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Warfare Results: 1.12.22
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- vs -

- vs -


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- vs -

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- vs -
MARK FLYNN w. Chris Page

- vs -

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -
CHAMPIONS ADVANTAGE: Jim Caedus determines RP Limit and Match Stipulation. Stipulation to be named in 1st RP. RP Limit submitted to Derrick Diamond or Theo Pryce via PM within 24 Hours.






Warfare takes the air live…

As soon as LSM's theme music hits the speakers the crowd starts cheering for their favorita luchadora. As the bass bumps through the arena the crowd chants along to the music. A spectacle of green and red pyrotechnics shoot up twenty five feet from the entrance platform. A complimentary arrangement of pyro shoots up through the four turnbuckles of the ring.

Who's this?

Latina Submission Machina pops out onto the entrance ramp alongside an additional burst of pyrotechnic fireworks. The crowd pops hard for the 24/7 freestyle champion as she holds the belt up high over her head.

Mach-ina Mach-ina!

The masked luchadora bounces around just outside the tunnel for a moment before flinging the championship belt over her shoulder. She flings her red hair to the side as she starts walking down the ramp. She gives out a few high fives and exchanges a few courtesies with some of the front-row fans on her way down to the ring. The crowd begins to clap along to the beat of the theme music as LSM nears the squared circle.

Latina Submission Machina slides beneath the ropes to great applause from the crowd. LSM hands her championship belt over to the referee for safekeeping before she starts pumping up the crowd to cheer louder. Moments later Latina Submission Machina quickly breaks away and starts running the ropes of the ring, testing out the squared circle and getting a feel for it's qualities. Content with it's fitness, the luchadora grabs a hold of the ropes and comes to a controlled halt. She turns to the referee and tells them she's ready to go. The luchadora heads to the corner as instructed and begins reveling in the applause of her fans.

- vs -

The bell rings as LSM and Thad Duke eye each other from their respective corners.

HHL: Two technical wrestling marvels, about ready to square off here on Warfare!

PIP: Thad has all the hype, the fame, and all the accolades! But Heather, Machina is no pushover.

HHL: She isn’t, and Thad’s smart enough to know that he’s in the ring with someone that can actually match him step for step!

PIP: It’s so cliché but both of these competitors could put on a five star classic with a broom.

Circling each other for a moment, both approach the center of the ring before Machina delivers a shin kick to Thad. Clutching his shin for a brief moment, he looks across with a disappointed look toward Machina. Advancing toward each other again with Thad looking to lock it up, Machina again shin kicks him. Once in either leg before backing off again.

HHL: Machina using some mind games here in the early going!

PIP: It’s working, at least for the moment! Thad’s looking a little irritated.

Thad starts running his mouth toward Machina but she just shrugs it off as the two circle each other once more. Advancing toward each other again, once more Machina goes for the shin kick but Thad is quick to react by quickly reaching down and grabbing her foot. In response, Machina plants herself chest first on the mat, causing Thad to drop to his knees in order to maintain his grip. Rolling through, she takes her free leg and throws a kick into the face of Thaddeus Duke.

Thad gets back to his feet as Machina gets back to hers. Feeling his lip for blood, but finding none, he nods toward Machina. Chris Page motions for Thad who comes towards the corner. He leans down listening to Page before shifting his attention back towards LSM. As they near each other again, Machina goes for a quick jab in an attempt to keep Thad at arms length but he quickly grabs her arm and takes her to the mat, applying an arm bar submission to the Mexican luchadora. Without the strength to counter, Machina is trapped for the time being. Before long, she starts to twist her body in an effort to grab a hold of the bottom rope, forcing Thaddeus to break the hold. Refusing, the official begins the five count. Thad though, uses up every possible split second before finally releasing the hold to a chorus of boo’s from the crowd. Getting to his feet quickly with Machina still on the mat clutching her ailing shoulder, Thad delivers a few vicious stomps to the luchadora and her shoulder.

HHL: Aw come on, Thad! You never hit ‘em when they’re down!

PIP: No, you kick ‘em!

In an effort to escape, Machina rolls under the bottom rope to the apron as Thad backs off at the referees insistence. He attempts to step toward her, but the referee impedes his path while she gets to her feet. Growing annoyed, Thad moves the referee aside just in time to see Machina flying through the air with a springboard dropkick. He takes it to the face and hits the mat, rolling to the outside. On the floor, Cyrus Braddock helps him regroup as Chris Page offers some quick advice. In the ring, Machina is back on her feet and charging full steam ahead. As she nears the ropes, she jumps to the top using it as a springboard to deliver a flying cross body block to the outside. Thad and Page both recognize it though and peel off, leaving Cyrus to take the blow. The big man catches her though as the official inside the ring starts barking toward Cyrus to put her down.

Thad slides himself back into the ring as Cyrus lays the woman on the apron. Sitting up, she starts barking at Braddock, not realizing Thad is coming in hot behind her. As he nears, he slides to the mat with a baseball slide dropkick to the back causing her to fly forward and fall to the arena floor. Against the insistence of the referee, Thad follows her to the floor. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he lifts her to her feet before giving her an arm twist. With her wrists clutched in his hands he walks her toward a corner before sliding through the interior ring corner to the outside again, causing Machina to impact the ring post. Lifting her to her feet once more, he picks her up and rolls her onto the apron. Rolling inside of her own accord, Thad follows her inside. She starts to get to her feet with her shoulder in obvious discomfort. As she gets vertical she tries to take a swing at Thad but he avoids it before grabbing her injured arm and delivering a single arm DDT. Quickly he rolls her over.



HHL: And the Submission Machina kicks out!

Thad gets back to his feet and starts to lift Machina back to hers. Just as she’s nearly upright, she cradles Thad up into a small package pin attempt.



HHL: Thaddeus kicks out as Machina tries to steal a quick one!

Thad and LSM are both back to their feet with Thad swinging with a Lariat, LSM ducks where she counters with a backslide!




Thad escapes as he beats LSM to her feet only to be taken down by a double leg sweep! LSM kips up to her feet where she charges towards the ropes bouncing off the near side where he looks for a V-Trigger knee strike! Thaddeus throws his head out of the way before getting to his feet, LSM rushes forward into a boot to the midsection!

Duke shoots LSM across the ring with an Irish Whip, she bounces off the ropes into a tilt-a-whirl that she transitions with a spike DDT!

PIP: LSM just planted Duke!

LSM makes the cover!




Duke kicks out to a gasp from the crowd! Page pounds on the mat shouting instruction as we see LSM get back up to her feet. She reaches down towards the Lionheart as he quickly locks in the Hells Gate Submission!


With quickness, Thad cranks on the pressure as LSM tries to fight free but only allows Thaddeus to crank down harder which leads to LSM tapping out!


Thad releases the hold as Chris Page climbs up on the apron and steps into the ring as he motions for the referee to get away from Duke. He raises Thad’s arm in the air.

PIP: Just like that Thaddeus Duke forces LSM to tap out. On deck is his old man come Fire and Ice.

HHL: It’s Duke versus Duke, father versus son!

Thad and Page exit the ring joining his bodyguard on the floor as they make their way back up the ramp.

The image shifts to the backstage area, showing one of the many hallways in the Stade de France Stadium. We see wrestlers and stadium workers coming and going, with the energy being intense as Warfare goes on. One group in particular catches our attention: a trio of security guards that are following an energetic Derrick Diamond!

Diamond: Be ready for anything. These wrestlers are extremely unpredictable. Some of them may not even care if they get suspended. So have your weapons ready.

At least one security guard can be seen with a taser in hand. Who knows what the other two are holding. The group turns the corner, with Diamond spotting his target.

Diamond: There he is.

The group hurries over to where Vaughn is currently standing with Betsy Granger and Bam Miller, their attention focused on the phone that Vaughn is holding. Vaughn is trying to sound out something he just heard.

Vaughn:Je so… Je sou…

Granger: Je souhaite.

Vaughn: Ahh…. je souhaite… commander… un croque monsieur…

Granger: You’ve got it.

Vaughn: And that gets me a sandwich?

Miller: You know there’s better stuff to eat here.

Vaughn: I like a sandwich at the end of the night. So sue me.

Diamond: Peter!

The security guards move into position around the group as Derrick stops and waits for Vaughn to pull the AirPod out of his right ear.

Vaughn: What’s up?

Diamond: Look, I know you are planning to interfere tonight in Jim Caedus’ Universal Title match with Schism…

Vaughn: We are?

Vaughn looks at the two people next to him, who both shrug.

Miller: News to me.

Granger: Me too.

Diamond: Please, Peter, you’ve told everyone that you were going to attack Apex members during matches. But this title match needs to be a clean contest.

Vaughn: Okay, that sounds good to me.

Diamond: … Really?

Vaughn: I know what I’ve said in the past, but, y’know, that was the past.

Diamond: … That was two weeks ago.

Vaughn: Feels longer. A lot’s changed since then.

Vaughn pats the TPW International Title he has around his waist, an interesting decision to wear it at another federation’s event. He seems very proud of it, however.

Vaughn: I know it’s your job to keep the peace and get the matches going right, so I give you my solemn vow that I will not interfere in the match tonight.

Diamond: And… your teammates?

Vaughn turns and looks back at Betsy and Bam, both of whom look very disinterested in what’s going on. He shakes his head.

Vaughn: Hey, you guys, we’re in Paris, right? I know you’ve both had a lot going on in the past month. Since neither of you is wrestling tonight, why not go paint the town red? Figuratively speaking, of course…

Bam shrugs and walks off, with Betsy following. Vaughn turns back to Derrick.

Vaughn: Does that work for you, Mr. Diamond?

