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Ice and more Ice...
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01-13-2022, 10:02 PM

Alright so I lied…

I’m all about that #exilelife”!



Yes, yes, all that good stuff. I’m ‘bout it-‘bout it.

Old reference, I know, but it fits so blow me.

Look the truth of the matter is that nobody makes it in this world, the XWF world, alone… Whether you look at a group like Apex or a group like B.O.B., or any other, so many I can’t keep track of them all, but you need to be in a fraction, period. All the ones that have made it here in XWF, have had people watching their back. If you want to make it here, you are going to need some who has your sixth and who better folks?

Who better than “The Mechanic” Peter Vaughn?!


Peter and I go way back to GCWA when he was ‘just a janitor’ and I was just the bastard son of legend trying to mount a comeback. But as both of us grew in the last year, the mutual respect grew as well and while we crossed paths only recently, and a few times, the respect we had for each other never wavered. So, of course I was going to accept the invite to join him in Exiles not only in TPW but right here in XWF where I am practically an unknown against some of the best and heavier hitters in the game today. So, I knew I couldn’t go after XWF alone, and while in the past I haven’t been on the same page with some of my new comrades like Crash Rodriguez or Betsy Granger, I am willing to put all of that aside for the common good. And while I don’t know guys like Bam Miller and Chris Page, I know of them, and only a moron would turn down the opportunity to join ranks with them…. Specially Chris Page who is a legend of our sport and has a vast history in XWF; a very successful history. Who better for us to learn from about how to make it here than him?

So, to the current Universal Champion, Jim Caedus… to Drew Archyle and the rest of Apex, do understand this: my attacks weren’t personal… but it also wasn’t just business, no, it was good business; damn good. So, if either of you want to come gets some while the getting is good, I’ll be at Saturday night Savage each and every night doing my thing. You guys are more than welcome to come at me, any time. No, I won’t come to Warfare because you guys got my whole new familia to handle there… and they are more than enough for you. But I know the answer already, I haven’t earned it yet, I’ve only been here a few weeks and my only claim to fame is having beat the head of security in XWF. Maybe once you see what I can do against Calypso you’ll give me a look. That’s fine, I get it… I ain’t trying to rush to the top, I got nothing but time fellas.

Look if you remember just one thing I’ve said tonight, remember this: I have aligned myself with the best in XWF at the moment; in time, I will become one of them myself and if you don’t want to see me now, I can guarantee you that you are not going to want to see me then.

The scene opens with a drone view of the cruise ship known as “Sarfaq Ittuk” as it makes its way along the Greenland coastline in the vast artic sea, making its return from one of the most popular destinations in Greenland: Ilulissat. It is nighttime, so the ship is well lit, with lights from almost every location inside the ship providing the only light in this otherwise dark polar night. Well aside from the majestic Northern Lights which this would be the second time within a month’s time Xavier Lux has watched this beautiful wonder from a close vantage point. Speaking of Xavier Lux, we know he is somewhere in this boat, and as the drone gets closer and closer to the cruise ship it focuses on the back top deck, where there are all kind of activities going on despite the eighteen-degree weather. On one of the areas, you see tables set up where people are actually playing poker outdoors. Crazy, but there they are, dealer, chips, cards and hot beverages on hand. The drone gets as close as possible to the table where ‘The Venom’ is, bundled up from head to toe like any warm-blooded tourist would be. Once the drone is close enough, we pick up on the conversation.

Xavier: From the north pole to fucking Iceland. Theo Pryce must really like the cold, good God.

The man across from Xavier responds after making a bet.

Player: Greenland mate, Iceland is about 700 miles that way.

He points behind Xavier but he doesn’t bother to look.

Xavier: There is nothing green out here bruh, it’s just one big ass iceberg.

The other player, to Xavier’s right, calls the bet and then jumps in the conversation.

Player 2: Nah it’s rather beautiful, just, not this time of the year. It’s your call by the way.

Xavier: Yeah I know, I’m thinking, just taking a little longer cuz my brain is a damn ice cube right about now.

Player: Look I told you we could play in the casino inside, but you wanted to get the full Nordic experience.

Xavier: I do man, I do just give me a minute.

The third and final player jumps in.

Player 3: You got 30 seconds, I’m gonna fold and take my arse inside… What brings you here anyway?

Xavier: Work. Fine, I call.

Player 3: Fold! Enjoy the night fellas.

Player: Take car mate. What kind of work do you do?

