"Aye, I'll do that."

I hung up the phone and place it into my pocket. I took one more drag from my cigarette and snuffed it out in the ashtray before raising from my seat. Sean looked up at me.

"Let's get going, We have a time limit."

He didn't say a word. He put out his own cigarette and followed me out the room. This was it. I was close to getting my revenge.


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