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On the subject of what is earned
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11-13-2019 02:53 PM

The last few months have been an interesting time for this company. I earned the right to challenge for the rechristened Anarchy Heavyweight Championship through virtue of defeating four others in the King of the Ring tournament. And while the Anarchy brand of the XWF has been ruled, perhaps overrun, by ne'er-do-wells and rapscallions in the form of zombies, owls, potty-mouthed Australians, and more, it has held a certain decorum in regards to the championship that the older and larger brands have not:

You have to earn the right to challenge.

In my time with the company, I have seen the Universal Champion hand-pick opponents in the form of underdeveloped lower card acts, in Main choosing Kaye, and broken old men of full illiteracy, in Soldier choosing Drezdin. I have seen both the Hart and the Television titles have their challengers be determined from seemingly endless randomly-selected groupings of directionless fools, nearly one and all finding easy defeat in their attempts. I have seen the Xtreme title, though noteworthy for the reverence it finds with its current holder, be seen as a toy to be passed around by the children who have become upset that I no longer wish to play with them in the halls and back alleys.

Thankfully, the Anarchy Championship has not had to deal with such indignation. Make no mistake, as I have said recently, I have nothing in the way of love or affection for Vincent Lane. I consider him to be an imbecile who, in between bouts of diving into the mange-infested taint of his eternal betrothed, has filled his company with the worst athletes of ill repute that this business holds. Yet he has, somehow, allowed my championship to be above the terrible bookings of Savage and Warfare General Managers. Despite the crying of babies and bleating of sheep, he has not allowed my championship to be sullied by pretenders or unworthy children.

Noah Jackson earned the right to challenge for the Anarchy Championship at Leap of Faith by defeating several individuals in a tournament. Though it is a pity that he cannot grow from his loss like a man.

Vita Valenteen earned the right to challenge at Relentless by virtue of her undeniable win of a championship briefcase. Though it is a pity that she spends every moment of her life now erasing any and all respect I had for her.

Ruby Debuchy earned the right to challenge at Anarchy by having a nearly spotless record across the entire length of Anarchy, as well as mounting momentum across the company as a whole.

Should I be successful in my second defense of the Anarchy Championship tomorrow in New Jersey, I will look forward to defending against someone who earns the right to challenge at Lethal Lottery. By my estimation, both Fuzz and Big D have wonderful cases to argue. Additionally, all three former challengers have cases to plead, all of which are at least worth the conversation.

I will enjoy giving them what they have earned.

[Image: WMhr4kI.jpg]
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