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Have you ever felt the universe within you?
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Raion Kido Offline
The Lion
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01-13-2022, 11:51 AM

Everything in the universe is composed of atoms. Water, stones, flowers, insects, the bright stars some of us like to gaze at in the night - even your body and my own.

And all these atoms that form every single thing in the universe came from the same point - the Big Bang!

Just imagine the power it would have taken, from one single, miniscule point, for all we know today to have been made. And what's more, think that you, your own very self, are a part of the universe - created by that very same power, that lives within you.

Now think of the possibilities of harnessing that very power - mastering it and making your soul burn and explode, to achieve great things - just as it happened in the beginning of time!

You might say it sounds too far out there, that it can't possibly be done.

And to that I say, you're about to be proven wrong. Because soon, you're about to see that happen...

Right here in the XWF!

[Image: yfesfA4.jpg]

Signature courtesy of Atara Themis!
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