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05-29-2019 11:46 AM

Sarah Selena Grey-Lacklan sits on a bench, her hair ripped from its braid and cascading down her back, her body moving up and down as she breathes deeply. Her gear, the lace and velvets her traditional red and black tonight, is torn in a few places, and her knee braces lay upon the floor, her hands massaging her thighs above the knee.


She doesn’t look up as her boss bursts into the room with two open bottles of champagne. She doesn’t look up as familiar voices follow behind the exuberant owner, and surprising teammate in the place of BWP, from the dark alto of her wife Kenzi saying “Babe!”, the slight affected nasal of Roxy saying “You did okay, bb,” and the high-pitched squeal, much like her own, of Angie’s wordless “SQUUUUUUUEEEEEEE!” She is jostled as they all embrace her, nearly moved off the bench, and still she keeps her eyes shut. Her thoughts are inward, on moments of success less than an hour ago, which included two Shining Wizards and a definitive performance in her War Games debut.

Her eyes snap open and a lustful light comes to them as she sees the scene before her: Kenzi on her knees, her caramel hands holding Sarah’s chin, while Angie beams with approval, Roxy smacking a bubble of her ever-present gum, and Vinnie chugging down some champagne. Sarah turns her eyes to Kenzi’s, the chocolate color so different from everything Sarah saw in her own mirror, and her body heats up in that usual mixture of adoration, affection, lust, and devotion. She reaches up, wincing slightly with the effort, and places her own hands on Kenzi’s face, mirroring the gesture, pale hands shining in contrast to Kenzi’s dark. She leans toward Kenzi, who follows suit with the movement, until their foreheads rest upon one another, gently nuzzling, their eyes closed.

“I’m BACK, Beloved.”

~~Presenting the PrincessTwilightSexyFang podcast~~

HIIIIIIIII-iiiiiiiii! This is your reason for being, the face that made a television star puke out a rainbow, Sarah Lacklan here, with the next GREATEST vlog! I would like to take a second to mention that my LAST greatest vlog, wherein Roxy and I did some killer Let’s Play action, has the NEWEST record for views out of my entire 8+ year vlogging history, and wanted thank EVERYONE who watched me kick major digital ass!

Which, of course, is ALSO what I did at REAL War Games, Shining Wizarding (now in verb form!) my way to victory. I even went outside the box a couple of times and took to the air...and I NEVER do that! Literally NEVER! But that’s what you have to do sometimes, baby birds, when there are GREAT stakes on the line.

This coming week, I am in a match WITHOUT great stakes on the line, at least not on the surface. See, MY show, and it IS my show, as I am the QUEEN of Anarchy, is deciding some of our championships, and PART of that process is that there is a mini tournament to decide who is facing ME for the Anarchy title at SOME PROBS DUMB NAME pay-per-view. And BECAUSE I’m alREADY in that match, due to my CRAXballs performance at March Madness (read: Queen), I’m not IN the tournament. Any while Vinniefred BEGGED me to take some time off and just OBSERVE my potential competitors, I DEMANDED that I face SOMEONE on the show. ANYONE not in the tournament. Vinniefred tried SO HARD to keep me out of the ring so that I wouldn’t continue to EMBARRASS people like the Massachusetts Crybaby just by being there, but I said, “Nope! My baby birds NEED me!”

You’re welcome.

Which brings me to a cage match with Vita! Now, Double V...which is NOT another name for #TeamKickass, so get your minds out of the gutter, baby birds...and I haven’t axly interacted much. Sure, there have been quips and quibbles at work, jests and jabs, and then that whole Dolly thing before my (former) padawan found herself in the middle of that drug lord bukkake scene (both Ken and I HAVE added “Mean Girl Overlord” to our bios, so thanks for that!), but other than THOSE few things, there has been literally nothing. Which isn’t TOO surprising, since I’m the QUEEN of the XWF, and therefore a special attraction to draw in the droves, and she’s just...ya know...THERE? I mean, she makes a good tag partner with Ned, I guess?

If I was OTHER people on this roster, I would take that LITTLE interaction and do dumb-as-flame things with it. Like, if I was Mastermind, I’d spend 75% of my time telling you about that time I was training for my first nationals in cheer my sophomore year, and then the rest saying generic things about her. Or maybe I’d be like some “wrestling legend” and have one of my “well researched” promotional videos where I get every major fact wrong and STILL go over 185% of my allotted time! But I’m NOT some wannabe tryhard. I’m the Blood Princess, damnit! Founder of the 5’2” Mafia! Which means REAL research.

Example: While it would be impossible for V to know about the literal ONE HUNDRED matches I have had in my young career, *I* know that she’s a pretty mediocre 12-8, and that includes only being able to get over on silent opponents on my brand. And...yeah...she HAS won a cage match before...this is my FIRST, and I am KILLER when it comes to first time experiences, as I have detailed before, including being the War Games Survivor and MVP of my team (#SpoilerAlert!). And unfortunately for V, regardless of the impressive amount of title wins she has (50% of her wins!), she isn’t going to be able to tweet her way to victory this time around. Because unlike what she has faced on MY brand thus far, this is wholly different:

I don’t play games.
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