Diamond: Ummm… yes, that works.

Vaughn: Cool. See you around. Let’s see… je sou… souhaite? Yeah, souhaite…

Vaughn walks away, practicing his French, as we head back to ringside.

HHL: So Vaughn has promised not to interfere in the main event!

PIP: Can we really believe that, though? The Exiles aren’t known for keeping their promises.

HHL: I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

”The following contest is an Xtreme Rules Match!”

”Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring… JAY OMEGA!

Legend" hits the P.A. system and the lights dim, save for a lone, golden spotlight centered on the stage. A thin layer of fog floats across the stage, and Jay Omega struts out to the top of the ramp. Omega stands on the stage for a moment with his arms spread and a cocky smirk on his face, then casually makes his way down the ramp, crossing back and forth to slap hands with fans. At ringside Jay hops up onto the apron, then vaults over the ropes before crossing the ring and climbing up to the second turnbuckle. Omega poses for the crowd amidst a flickering strobe effect from thousands of cameraphone flashbulbs, then backflips off the turnbuckle and casually leans back into the corner to await the bell.

”And his opponent…”

”About to make his way to the ring… TOMMY WISH!

The lights start flickering in the arena, and we see smoke blowing out from the stage, and we see Tommy coming out in a light jacket with the hoodie on his head. He then comes out, and he does some shadow boxing on the stage. Then he walks down to the ramp, and he looks at the fans and gives them all a fist bump as he's walking down. Then he slides into the ring, and stands in the middle of the ring poses to the crowd as his theme fades off.

- vs -

PIP: We are underway!

Tommy waves to some fans when he’s jumped from behind by Jay! Omega tosses Tommy out to the ringside area, he drops down to the mat rolling out to the floor where he stomps away at Wish. Omega picks Tommy up off the floor where he delivers a snap suplex! Omega floats over into the cover on the floor.




Wish kicks out.

HHL: You can’t blame Jay for trying to end this early. This is Xtreme Rules, he can use anything not nailed down as instruments of destruction.

It’s as if Omega heard Heather as he pulls a steel chair out from under the ring. Wish is getting back to his feet as Jay swings the chair only Tommy ducks and Omega smashes it into the ring post! Tommy lands a Belly to Belly suplex on the floor! He makes a quick cover.




Jay shoots a shoulder up off the mat. Tommy snatches the chair as he gets back to his feet.

PIP: Omega brought it into the match and Tommy Wish is going to use it!

Jay gets to all fours as Tommy cracks him across the back to a pop from the crowd. Tommy slides the chair into the ring before picking Omega up off the floor but before he can go any further Omega drives Wish lower back first into the ring apron!

Omega takes Tommy and shoots him into the steel steps!

Jay comes over picking Tommy up where he hurls him into the ring. Jay slides into the ring getting to his feet picking up Tommy where he takes him back into the ropes, he shoots him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Tommy bounces off the ropes and into a Spinbuster on top of the chair laid out in the ring!

HHL: Spinbuster on the chair!

Omega makes another cover.




Tommy pops a shoulder up off the mat to a pop from the crowd. Jay immediately starts choking him with both hands across the throat as the crowd shifts into boos. There’s not a lot the referee can do as Jay continues to choke away at Tommy before breaking on his own accord. The crowd continues to boo intently as Omega reaches his feet.

He barks out at the ringside fans before turning his attention back towards the steel chair.

Jay picks up the chair as he waits for Tommy to start getting back to his feet. Tommy stands where he’s waffled in the face with the steel chair dropping him to the mat. Omega drops the chair making a cover with a back press hooking the near leg.




Tommy kicks out to another huge pop from the crowd.

PIP: Omega might have just scrambled the brains of Tommy Wish with that one!

Omega is back to his feet where he makes his way towards a neutral corner. He quickly removes the top turnbuckle padding before throwing it to the floor. Tommy slowly starts to stir as the crowd starts to rally behind him. Omega makes his way over picking Tommy up off the mat. He takes him by the head and runs towards the exposed top turnbuckle! Tommy puts on the brakes blocking the Omega attempt to send him crashing headfirst into the exposed turnbuckle!

Jay is elbowed in the ribs by Wish who then drives Omega face-first off the exposed buckle!

Tommy brings Jay back out towards the center of the ring where he locks in a front face lock before hoisting up Omega vertically where he drives him down in the mat with a brainbuster suplex! Tommy makes the cover!




Jay fires a shoulder up off the mat to a gasp from the crowd.

HHL: Hot damn I thought Wish had em’ right there!

Tommy starts to work his way back up to his feet where he reaches down picking up Omega. He takes him back into a neutral corner where laces him across the chest with a knife-edge chop before shooting him across the ring into the opposite set of turnbuckles! Tommy charges across the ring only to eat a reverse elbow from Jay!

Jay hops up on the middle turnbuckle where he leaps off with a middle rope missile dropkick that connects to the face of Wish sending him crashing back down to the mat where he rolls out to the floor. Omega slides out after him where he goes under the ring pulling out a Table! Jay sets up the table on the floor before turning it over and setting it up.

Omega picks up Wish where he drives him headfirst on the table before rolling him on top of it. Jay climbs back up on the ring apron where he backs up into a neutral corner, climbs up on the middle rope where he leaps off with an elbow drop attempt! Tommy rolls off the table sending Omega crashing and burning through the table and down to the floor! Tommy works his way to his feet, he picks up Omega and hurls him back into the ring. Tommy slides into the ring making a cover!




Jay Omega shoots a shoulder up off the mat! Tommy gets to both knees as he cuts his eyes towards the referee as he gets back to his feet. He picks up the steel chair and waits as Omega starts to get back to a vertical base. Tommy swings overhead with the chair, Omega ducks causing Tommy to smack the top rope which sends the chair sailing back into his own face!

Jay follows up with a Pumphandle Slam into a Double Knee Back Breaker!


Jay makes the cover!





HHL: Jay Omega is victorious tonight over Tommy Wish with the Ride the Lightning. Maybe I should ask Tommy how the trip was.

PIP: It doesn’t matter how you slice it, tonight is a win for Jay Omega, one can only wonder what is on deck for Fire and Ice for this upstart.

Jay has his arm raised in victory as we fade.

We return to the office of Derrick Diamond as he adjusts his green crocs before hearing a knock coming from his door.

”Come in.”

Derrick stands from his office chair as he is shocked to see.

”Chris Page.”

There’s a neutral response from the crowd as the man himself walks into the frame with a smile on his face.

”How ya been man?”

CHRIS PAGE: Living the dream.

They shake hands before Derrick asks.

”What’s up? Nice Enterprise you’re building, Captain Picard has nothing on you.”

CHRIS PAGE: Let’s be fair, not many people do. I can’t help but notice that you’ve got your hands full with things around here on Wednesday Nights.

”Yeah man, it’s been a little rough here and there. But hey, we keep on truckin’ am I right?”

Double D throws up his right hand for a high-five that goes unanswered by Page as he just shakes his head.


He lowers his hand.

CHRIS PAGE: Let me cut to the chase. You know that personal feelings aside, I’m a businessman. I see opportunities everywhere, including within this makeshift office.

Derrick begins to look all over the room.

”Where is it?”


Derrick reverts back towards Chris Page.


CHRIS PAGE: Is there a fucking echo in the room?

Derrick screams out at the top of his lungs.


Chris jumps back as Derrick listens.

”Nope, no echo.

Chris mutters under his breath.

CHRIS PAGE:: What a fucking idiot.


CHRIS PAGE: Nothing; listen what I’m saying is like the GM of Warfare you carry a lot of power that you don’t even utilize. Why do you and Karen sit in the shadows while Lane and Theo get all the glory? It doesn’t have to be that way.

”I don’t understand.”

CHRIS PAGE: Have you heard of CCP Enterprises?[/green]

Chris turns towards the camera where he gives it a wink before palming the lens ending the scene.

”The following contest is scheduled for one fall…”

”Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring… BARNEY F’N GREEN!”

"Realize" By AC/DC starts to play as the fans start booing. Out walks Barney Green, dressed in his garbage man uniform. He slowly walks out and starts arguing back with the fans. He reveals his trash can and dumps a bunch of trash out of it onto the fans. He slowly enters the ring as fans start throwing garbage back at him. He waits in the corner as the music fades.

”And his opponent…”

”About to make his way to the ring representing the Exiles, he is the Number One Contender for the XWF Universal Championship, he is PETER VAUGHN!

Peter emerges out from behind the curtain where he starts to make his walk towards the ring as Barney paces back and forth waiting for Vaughn. He slides into the ring and gets to his feet where we are ready for our next contest.

- vs -

Barney and Peter walk out towards the center of the ring as the French crowd is ready for this! Barney shows no fear in decking Vaughn in the jaw! Barney rushes taking Vaughn down with a double leg takedown as he takes a mount position before hammering down with right hands! The referee lays the count to Barney who gets up off Peter at the four-count before reaching down to pick him up. He takes Vaughn back into a neutral where he lays in several reverse elbows before shooting Vaughn across the ring, Vaughn bounces off the buckles where he walks into a sidewalk slam from Green!




Peter kicks out with ease.

PIP: Barney has the size to be a powerhouse with this one.

HHL: I’m just shocked to see Peter Vaughn is a regular wrestling match.

Barney gets to his feet where he reaches down picking up Vaughn, he takes him back into the ropes, Barney shoots Vaughn across the ring with an Irish Whip, Vaughn bounces off the near side ducking a lariat from Green, Vaughn bounces off the far side catching Green with a sling blade taking him down to the mat. Vaughn pops back up to his feet where he catches Barney with a boot to the midsection before hurling him back into a neutral corner. Vaughn charges in only to have Barney throw up his right boot landing to the face of Vaughn that sends him staggering backward, Barney explodes from the corner only he runs smack dab into a standing dropkick that sends Barney backward falling through the top and middle rope out to the floor!