Xavier: I’m a professional ass kicker.

Dealer: Alright gentlemen, here comes the river, jack of spades, call is on you sir.

Player 2 looks at the cards on the table, the flop being K, 7, 8, the turn being a 9.

Player 2: Fuck that don’t help me none. Professional huh? What, like a bouncer?

Player: Are you a hitman? Who in the blazes puts a hit on someone from Greenland?

Xavier: Nah, I’m a professional wrestler. We have a show in Nuuk this weekend.

Player: No shit?

Player 2: Man I can’t even remember the last time any sort of promotion came to Nuuk to put on a wrestling show. Think I might have been a small little tyke.

Player: Yeah, definitely been a while. I raise 350; who you with?

Xavier: XWF.

Player 2: Yeah I’ve heard of them, they been around for years. You any good? You facing anyone good? Title on the line? Which one? Can you get us tickets?

Xavier: Damn guy you’re worse than the reporter I met not just two weeks ago. Why don’t you decide if you’re in or out before I tell ya?

Player 2: Alright, well he got me covered in chips, I don’t think he can beat me though, I got a good hand even with that crappy jack… Screw it, I’m all in.

Xavier: Alright, now we talking. I considered myself a damn good wrestler, but I’m fairly new in XWF, this is only my second match with them, I’m facing a guy by the name of Calypso, he’s won titles in the past but doesn’t have any at the moment.

Player: Calypso?

Player 2: Like the Goddess?

Xavier: I guess.

Player: But he’s a bloke?

Xavier: Ya.

Player 2: Say what?

Xavier: Yeah I don’t know man, whatever floats his boat know what I mean? No pun intended.

Player: Who gives themselves the stage name Calypso?

Player 2: Maybe he’s really flamboyant.

Xavier: Actually, I think that is his given name.

Player: Get the fuck of here.

Player 2: Are you serious?

Xavier: As serious as me calling you.

Dealer: Alright gentlemen let’s see those cards.

Player 1 flips his cards to reveal a 10 and a 3, straight to the jack. Player 2 curses, as he too has a straight, but a weaker one, to the 9 as he reveals a 5 and a 6. Xavier smiles.

Player: Oh don’t you fucking dare…

Xavier’s smile gets wider as he flips his cards over. He too had a 10, but with a queen kicker.

Player: Fuck me…

Player 2: Damn 3 straights, and this bald-headed wanker gets the highest one.

Xavier: Easy fella.

Player 2: Sorry mate, I hate losing. Well that’s it for me, good game, see you at breakfast perhaps.

Player 2 leaves, cursing under his breath and taking his drink with him. Xavier laughs it off as he pulls in his chips and begins to stack them.

Dealer: Ante up gentlemen.

Player: Heads up poker?

Xavier: Yeah, but last one for me, I got an early morning.

Player: Sounds good to me…

The dealer shuffles up and deals, both players ante and then check the pot.

Player: So what’s Calypso’s full name?

Xavier: Calypso Nodik…

Player: Nodik? Are you yankin’ my noodle?

Xavier: No, why? Is that a European last name? Is it Greenlandic?

Player: Fuck no it isn’t. Nodik? Seriously? You don’t get it? NO DICK?

The dealer snickers as she puts down the flop.

Xavier: What?! Oh snap, alright it has got to be a stage name now for sure, but he has it listed as his real name.

Player: The guy is bonkers; he’s fooling with you and everyone in XWF. Alright, since it’s the last game, how about we play for 1K? You ever seen one of his matches?

Xavier: Yeah alright I’m in. Just his last one, he fought a guy named Micheal Graves and lost about a month ago now. Gave Graves a bit of trouble from what I saw but nothing he couldn’t handle and if that’s the effort he’s going to put against me, then he won’t be anything I can’t handle either.

The dealer reveals the turn, both guys check and then the river. Both guys check again, having agreed on a thousand Euros. The player reveals two high pairs, but Xavier has a low three of a kind.

Xavier: Damn, I feel dirty stealing that one, but you know what they say: dirty money is still money.

Player: Nice one mate, I couldn’t win shit all night. Well enjoy your stay in Greenland, lots of things to do if you ain’t afraid of a little cold and a little snow.

Xavier: Yeah, a little. I didn’t catch your name by the way.

Player: Olsen, Johannes Olsen.

Xavier: Nice to meet ya man, Xavier Lux… “Venom” if you’re into it.