Vaughn starts to size up Barney and as the Mean Green starts to get to his feet we see Vaughn bounces off the far side where he gains a full head of steam and dived through the top and middle rope with a Suicide Dive to Green which sends Barney sailing back into the barricade. Vaughn snatches Green by the head where he hurls him back into the ring. Peter climbs up on the ring apron where he scales up to the top turnbuckle! Green starts to push himself up off the mat back to his feet. Vaughn leaps off the top rope with a Flying Cross Body block attempt only to have Barney catch him in midair!

PIP: Vaughn got caught!

Barney positions Vaughn over his shoulder where he delivers a running powerslam! The crowd roars for Barney as he makes the cover.




Vaughn shoots a shoulder up off the mat.

HHL: Big Barn is going to have to press on with that size and strength display if he’s going to get past Peter Vaughn tonight.

PIP: If anyone can do it it’s Barney!

Barney gets back to his feet where he picks Vaughn up. Barney hammers away with a right hand, followed by a second and then a third before he sets up Peter for a Powerbomb! Peter latches onto Barney’s head like a spider monkey! He begins to hammer down with a series of right hands before countering the powerbomb attempt with a Hurrincanranna snapping Barney over to the mat.

Vaughn beats Barney to his feet where he catches him with a boot to the midsection that’s followed by a sit-out jawbreaker!

Vaughn pops back up to his feet where he rakes Barney in the eyes before taking him towards a corner. He smashes Barney headfirst into the buckle before power-scrubbing his face into the padding! Vaughn snatches Barney by the hair where he heads towards a second corner and drives him headfirst into it where he power-scrubs his face into the padding! Vaughn drags Barney to corner three where the same fate is served before going to the fourth where he drives Barney face-first into the turnbuckle, he scrubs his face into the padding before yanking Barney back out towards the middle of the ring where he transitions into a side Russian leg sweep before rolling Barney over to his stomach and scrubs his face into the mat as the crowd roars with boos!

HHL: Vaughn just added more to his Insult to Injury!

PIP: And these fans in Paris are all over him for it!

The referee lays the count to Vaughn who throws up his hands while he is admonished by the referee as he works his way back up to his feet. The crowd rallies behind Barney as begins to push himself up off the mat, but as he reaches a vertical base Vaughn levels him with the REVENGE! He makes a cover hooking the near leg.





Peter smiles as he reaches his feet where his arm is raised in victory.

HHL: Barney Green was no match for our resident Mr. Clean.

PIP: I see what you did there.

HHL: The next step for Peter Vaughn is his shot at the Universal Championship come Fire and Ice. The only question that remains is will it be Jim Caedus or Schism?

PIP: One thing for sure, Peter Vaughn is coming to Fire and Ice with a lot of momentum.

Peter gazes into the hard camera as he runs his hands across his waist.

[Image: K0F7CKx.png]

HHL: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match has been EIGHT YEARS in the making. These two men have a history longer than an Illuminatus State Bible. This pair’s face-off at Gauntlet City back in 2013 was one of the most controversial showdowns in XWF History. And now, for the first time in eight years: “The King of Darkness” Sebastian Duke battles “The Most Hated Man in the XWF” Mark Flynn!

PIP: This match will not be pretty. It will not be a technical showcase. This rivalry is personal and this showdown is likely to escalate to a bad place, real quick.

Strings chirp as a somber, strings-only instrumental of Eleanor Rigby blares over the sound system.

Flynn walks through the curtain. He stands at the top of the ramp wearing his “King of the Midcarders” bomber jacket… But wait! Under ‘King of the Midcarders’...

Is a patch reading ‘CCP Enterprises’

And through the curtain, following suite…

It’s ‘Chronic’ Chris Page.

HHL: Possible mind games from Flynn here, having in his corner another assailant in Thaddeus’ attack on his father from last Warfare.

PIP: OR, if you’d been reading to Flynn’s newsletter, you’d know Sebastian Duke has never beaten Flynn without a heaping helping of bullshit and interference! Flynn knows if he wants a fair fight against Sebastian, he needs a backup and you don’t get much better muscle than former Uni champ, ‘Chronic’ Chris Page.

HHL: Pip, I’m begging you. Stop reading that goddamned newsletter.

Flynn and Page meet at the top of the ramp. Flynn walks down the ramp with Page following closely. Flynn slides under the ropes and walks to the opposite corner, taking off the jacket.

While this goes on… the official seems awfully focused on Page, pointing and giving him a few verbal warnings.

HHL: Interesting decision on the official’s part to pre-warn Page… It’s important to remember Page’s career as an XWF competitor ended after he put his career on the line at Relentless against Robert Main.

PIP: To quote Flynn’s newsletter…

HHL: Pip, please.

PIP: ‘Interesting’ is just another word for ‘SUSPICIOUS’.

Page doesn’t acknowledge the official, who eventually closes with one last warning and moves onto Flynn. Flynn is much more responsive yelling at the official, calling him ‘a puppet of a corroded structure built on inequity’ and ‘a willing pawn in the machinations of those in power’. The official eventually sighs and waves off Flynn, who goes back to his corner, stretching against the ropes…

Anticipation from the XWF Universe grows as the seconds tick by.

XWF Universe: K! O! D!

They chant, they hoot, they holler while waiting.

Suddenly, thunder rolls and the arena falls dark to a roarous XWF Universe.

As the prelude plays and the faux lightning flashes in the arena, anticipation only intensifies. When the prelude ends, just as the first drumbeat strikes, the X-Tron bursts into flames and the arena is showered in a crimson red. Sebastian Duke emerges from backstage, standing at the end of the ramp. He stares toward the ring at his old archnemesis Mark Flynn.

HHL: Older fans remember it well, Pip!

PIP: Say what you want about the King of Darkness, Heather! Say he doesn’t belong in the Hall, say he skated by on limited ability.

The fact remains, few men and women have stepped into the XWF and been as dangerous a man as Sebastian Duke!

Duke breathes a deep sigh before heading down the ramp. As he climbs the steps, the red lighting fades. Stepping into the ring, he stares across at Flynn while removing his leather cape. As the music fades… Duke and Flynn stare each other down. Flynn is calmly muttering to himself, hyping himself up… Duke is silent, wordlessly staring a hole through Flynn’s eyes.

The official verifies both men are ready…

He starts to call for the be-

HHL: Oh my!

PIP: Business is picking up here!

Thaddeus Duke, in a suit and a tie, walks out the curtain and down the ramp.

Flynn grins, without taking his eyes off Papa Duke. Sebastian seethes.

HHL: Looks like the gang's all here! We have all three men that ambushed Sebastian Duke at ringside: Page, Flynn and Thad! This match might just be a glorified beatdown!

PIP: Okay, Heather. Now YOU’RE sounding paranoid! Thad probably just wants to scout his opponent at Fire & Ice!

Thad walks around the ringside, briefly bumping fists with Page, before taking a seat beside the announce booth!

PIP: What a treat! We’re being joined by the Lionheart!

HHL: Goody goody.

Pip’s hand quickly goes to offer a guest headset to Thad, but Thad doesn’t acknowledge Pip in the slightest, only taking a seat and tuning in fully to the match.

PIP: …Well, maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll share some thoughts later.

After this initial distraction, the bell rings!

- vs -
MARK FLYNN w. Chris Page

Flynn beckons Sebastian forward to lockup…

Sebastian moves forward to engage in the collar-and-elbow… BUT SWINGS WITH AN ELBOW!

Flynn bobs backwards out of the way of Duke’s elbow, back stepping to the ropes, smiling!


Flynn taps his forehead with his index. Page claps from the outside for this client.

HHL: What the hell just happened?

PIP: That was the same trick Sebastian Duke pulled to gain an early upperhand at their last match eight years ago! Flynn proves he’s watched the game tape and is ready for Sebastian’s “shallow bag of tricks”, if I may quote a certain newsletter.

Sebastian tries to trap Flynn against the ropes, but Flynn ducks and drives his skull into Duke’s abdomen. Sebastian bends forward, and Flynn drops to one knee catching him with a European uppercut, driving Sebastian backwards.

As the King of Darkness regains his composure, Flynn grabs Duke’s right arm and rotates it once over his shoulder, securing that twisting wristlock…

HHL: This is not the position Duke wants to be in early.

PIP: Indeed. While Sebastian might be a physical specimen and a powerhouse, he is nowhere near the technical virtuoso Thad is, huh, Thad?

PIP: His silence speaks volumes, I think.

Flynn tries to load Sebastian into hammerlock position, keeping behind the Patriarch of the Duke family. Instead, Sebastian twists his body to keep Flynn to his side…

Then, incredibly! Sebastian showing incredible dexterity for someone his size, forward-rolls through, undoing Flynn’s twist!


HHL: Incredible dexterity from the King of Darkness here tonight!

Before Flynn can react to Duke’s amazing agility, Duke grabs Flynn’s arm and secures a wristlock of his own, forcing Flynn to bend at the waist as his arm is lifted up to Duke’s chest…

HHL: And great technique! Sebastian Duke has not laid off training at all in his time away from regular competition.

Duke continues to apply pressure, forcing Flynn’s face further and further down towards the mat as Flynn’s right arm twists further forward.

Flynn is almost completely facedown on the mat now… Suddenly, in a surge of speed, Flynn’s body contorts and his legs twist around Papa Duke’s ankles! Duke gets rolled flat onto his front, Flynn’s arm slipping out of his grip!

PIP: Great counter by Flynn!

Before Duke can get back to his feet, Flynn hops into a mount over Sebastian’s back and starts hammering him in the back of the head with clubbing blows! One! Two!

Oh my! Duke quickly rises to his feet with Flynn over him and Flynn reflexively latches onto Duke’s back!

HHL: Duke is wearing Flynn like a backpack!

Flynn tries to release Duke and get back to his feet… But Duke runs forward to the turnbuckle and spins mid-sprint, slamming Flynn against the padding! Flynn is embedded sideways in between the top and middle ropes!

PIP: Holy hell!

HHL: Flynn showing off his usual technical prowess but Duke might just have his number with that strength advantage!

PIP: …Preposterous!

Flynn tries to detangle himself from out of the ropes… Just as Duke hits the opposite corner and comes in running!

BAM! HUGE BOOT to the side of Flynn’s head! Flynn spins sideways in mid-air before landing flat on his back!

Duke drops into the cover!



THR-No! Flynn shoves his whole back up off the mat!

PIP: Great toughness from Flynn!

HHL: Toughness only lasts so long if you keep taking shots like that from a Legend like Sebastian Duke.

Duke grabs Flynn by the scruff of his neck, and goes to drag him to his feet.

Suddenly, Flynn’s arms wrap around Duke’s neck and he dead-weights his body back to the mat!


Duke rebounds backwards, holding his face in pain.

Before Duke can gather his bearings, Flynn scoops down to Duke’s feet, grabs his right ankle and lifts it off the ground, wheelbarrowing Duke and forcing The King of Darkness flat on his face again!

HHL: Impressive takedown by Flynn levelling the size advantage here!

PIP: Flynn is no stranger to fighting as the smaller competitor!

Before Duke can try to scramble out of Flynn’s grip, Flynn latches in an ankle lock and drops to one knee securing the hold!

The official asks Duke if he’d like to submit! Duke tries to do another rolling somersault to slip out of Flynn’s grip….

BUT FLYNN HAS A VISE GRIP ON THE KING OF DARKNESS’S LEG! As Duke’s leg lifts, Flynn drags it right back down into his control!

Duke’s hand shakes…

But he elongates his 6’9” frame and just narrowly gets his fingers onto the bottom rope!

HHL: And once again, Flynn failed to force a Duke to submit.

PIP: I think Flynn’s got a much better chance tapping out Sebastian tonight than he did Thaddeus, huh, Thad?

PIP: Haha, yeah, totally, that goes without saying.

The official starts a five-count to get Flynn to break the hold. Flynn keeps his grip until four, at which point he releases Duke’s ankle.

HHL: Flynn hung onto that ankle lock as long as he could to weaken Sebastian’s vertical base!

As Sebastian writhes, trying to work his way back to his feet, Flynn walks up and STOMPS right onto the back of Duke’s ankle! The same knee Flynn had locked in submission!

Sebastian tries to roll over onto his front to stop the assault on his weakened leg… but Flynn zips over to his opposite side and stomps STRAIGHT DOWN on that same ankle!

HHL: Good Lord! This is an unsportsmanlike assault!

PIP: Flynn created an opening and is using it to win. What’s more sporting than that? You know what’s unsportsmanlike? Outside interference! What Sebastian Duke has relied on his entire career when in the ring with Mark Flynn!

Flynn mounts Duke to deliver some punches straight to the skull…

ALL OF A SUDDEN, Duke latches onto Flynn’s arm and wraps his legs around Flynn’s throat! Sebastian Duke LOCKS Flynn in the Pandora’s Box!

Flynn’s fingers wriggle! He desperately tries to contort himself free of Duke’s grip but he only sinks deeper into the choke against the shin of the King of Darkness!

His eyes start to roll back in his head as the airway is completely closed…

His arm starts to go limp…

But at the last moment, his ankle reaches backwards against the bottom rope!

But the official doesn’t see it! He’s still focused on the actual submission, yelling at Mark Flynn, rapidly losing consciousness if he’d like to tap out!

HHL: Flynn’s foot is on the rope! But the official is out of position and he has not noticed it!



Page yells from outside the ring. He stomps around the side of the apron to Flynn’s ankle, pointing and drawing attention to Flynn being in the ropes.


PIP: Thank God for “Chronic” Chris Page, if he weren’t here, how could Mark Flynn get a fair fight?

The official… turns to start yelling at Page, telling him not to interfere. Page keeps yelling at the official, desperately now, trying to get him to break the hold.

Amidst all this yelling, Duke’s grip relaxes just the slightest bit as he tries to understand what’s happening between Page and the official…

And the split-second Duke loses focus, Flynn gets one smidgen of air… And he immediately slips his head out of Duke’s grip and slides straight out of the ring and onto the floor.

PIP: If Mark Flynn weren’t the most determined man in his quest to fight injustice... If he didn’t have the fighting spirit of a champion, he would have just gotten SCREWED YET AGAIN.

HHL: Pip, please stop directly quoting Flynn’s newsletters.

Page immediately disengages from the official and tries to help Flynn to his feet. Flynn is coughing up a storm right now as oxygen surges back into his lungs…

The official continues to yell at Chris Page, telling him to not touch either competitor!

As Page yells back, Sebastian Duke stretches his recently-attacked ankle… He looks at Page yelling at the official… And Flynn still recovering from an extended stay in Pandora’s Box…

As the official starts trying to count-out Flynn… Duke sprints for the ropes…

He bounces…

He sprints past the official!

Page’s eyes open wide and he shoves Flynn out of the way at the last moment!

And ‘Chronic’ Chris Page eats a 300 POUND TOPE SUICIDA FROM SEBASTIAN DUKE!

HHL: Holy shit!

PIP: Shades of Thaddeus Duke! It seems Sebastian has been watching Thaddeus and is trying to pull moves out of his playbook!

The official steps cautiously between the bottom and middle ropes and gently lowers himself to the floor… Flynn crawls away from the action towards the announce booth, as Duke finds his footing, easing his way back to his feet.

Instead of following the competitors, the official yells at Page, still freshly on his back, demanding the former Uni champ head to the lockers! HE’S OUTTA HERE!

HHL: The official has just demanded that Chris Page vacate the ring!

PIP: What the hell did he do? Page pointed out the official was ignoring Flynn’s foot on the rope and he just got tope suicida’ed and booted from ringside for his trouble! It’s all part of the conspiracy!

HHL: Knock it off, Pip! The official probably just had a bad vibe Page would get involved and guess what? He was correct.

Page slowly rises to his feet as the official continues screaming in his face to clear out.

Duke walks slowly after Flynn, who is finally starting to breathe normally, after reaching the announce table and having worked his way up to his feet.

Duke goes to grab Flynn under his arms… And heave him onto his back onto the announce table.

Sebastian Duke reels back a fist… And sees his son’s steely gaze beside the announce booth.

The crowd starts to pop!

HHL: Are we gonna see a preview of the Duke Father-Son fight right here at Warfare?

PIP: Last call for one of these two to take a guest headset?

Thaddeus stands up from his seat. Sebastian turns to face him….

THWACK! Flynn delivers a kick from his back straight to the side of Sebastian’s head and he flops forward fazed towards Thad.

Thad, surprised, gets bowled over onto the chair, and onto his ass.

As the official finally gets Page to walk back up the ramp, he spins to see the chaos erupting ringside! He dashes around the side of the ring to direct both men to re-enter the ring!

While Sebastian is still woozy from that surprise snap kick, Flynn grabs him by the skull and drags him under the bottom rope, tossing him into the ring.

The official rolls into the ring as well and admonishes Flynn for taking the action outside of the squared circle. Flynn ignores him and circles around the fallen Sebastian, stomping his elbows, his ankles, his knees…

HHL: Flynn is out here trying to permanently cripple Sebastian Duke!

PIP: He deserves it for having just viciously attacked his son at ringside!

HHL: Jesus, Pip! He FELL into Thad. Do you actually believe any of this shit you say?

PIP: I’m beside myself with grief right now! Thaddeus, please get up! The public needs you!

Thaddeus quickly rises back to his feet, straightens his tie and retakes his seat.

PIP: I’m so glad you’re alright. We were so worried! Do you want to talk about it? Into the guest headset?

Thaddeus, again, ignores Pip and returns to silently watching the action.

Flynn grabs Duke by the scalp and lifts him to his feet… He catches him in a waistlock… Lifts him… just a half-foot… into the air. And drops him onto his knee! Atomic Drop! Sebastian stumbles forward and ends up throat-first against the middle rope!

PIP: I think we all know what’s coming next!

Flynn steps through the ropes onto the apron… And sprints!


PIP: A devastating Counter-Point!

HHL: Flynn’s arsenal is designed to inflict pain and disable the human body quickly! And it is shining in that objective tonight!

Sebastian Duke’s head reels back off that ugly knee to the skull and he flops onto his back!

Flynn starts to step back through…

Then he shakes his head and points to the top rope!

PIP: What are you waiting for, Flynn! PIN HIM!

HHL: Flynn is betraying a fact he didn’t communicate this week: He respects Sebastian Duke. He knows he’s not going to put him down so easily! He’s going to the top rope to finish the job!

Flynn mounts the top turnbuckle and points to the sky!

PIP: Here it comes! The end of Sebastian Duke’s winning ways over Mark Flynn! The end of injustice!

Flynn leaps! With a flying knee aimed right at Duke’s forehead!

BUT DUKE ROLLS TO SAFETY! And Flynn lands hard, putting all his weight on that right knee!

HHL: Ouch! Flynn crashes and burns!

Flynn rolls when he lands, clutching his knee in agony!