Johannes: You just took a bunch of money from me Xavier, you damn right I’m going to call you a poisonous symbiote.

Xavier: Fair enough, let me buy you a nightcap to make up for it.

Johannes: Well that’s hardly a fair shake but it’s a good start.

They both laugh and head inside, not before Xavier giving his chips to the dealer to hold for the morning when he’ll cash in. He makes sure he gives her a nice tip and then winks, having just noticed how attractive she is.

Xavier: Cabin 1230, you now, if you get a break or something.

She smiles but doesn’t say a word and Xavier considers that a ‘yes’ as he catches up to Johannes and they head to the bar inside. The scene fades to black, momentarily. When it comes back, it’s morning the following day and we find ourselves in the town of Nuuk, capital of Greenland. Xavier finds himself outside of the National Art Museum which to most people around the world, it would look like a large colorful house. But here in Nuuk, it stays true to the colorful architecture of the capital. Xavier is standing in front of a local kid holding a mobile phone on a Gimbal and it has a circular light around it which is very bright, providing a nice spotlight on Xavier which is needed since the day is a cloudy one. . The kid counts down Xavier from 3 and then points to him after 1.

Xavier: Yo what’s good XWF fans here in Nuuk, Greenland! I really hope ya’ll speak English or all of this shit is pointless, but anyway… I know most of you hate me right now because of what went down at Warfare and that’s cool, everyone is entitled to their opinions and have their favorites but I’m not here to talk about any of that, I’m here only to talk about my opponent this Saturday Night at the Godthåbhallen!

Did I say that right?

Doesn’t matter, I’m not saying it again!

But that’s right Nodik, I’m talking to you! Look man, I know you don’t know me, but I do know you have heard of me whether you want to admit it or not. Now me, I definitely don’t know who you are and until two Friday Night Savages ago, I most definitely had not heard of you; like at all. But don’t take that as a diss, I’m not trying to disrespect ya, that is just a plain fact I needed to mention because you are part of a global promotion, your name should be known to many around the world but it clearly isn’t and so it makes me wonder just what the hell have you been doing with your career here in XWF?

Look, I’m not here to drag your name through the mud, you have done that all on your own it seems… No, I kid ya bruh, clearly you’ve done some things here in XWF, you seem to be well known and well liked and hell, winning the Federweight title 7 times is quite the feat right?…

Alright, I’ll admit that I’m probably too old to understand that reference or to know what the hell a Federweight title is but since it is not one of the sanctioned championships here in XWF, at least currently, I’m going to simply call bullshit on that and treat it worst than I would that 24/7 title.

Let’s just get serious for a minute, we all know who you really are Nodik, you’re enhancement talent… Talent that is here for the sole purpose of making others look good. I won’t be as crass as to use the other word most throw around, but we all know that in this match between you and I you really don’t have a chance bruv. But I am really looking forward to you doing for me, what you did for Micheal Graves, and that is, make me look damn good. Because guess what Nodik? if I look good, then the Exiles will look even better.

Sure, I won my debut in XWF, but this is my first match as an official member of The Exiles and I want to make a damn good impression. I want to show not only Peter but Chris Page and the rest of Exiles that they made a damn good choice by drafting me to their ranks.

The bottom line is Nodik that you are simply a lamb being led to the slaughter, it’s an old cliché but it’s true... Now I ain’t no sergeant, nor do I carry a particular rank, but I am kind of looking at that enforcer role in The Exiles and so on Saturday, when you and I face, I am going to enforce The Exiles way all over your awkward, moonwalking, tall, lanky, no muscle having ass!

The kid gives him the thumbs up and then cuts the recording.

Xavier: Was that good enough for, what’s it called, Tick Tock?

Kid: TikTok, and yes, good enough; all the wrestlers are doing it. You’ll grow a nice following in a short time.

Xavier: Alright cool, thanks kids Here you go, and I’ll leave some tickets for you and your family if you want at the gate.

Kid: Um, well, that’s cool and all but I’m an Apex fan, so...

Xavier: Of course you are… Scram.

The kid rushes off, counting the money Xavier gave him. Xavier looks at his watch and then at the brochure of the museum.

Xavier: Well, got about a 2 hours to kill before my long ass flight to Florida then back here the next day for Savage… Shit, my travelling is what’s really savage... The hell was I thinking signing with two promotions?

Xavier shakes his head, puts the brochure in his back pocket and heads inside as the scene fades to black.

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