HHL That might be the same knee Thad tortured at Relentless! You have to wonder Flynn has taken the time to let it heal since then!

Sebastian Duke slowly works his way to his feet, after being tenderized by Flynn’s many stomps.

Flynn himself strikes his knee with his open palm, trying to get the joint back, squeezing it into position. He works his way up to one knee…

Just in time for Sebastian to catch him with a right! Then a left! Flynn back-steps into the corner where the King of Darkness unloads a myriad of strikes against a caught Mark Flynn! Flynn tries his best to shield the blows but Sebastian penetrates his defenses, catching him in the ribs a number of times!

Duke takes a couple steps back as Flynn stumbles out of the corner…

Suddenly, Duke scoops Flynn up and turns him over his shoulder!

HHL: Oh man! Nostalgia for Gauntlet City! Duke pulled the same move on Flynn way back when!

Flynn shakes his head nooooooo! NOOOOOOOOO!

Duke sprints across the ring with Flynn over his shoulder…



HHL: That slam might have registered on the Richter Scale!

Duke leans forward, covering Flynn’s chest with both hands! Flynn might be out!

The official counts!



THRE-! NO! Flynn rolls a shoulder off the ground!

HHL: Incredible! Duke covered Flynn’s core, but Flynn rolled the outside of his shoulder just high enough off the mat to break the count!

PIP: …Yeah! And notice, Flynn’s leg COULD have maybe reached that bottom rope… But Flynn’s learned the hard way tonight and in the past, the XWF officials have a tendency to… miss things. Good call on Flynn’s part to kick out instead of count on the official’s competence!

HHL: …I don’t agree with the sentiment, but I can’t argue your point.

Thaddeus Duke stands out of his chair and walks toward the ring, resting an elbow against the apron.

HHL: Hey! HEY! Thaddeus Duke has stepped away from the announce booth and is now beside the ring.

PIP: Calm down, Heather! He probably just wants a closer look at the action! This is a great match!

Sebastian rises to his feet first… He raises his right arm! He signals for it! His SOUL SHOT!

HHL: If Sebastian Duke hits that Soul Shot… Flynn doesn’t have much quit in him, but that Soul Shot has felled some of the greatest competitors in XWF History…

Sebastian Duke remains by the ropes, eagerly sizing his opponent up…

Flynn woozily rises to his feet… Scrambling forward to the opposite ropes… Toward Thaddeus Duke on the outside of the ring!

HHL: What could be going on here?!?

PIP: Nothing! Thaddeus is just where Flynn is crawling! Calm down!

Sebastian Duke circles around the ring, still angling for good position to hit that Soul Shot…

Flynn crawls back to his feet using the ropes…

He turns around and Duke sprints!


NO! Flynn ducks the clothesline and wraps his arms backwards around Duke’s! Flynn slips to his knees to backslide Duke!

Duke tries to fight but Flynn narrowly forces The King of Darkness back onto his shoulders!

The official drops to count!

And doesn’t see behind him when Thaddeus Duke reaches in and wheelbarrows Flynn’s feet up for leverage!






HHL: What a crock! Thaddeus Duke just gave Flynn’s pin leverage! Flynn stole this one!

PIP: Flynn and Thad were testing the XWF official’s competence! And guess what? The system failed! Corruption is still afoot in this company!

HHL: Pip! You said yourself earlier that outside interference is cheating!

PIP: When Sebastian Duke does it, it’s cheating. When Mark Flynn does it, it’s countering discrimination!


Sebastian springs to his feet right after the three count! But Flynn has already rolled outside the ring and is jogging backwards up the ramp laughing!

Thaddeus walks around the rim of the ring dispassionately. As Sebastian sees where he was coming from, he puts the pieces together on what just happened, and snarls furiously.

Flynn and Thad step backwards, looking at the ring. Flynn smiling, Thad nodding.

HHL: This whole exercise was a sick joke by Thaddeus Duke to get into his father’s head before Fire and Ice!

As Flynn and Thad reach the top of the ramp, who is there to greet them? But ‘Chronic’ Chris Page, clapping Flynn on the back for achieving victory and bumping fists with Thaddeus Duke.

PIP: Another successful night for CCP Enterprises!

The three men smile and gesture to each other, before they each hold up Four Fingers towards the ring, tauntingly.

Sebastian draws a thumb across his throat and points at his son, indicating that this is far from over.

HHL: If this match was supposed to settle any scores… I think it’s only intensified them!

PIP: We’ll see if Sebastian Duke can avenge himself at Fire & Ice when he takes on his only son! The Lionheart ‘Thaddeus Duke’!

HHL: The Duke Legacy is on the line!

HHL: Ladies and gentlemen! Our penultimate match is our first title match of the night! And we’ve got two competitors that have been pumping out the best work of their careers in recent weeks!

PIP: Absolutely agree, Heather! This match is between two stars, two of the best talents and toughest competitors in XWF History, recent or otherwise!

HHL: Tonight! With the SuperContinental Championship Belt on the line! We have the defending champion, 2021 WarGames winner and 2021 Leap of Faith winner Corey Smith! And his challenger, the most recent #1 contender for the XWF Universal Champion! The woman whose work in the match deserves some credit for ending the most dominant XWF Universal championship reign of the last few years: Lycana!

PIP: In a ladder match!

The ring is surrounded on all four sides by ladders: A ladder in front of the announce table, a ladder on each side of the ring, and finally a ladder at the foot of the entrance ramp.

The lights in the arena fade down to black as a wolf's howl vibrates over the loudspeakers. Music hits as purple and lime green spotlights zigzag around the arena over the crowd. A purple glow emits around the entrance, lighting up the smoke that starts to billow around the stage as a figure slowly makes its way through. Lycana steps out onto the top of the ramp, looking out over the fans with a small smile. She spreads her arms out as lavender and green pyros shoot off behind her. She dashes down to the ring, sliding under the ropes. She gets quickly to her feet and hops up on the turnbuckle, she flashes a grin to the crowd before back flipping off. Her music fades and the lights return to normal as she turns around, ready for her match.

HHL: Lycana has been putting out top-tier work in the ring all of last year! Work that got her on every shortlist for 2021 XWF Star of the Year nominations!

PIP: Indeed, Heather. But, in her biggest opportunity at Bad Medicine, she came up just a hair short of taking her first ever Universal championship reign. Her critics continue to ask, can she win in big fight settings?

HHL: And winning the Super Continental Belt tonight? Would go a long way in shutting those critics up!

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Someone Else” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

HHL: And the champion tonight! The man who walked away from the first ever Super Continental Championship match with the belt: Corey Smith!

PIP: A match HE WASN’T IN, Heather! He cashed in and stole that belt from Thaddeus Duke!

HHL: Thaddeus Duke, who tried to end his old friend Corey’s career by attacking him after WarGames. And who dodged his old friend’s challenges until Corey cashed in! And who Corey finally silenced by defeating at Bad Medicine.

PIP: SEMANTICS! Corey may have snuck a victory over on Thad, but he’s still a THIEF!

HHL: Regardless of how my partner feels about him, there’s no denying Corey had an incredible 2021 and is looking to continue his dominant ways in 2022!

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and handing off his jacket. He finally removes the Super Continental Belt from his waist and hands it off to the official, who hangs it on the pulley, which shoots up to 15 feet above the ring.

He paces the ring now, waiting for the match to begin as the music and lighting effects wind down. Lycana stands still in the opposite corner, eagerly eyeing her opponent like a wolf does her prey.

The official confirms the belt is strapped in and signals to the timekeeper!

The bell rings!

- vs -

The second the bell rings, Lycana pounces straight out to tackle Corey! But Coreynimbles flops onto his back, dodging the tackle! Then once Lycana lands on all fours, Corey kips right back up onto his feet then spins back to his opponent!

There’s an applause from the Parisian crowd as the two face-off!

PIP: Lycana came out looking to take the win in one fell swoop!

HHL: But clearly Corey learned something from Thad’s offensive flurry at Bad Medicine and came ready to dodge!

Lycana stays low, circle-stepping around the ring… Corey does the same.

PIP: Corey is a little slow to make the first move in this match.

HHL He may be occasionally naive, but Corey is a smart cookie. If he’s not taking the lead on offense, it’s because he’s waiting for an opening.

As the two foes circle-step, Lycana suddenly surges forward, locking her hands around Corey’s wrist!

PIP: Well Lycana is hungry for glory and she’s not going to wait!

Before Corey can slip out, Lycana yanks his arm towards her and twists him into a side headlock!

Corey tries to lift Lyana up into a back suplex… But Lycana shifts her weight downward and twists! The pair spins, and Corey ends up on his back! Side headlock takedown!

PIP: Very skillful grappling here by Lycana!

HHL: Lycana and Corey are both known for speed and agility! Lycana might be looking to shut down Corey’s speed early!

PIP: I appreciate her out-wrestling Corey in the early going! But she can’t beat Corey from the mat! One of these two is gonna have to get a ladder in the ring and climb it to the top!

Lycana keeps a vice grip on Corey’s throat… Corey twists on the mat, trying to struggle out of Lycana’s grip! But Lycana holds on tight…

Suddenly, Corey’s legs kick up from the mat and wrap around Lycana’s throat! Lycana, in surprise, loses her grip and ends up held to the mat by the throat between Corey’s thighs! Headscissors!

HHL: Impressive reversal by the champion!

Lycana tries to shift herself out of Corey’s grip… But it’s Corey’s turn to hold tight!

Lycana has some difficulty orienting herself, as Corey sits up to tighten the hold…

Suddenly Lycana wrenches her shoulder upwards and twists herself onto her front! And Corey’s headscissors now propels him onto his front!

Lycana is now facing downwards… And she slowly struggles up to her knees with Corey struggling to hold on…

HHL: Incredible strength by Lycana! Reversing Corey’s headscissors through pure strength!

Lycana’s throat is still between Corey’s legs, but he’s now standing on his hands, as Lycana works upright until she’s standing on both feet!

HHL: It’s possible Lycana is now in a better position than Corey is.

Lycana gets her hands under Corey’s legs… and…


Corey’s legs come clean off her head! And she easily has Corey’s back.

PIP: We’ve gone from possibly to assuredly!

Lycana grins nefariously, holding Corey’s legs like a wheelbarrow over her shoulders…

She runs forwards as Corey desperately runs on his palms to not end up ass over head! They’re almost to the ropes now!

HHL: If Corey is going to make a move, he better do something quick!

In a snap, At the last moment, Corey turns his shoulders into a somersault! And Lycana is propelled into the ropes!

…But she back hand springs against them! And just as Corey kips back up, Lycana decapitates the champ with a spinning lariat!

The French oooh and aaaah!

HHL: The Parisian crowd is electrified by the athleticism on display here by these competitors!

PIP: This is some cirque du soleil shit and these surrendering frogs love it!

Lycana doesn’t bask in the adoration of the crowd, instead grabbing a dazed Corey by the scalp and then tossing him outside the ring on the announce table side!

As the champ falls through the middle ropes and topples onto his back, the challenger slides under the ropes and grabs the ramp side ladder…

PIP: Lycana is not getting paid by the hour! She’s looking to end this one real quick!

HHL: Indeed, Pip! She sees an opening and she’s looking to take it straight to the winner’s circle!

Lycana slips the ladder under the ropes, and like she’s been practicing in the ladder section at the Home Depot, slams the ladder open, locks it, and sets it up directly under the belt!

As Lycana runs around to start her ascent, Corey is getting back onto his feet… and quickly comprehends how little time he has!


HHL: Pip, could you try one time being an objective journalist?

As Lycana rapidly climbs, already halfway up, Corey grabs the Announcer-Side ladder and slides it under the ropes! It slips across the ring like a professional curling puck!

And knocks into the base of Lycana’s ladder!

The ladder’s legs lift off… just a few inches… Teetering…

Lycana… grabs the sides of the ladder…

And pogos the structure!

Amazingly the ladder hops…

And recenters upright! Lycana’s ladder avoids a nasty fall! …Although her ladder is now a good foot away from below the center of the ring!

HHL: Crafty move by the Super Continental Champion to halt Lycana’s run for the belt!

PIP: Crafty?!? Ladders aren’t toys, Heather! If you ever read the safety instructions on their sticker, you’d know that! Corey could have broken poor Lycana’s neck!

Corey slides in under the bottom rope as Lycana sighs, hopping off the ladder and back to the mat.

Lycana tags Corey across the face with a right hook!

…Corey spins and on the rotation, catches Lycana with a spinning backfist!

Lycana staggers backwards…. But keeps her footing! She roars, full of fighting spirit, she sprints forward with another spinning lariat!

…But Smith ducks, Lycana ends up a couple steps beyond her! And as she turns back to face her foe…

WHAM! In an instant, Corey flips backwards and catches Lycana in the skull! BOG PELE KICK!

Lycana drops to the mat loopy…

Corey scrambles up to his feet and yanks the ladder to the center of the ring! He starts his own climb!

HHL: Both these two have their eyes directly on the prize tonight!

Corey starts summiting the ladder, step by step…

By the time, he’s halfway up the ladder, though… The ladder has gone from uphill slant… to vertical.

When Corey looks down to see what’s going on… He sees Lycana, lifting one leg of the ladder…

HHL: Oh my… This is No Man’s Land for Corey Smith!

PIP: Which is exactly where Lycana wants him!

Corey clings to the ladder’s second highest step… As Lycana, in a feat of pure strength, slowly rotates the ladder, toward the corner turnbuckle!

HHL: Holy hell! Lycana might just skewer Corey on the turnbuckle!!


Lycana, in one burst of motion, swings her arms upwards and the whole ladder topples!

It’s falling…

Corey extends his arms out from the ladder as it falls… His body starts extending perpendicular to the ladder


But in an incredible demonstration of agility, Corey Smith has extended himself just beyond the metal pole! He slides down it like a firefighter and miraculously lands on his feet unharmed!

The crowd goes wild.

PIP: …Rats!

HHL: Incredible cat-like reflexes from Corey Smith, narrowly avoiding disaster there. He must have spent one of his nine lives to make it through that one!

Corey seems to pat himself on the chest, verifying he’s still in one piece. The crowd applauds as he breathes a sigh of relief.

But as he turns back to the ring… He gets caught in a TOPE SUICIDA JUST BESIDE THE MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE BY LYCANA! Like a pouncing wolf, she dives on top of him, crushing him against the audience railing!

Corey falls to the padded concrete, crushed as Lycana stands and roars to the crowd.

PIP: Catlike reflexes work really well against human opponents. But maybe not as well against werewolves.

Lycana moves to the ladder outside the ring, opposite the camera-side, furthest away from the TV audience… She kicks the ladder over on its side… And it slowly topples to the mat…

HHL: What does Lycana have in mind here?

PIP: Put simply, I think she didn’t like that Corey got up to stop her climbing the ladder. So she’s going to make sure he doesn’t do that again…

Lycana grabs the still-fallen Corey by both wrists… And yanks him off the ground and into suplex position in one swoop!

HHL: Holy Hell! Lycana is showing incredible strength here!

PIP: We might just see Lycana’s Curse! The double wristlock suplex!

The sudden rotation, however, allows Corey to slip out the back of Lycana’s suplex grip and land behind her!

Lycana turns around…

Just in time for Corey to leap onto her shoulders! He twists backwards!

And Lycana gets hurricanrana’d onto the ladder!

Lycana rolls onto the uncovered metal, her face covered in pain as the crowd ooh’s.

HHL: Beautiful maneuver from Corey Smith. Ugly result watching it play out on that ladder!

Corey is still a little shook from that tope suicida through the middle rope and staggeredly rolls back into the ring.

He grabs the ladder lying in the ring (as opposed to the one tangled in the turnbuckle) and starts to unfold and set it up.

He takes a moment to catch his breath… Before he starts climbing up the ladder again…

HHL: He’s a little slower climbing this time. That last flurry of offense from Lycana might still be taking its toll.

PIP: Or Corey is playing possum, trying to bait Lycana back into the ring before he climbs too high!

On cue, Lycana raises up off the ladder and slides back under the ropes.

Corey, barely on the third step, sighs and hops back down to the mat, knowing he won’t make it to the top in time.

As Lycana is working her way up to her feet, Corey dashes across the ring…

And hits Lycana with a leaping knee to the face!

Lycana tries to roar through it again! ….But ends up staggering backwards into an unoccupied turnbuckle.

Corey stays on the offensive and delivers a HELLUVA KICK straight across Lycana’s nose! Corey’s boot hangs over the top rope momentarily as Lycana stumbles forward… BUT SHE KEEPS HER FOOTING.

PIP: Lycana must be unconscious! She’s brain-dead, but her body is going all eye-of-the-tiger!

HHL: I dunno, Pip! If one person can dig this deep through unspeakable pain, I think it’s Lycana!

Corey is exasperated as he turns, seeing Lycana still standing, albeit on incredibly shaky legs.

He gets in front of her and shoves her back into the ropes. She bounces off shakily and runs back as Corey sizes her up for huge spinning kick! FACE PAIN DE-LU-

But Lycana ducks it! Corey spins 360 degrees and winds up facing his opponent…

Just as Lycana grabs Corey’s wrists and hoists him again into suplex position!

…And slowly steps backwards! Toward the ring ropes!

Toward the audience cam!

And toward the audience-side table!

HHL: Oh my God! OH MY GOD!


Lycana heaves Corey over the ropes!

And he collides! The metal crumples and tears as his body is thrown clear through it! The ladder FALLS TOWARD THE STANDS AND INTO THE CROWD! Corey is dumped into the third row!


PIP: And a lucky fan gets to share a seat with Corey Smith!

Corey indeed ends up collapsed in Row 3, Seat 113, next to a very excited female fan in her 20s! She leans over Corey’s fallen body to take a selfie.

Lycana collapses face-first down to the mat still in the ring, having used the last bit of fuel to reverse that Face Pain De-Lux.

The crowd is on their feet, starting up a chant:











HHL: This Parisian crowd is loving this match and loving both of these competitors!

After 15 to 20 seconds, Lycana slowly crawls up using the ring ropes, shakily back up to her feet!

She stumbles over to the corner turnbuckle, where the ladder from Corey’s pole sliding dodge is still tangled in the ropes. With exhausted hands, Lycana begins to struggle the ladder out of his position!

PIP: Oh my! Lycana might have this one… Corey is not in a great position to stop Lycana!

HHL: But he’s still working out there, Pip!

Indeed! Corey is crawling atop the collapsed ladder… from the third row over to the second row… Then the second row over to the first row! Receiving back slaps and cheers from the French XWF fans along the way.

Lycana finally detangles the ladder and exhaustedly drags her feet, setting it up in the center of the ring.

Finally, Corey dumps himself off the end of the ladder, back onto the padding.

Lycana looks down at Corey and her eyes open wide, she falls backward on her ass stunned.

HHL: I don’t think Lycana expected Corey to get back from that last one.

Corey… very slowly… and obviously in a lot of pain, crawls his way up the padding and back into the ring.

Lycana takes a deep breath, seeing that Corey is not 100% and gets back up to climb the ladder…

She’s about three steps up when Corey rolls in under the bottom rope.

HHL: Lycana’s speed has been reduced her, Corey is in prime position if he can make it to his feet to destablize the ladder again!

Corey crawls up to the ladder… And begins to drag his body up the side…

PIP: What the Hell!?! Why isn’t Corey toppling the ladder?

HHL: Oh my god! Incredibly gutsy decision by Corey! He’s going for the win right now!

Lycana is halfway up and Corey straightens up to standing and gets to the second step on the opposite side!

PIP: Gutsy? Fine. Dumb? YES! Corey is already regularly not as fast as Lycana. Now he thinks he can outclimb her?

Lycana gently pulls herself up one step at a time… On the opposite side, Corey’s slender frame extends itself to the second to the last-step… And he pulls his body straight up! He ascends halfway up the ladder almost instantaneously!

HHL: Non-traditional climbing technique here by Corey Smith! Essentially using the highest step he can reach like a perch on a rock climbing wall and pulling his whole body up! Incredible he can still draw on his strength after a match like this!

Despite Lycana’s slight speed advantage, by the time she makes it to the top of the ladder…

Corey is there to meet her.

The two stare each other down, just a few feet away from the Super Continental Championship.

The crowd chants start up again…











Lycana reels back and smacks Corey with her forearm…

Corey reels back, waving his arms to keep his balance… But he stays on the ladder!

Keeping one hand on on the ladder, Corey extends a leg and delivers a kick straight to Lycana’s temple!

Lycana slumps forward against Corey! The entire ladder almost collapses backwards! But Corey pushes his head against Lycana’s to recenter the ladder!

…Suddenly Lycana’s hand reaches up and BAM! Lycana slams Corey’s face against the top of the ladder!

PIP: These two have thrown all they have at this match!

HHL: Something’s gotta give here, Pip! One of these two has to break this stalemate!

[ENDING 1: Corey Smith wins]

Lycana grabs Corey by the scalp and drags his face up to hers… She takes a free hand and rakes him across the eyes with her fingernails!

Corey covers his face in profound pain and shrinks a step down the ladder…

Lycana sees this as the opening she needs and steps up to the top step! She starts to loosen the belt…



When Suddenly!




Lycana takes the kick straight to the face and falls to the left, crashing to the mat below!

As Lycana’s body drops, the ladder starts to topple!

Blinded Corey Smith reaches out and grabs what’s out in front of him as he feels the ladder under him collapse…

He’s dangling on something! He feels his feet swing through thin air…




Corey’s body lands with a thud in the center of the ring, not too far from Lycana’s.

HHL: Holy Hell, Pip! That match was insane!

PIP: That was quite possibly the most difficult challenge Corey has had to face as Super Continental Champion, but he proved once again why he’s an elite-level champion and put down an incredible challenge presented by Lycana.

HHL: What an incredible fight from both competitors! Here’s hoping this isn’t their last meeting!

Corey clutches the Supercontinental Championship to his chest.

PIP: Corey moves onto Fire and Ice where Adi Gold will be the next to try her hand. Truly an incredible performance by both Lycana and Corey tonight. Damn, what a match! We’ll be right back.

”The following contest is for the UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

”Introducing the challenger, SCHISM!”

Schism butts a cigarette out on the floor and rises from a seat in the audience nose-bleeds. They make a nonchalant descent through the stadium, over the guardrail and under the bottom rope into the ring.

”And his opponent…”

”About to make his way to the ring, representing Apex, he is the XWF Universal Champion… JIM CAEDUS!

The now familiar opening notes to "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold begin to blast from the PA moments before the ring announcer plugs. The fans erupt. As the spiel is unloaded the lights cut, plunging the arena in darkness before silver strobes begin to flash and silver spotlights begin to continuously wave from along the length of the entrance walkway to the crowd and back.

Obviously practiced and well-timed, the moment the announcer finishes, "ready, steady, g-g-go!" is let fly by the song's vocalist and silver pyro erupts from the egress. Before the cloud of smoke dissipates, Jim Caedus emerges as the house lights come up. His hair hangs freely, bandanna covering the majority of his face, his eyes absent of emotion as he surveys the crowd of cheering APEX and/or Caedus marks and smarks as well as the BoBliophiles shouting insults, Fuck You and booing.

As the music continues he turns his attention to the ring and it's inhabitant(s) before advancing forward while carefully gathering his long blonde hair into a secured samurai-style bun. At ringside he removes his bandanna and scales the steps, ascending to the apron and stepping through the ropes into battle.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -
Gallows Brawl


Caedus and Schism stand opposite sides of the ring, both men's fists are taped as the first round is set to begin.

[white]PIP: An down and dirty fistfight is what awaits us for the Universal Championship.

Caedus and Schism emerge towards the center of the ring with a very split crowd. They circle each other before Schism looks for a jab that Caedue evades with a smirk on his face. They continue to circle with Jim looking for a Purgatory Punch which Schism narrowly evades.

HHL: Can’t say Jim wasn’t creative with this match stipulation. It’s put em’ up for shut em’ up.

Both men continue to circle where Jim fakes a punch up high drawing Schism’s hands up only to connect low with a series of jabs to the ribs of Schism where he drives him back into a corner. Jim swings with another Purgatory Punch which Schism throws his head back evading before countering the positioning!

Caedus is back against the buckles where Schism unloads with a flurry of right hands to the right and left side of Jim’s ribs as he ducks under a left hand followed by a right from Caedus before rocking his jaw with an uppercut that sends Caedus crashing down to the mat! The referee starts the standing ten count.






Caedus starts to stir as he gets to one knee.



He steps up to his feet as the referee confirms he’s good.

HHL: Schism almost surprised the Universal Champion.

PIP: That’s the thing with damn near bare-knuckle fighting like this. It just takes one shot to turn out the lights.

Schism comes back on the attack only to have his STRIKE blocked by Caedus who connects with a left jab, a second then a crossover right hand knocking Schism back into the ropes. Caedus comes forward to take advantage when the bell to end the first round is heard.

HHL: The first round comes to an end and I’d have to say that Schism would be ahead on my scorecard after that knockdown.

PIP: First of Twelve Rounds is behind us, let’s see what happens with Round Two.


The bell sounds as both men come out of their corners. Schism goes on the attack only to have each shot blocked by the Universal Champion! Jim fires back with various jabs that Schism is able to block before they circle each other again.

PIP: There’s not a lot to call with stipulations like this. It’s who’s going to get knocked out versus who isn’t.

Schism lunges forward into a Purgatory Punch that takes him down to the mat! Caedus back away into a neutral corner as the referee starts to lay the count to Schism.





Schism rolls over towards the ropes.



Schism uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet where the referee is on the spot-checking to make sure he’s good to continue.

HHL: Schism tasted the mat, perhaps getting a little ahead of himself.

PIP: That’s got to make the Champ feel good to get that knock-down back.

The referee steps back as Caedus shoot forward driving in some serious body shots to Schism taking him back into the ropes. Schism absorbs the blows where he’s able to deliver a headbutt across the bridge of Jim’s nose out of sight of the referee.

Jim staggers backward towards the center of the ring where Schism comes off the ropes peppering Caedus with a series of right and left jabs to the nose followed by an overhand STRIKE dropping Jim to the mat!



HHL: Schism comes right back!



Jim starts to push up off the mat.



He reaches one knee before stepping up to his feet, blood trickling from his nose.

PIP: Jim Caedus took another shot but showed no signs of staying down for anyone.

HHL: Keep in mind there’s no TKO- this can go 13 Rounds and if Schism doesn’t knock out Caedus then Jim will retain.

The referee signals we’re good to continue. Schism moves in with another STRIKE to Caedus body and then his jaw. Schism comes with a left that’s blocked by Caedus who counters with another Purgatory Punch as the bell for Round Two rings.

HHL: It’s hard to give an edge to either one of these two coming off the first two rounds because both men are answering each other with each passing second.

PIP: We’re about to roll into round three. There’s still a lot more left to go.


Both fighters are up with Schism once again rushing in for an attack on Caedus who steps to the side seeing Schism bounce off the ropes into a Purgatory Punch! Schism is sent back into the ropes where he staggers forward into another Purgatory Punch!

Schism staggers as Caedus delivers a Superman Purgatory Punch rocking Schism and dropping him where he stands!












PIP: Caedus used the first two rounds to gauge Schism and caught him flush in the opening moments of Round Three to successfully retain the Universal Championship.

Jim Caedus stands stall as the referee awards him the Universal Championship.

HHL: It wasn’t a lot to see, it wasn’t pretty, but Jim Caedus knocked out Schism. Next for him is Peter Vaughn come Fire and Ice.

As Caedus starts to leave the ring, looking like he was hoping for more…

“This Time It’s Different” by Evans Blue begins to play, bringing out Peter Vaughn! The crowd is immediately booing heavily, not wanting to see Vaughn here. He stops on the top ramp, making sure to show off the Thunder Pro Wrestling International Title around his waist. The XWF crowd doesn’t seem that impressed. Vaughn walks down the aisle, looking cool and collected. In the ring, Caedus has moved back towards the center of the ring, anticipating a brawl.

HHL: The #1 Contender to Caedus’ Universal Title is coming to the ring, and shockingly, he’s coming alone!

PIP: Wow, so he did actually send off the rest of the Exiles to enjoy Paris? Dumb move if you ask me. All Caedus has to do is call out Apex and Vaughn is done for.

HHL: I don’t think Jim will do that. He’s wanted to go one-on-one with Vaughn for a while now.

Vaughn stops at the edge of the ring, looking inside to where Caedus is daring him to charge in. But Vaughn shakes his head and raises up a mic instead.

Vaughn: Listen, Jim, I’m not here to fight. I’m here to have a little chat between us, man to man. If you’re willing to entertain the idea, I’ll get a table put in there and maybe some chairs?

Caedus straightens up and says something back that isn’t quite picked up by the cameras, but Vaughn takes it as an agreement. He turns and talks to a couple of attendants who have followed him down. They start to get the table & chairs into the ring, while Vaughn waits outside.

HHL: Vaughn… just wants to talk?

PIP: Seems damned unlikely, doesn’t it? But maybe becoming a champion again has changed his perspective.

With the equipment all set up, Vaughn steps into the ring. Another person has handed Caedus a mic, which he’s holding loosely in one hand. He doesn’t look at all inclined to sit at the table as he’s still expecting something else to happen. Vaughn, though, confidently moves towards one of the chairs, taking a seat.

Vaughn: You can relax, you know. The Exiles are out enjoying the Eiffel Towel, or exploring other sights. And I’m not going to jump across this table at you… at least, not yet.

Vaughn smirks, continuing to look like he’s not worried at all. Jim slowly takes a seat, looking as if he might welcome Vaughn trying to take a swing at him.

Caedus: Ohhhhh Petey. Petey, Petey, Petey, I can't tell you just how _much_ I'd appreciate it if y'did. Y'know...if you were to shit-can the charade you're puttin' on right now, knuckle up and let's get to it?

The fans pop in response. Vaughn raises a hand for silence, shaking his head while appearing to mouth "no, no, no, calm down". When the fans settle...

Vaughn: Jim, Jim… there’s no charade. I understand, though. You and I have maybe gotten off on the wrong foot. I’ll admit my share of the blame in that regard.

Caedus: Mhm. Like takin' a brick to my head and runnin' off with my 24/7 Briefcase ya cocksucker? That kinda blame?

Vaughn: Okay, true, I may have gotten a little… overzealous. I admit it. I saw an opportunity to jump-start my career in the XWF, and I jumped at it. Can you blame me? I mean, you were just as quick to seize your opportunity when you got a shot at that championship, didn’t you? You made sure I watched as you pinned Alias.

The crowd is mixed about this, although many still are more fully on Caedus’ side. Caedus, for his part, shakes his head about how that moment is still being redone in Vaughn’s mind.

Caedus: Kill yourself, Pete. Fuck you tryna do, outwit me here with the twisted narrative? Trick me into triggerin' Alias? He's welcome to 'is rematch whenever the hell he's ready, by the way. And as for made the biggest mistake 'a your career thus far with that horseshit at Bad Medicine, mark my words.

Vaughn: We have differing opinions on that, obviously. But we hopefully can both agree that all that is in the past. What matters is the future. And the future is you and I facing off at Fire & Ice. You see, I want this match to be one that everyone is talking about the next day. Win or lose, I want both of our names to both be trending on Twitter afterwards. I want our match to be so huge, they put us on Sportscenter. This is another big moment in my career, and I don’t want it to become a disappointment.

Caedus: Might I suggest then NOT bein' an utter, albeit hilarious, disappointment like your fellow Exiles Bam and Betsy have been?

Vaughn's smile wavers and his eyes narrow slightly at that. He quickly recovers.

Vaughn: See, now, I could immediately come back with the disappointments of Drew and Oliver, and how Robert got himself beat up by Thunder Knuckles. Hey, can you believe I am on the same team as Thunder Knuckles? Oh, man, I didn’t see that coming…

He gives a long laugh, which sounds rather fake, honestly, as Vaughn is not much of a laugher nowadays. Caedus waits for him to quiet down.

Caedus: ........We actually gonna fight here? Or are you REALLY jus' gonna keep squawkin' like a bitch?

The tension seems higher now, as Vaughn is no longer even trying to fake a smile. He and Caedus stare at each other, with each waiting for the other to make the first move. But after a few seconds, Vaughn smirks and pushes his chair backwards, out of Caedus’ range, before standing up.

Vaughn: It’s been a night of firsts, hasn’t it, Jim? A night of surprises. But we don’t need to take things to any crazy extreme tonight, do we? After all, we’re both champions. We’re both at the top of our game. And it’s going to be a hell of a fight at Fire & Ice, there’s no doubt about it.

Vaughn moves to the ropes, leaning on them as if about to depart. He then stops, waiting for a second before slowly turning back to Caedus and nodding to him.

Vaughn: Glad we had this chance to talk, champ. Oh, before I go… I’ve got one more surprise for you…

Caedus, immediately suspicious, glances around as the crowd starts to react. They’ve seen Betsy Granger and Bam Miller coming over the railings from different parts of the crowd, heading for the ring!! The two Exiles slide in, as Caedus turns to confront them. But Vaughn shoves the table up and over, sending it into the back of Caedus’ legs! Caedus isn’t badly hurt, but he stumbles forward, allowing Bam to nail him across the head with a BRICK!!

HHL: No!! It WAS all a set-up!!

PIP: I knew it! I knew Bam wouldn’t give a damn about the Eiffel Tower!!

Caedus is on his knees, beginning to bleed from a nasty cut above his forehead. He still struggles to get up, but Granger kicks him in the side, keeping him down. The two wrestlers grab hold of Caedus’ arms, hanging on, as Vaughn moves in with a sick smile. He lands a few punches of his own to the open wound, softening up Caedus, before turning to where Caedus’ XWF Universal Title has landed on the ground. He lifts it up, admiring it, before turning towards Caedus and preparing to take a swing… when “The Infection” by Disturbed begins to play!

PIP: What?

HHL: I was expecting Apex, but instead we’re getting Xavier Lux!

The crowd gives a mixed response as Xavier Lux runs down to the ring. Vaughn moves to the side, as Caedus suddenly surges, shoving off Granger & Miller and rolling towards the ropes. He uses them to get up, wincing, as Lux slides into the ring next to him, glaring over at Vaughn & the rest. Vaughn prepares himself, waving for Lux to come on, wanting to get this brawl going again. Lux nods, ready himself… and picks up Caedus from the side, twisting and dropping Caedus on the mat with a modified version of The Cure!!

PIP: Another double-cross!! The Exiles are on a roll!

HHL: Wait, does this mean that…

Vaughn walks over to Lux, suddenly smiling, and shares a quick hug with the man, to the extreme dislike of the fans in attendance. Lux then steps back, reaching to unzip his hoodie, revealing the Exiles’ t-shirt underneath! He throws the hoodie away, content with himself, as Granger & Miller go to greet him.

HHL: Xavier Lux has joined the Exiles!

PIP: Just like in TPW! The Exiles keep getting stronger!

Caedus, aching badly now, struggles to get up. His face is starting to look like a crimson mask due to the cut above his forehead, sending the blood cascading down. He still isn’t backing down, though, as he glares at all four wrestlers standing before him. Vaughn laughs, loving the fight, before all four charge forward, swinging away!!! Caedus tries to fight back, but the numbers are too much, as he’s soon sent back to the ground!! They continue to whale away on the champion, as the crowd shows their displeasure with trash and anything else they can find to throw.

HHL: Was that a cell phone?

PIP: Someone’s going to regret tossing that…

Suddenly, though, the crowd reaction changes as Drew Archyle and The Main Brothers come racing from the back, weapons in hand! As the rest of Apex approaches, Vaughn shouts an order, and the Exiles depart, sliding out of the ring. Vaughn stays for a second longer, making sure to ‘hand’ the Universal Title back to Caedus, before departing himself. Apex slides into the ring, immediately surrounding Caedus in a circle for protection.

Peter kept a microphone as Apex helps Caedus to his feet in the ring. The Exiles rally at the top of the ramp where Peter raises the microphone.

Vaughn: Jimmy, one last surprise to leave you with. Allow me to introduce you to my manager…

PIP: What the hell?!

HHL: Is Peter Vaughn officially CCP Enterprises?

Chris Page emerges out to the top of the ramp where he shakes hands with Peter Vaughn and the rest of the Exiles. Chris looks towards the ring at Apex as he reaches down grabbing the left wrist of Vaughn as he raises it up in the air.

PIP: It looks like we’ve just got our answer.

The stunned Apex glances back up at Vaughn as Page steps back while Lux and the Exiles step forward. Peter runs his hands across his waist signifying that he is your next Universal Champion.

[Image: BDs0aPn.png]

We cut to a shot of Jim Caedus and Lycana walking side-by-side in the backstage halls of the XWF. The crowd pops as the footage of two of their favorite XWF stars pops up on the X-tron for the whole audience to enjoy. Jim and Lycana are laughing and joking together, clearly enjoying each other's company as they walk in lockstep.

HHL: "Jim and Lycana both have big time title matches coming up tonight."

PC: "Imagine how awkward the ride back to the hotel is going to be if only ONE of them wins tonight!"

HHL: "Oh that sounds incredibly awkward for them, but I think they both have a very good chance of walking away tonight with championship gold!"

Jim Caedus and Lycana stop in their tracks when they hear strange music begin playing behind one of the locked doors leading into the hallway. The pair see Thunder Knuckles at the end of the hallway smoking a big ol' cuban cigar. Thunder Knuckles locks eyes with Jim Caedus as he takes a puff from his gar'. TK blows a huge puff of smoke out as the old familiar song begins playing louder and louder. Jim and Lycana take a brief look at the door with the music before looking back to TK as he takes another puff.

Then the door swings open and the music becomes much louder. A large man with a beard and a weapon comes charging out of the room!



The Nickleman swings his bat at Lycana's head like he's looking for a home run! She falls into Jim's arms with questionable consciousness. Caedus looks up at Charlie just in time to get himself a face full of barbed wire slugger! Charlie tees off on Jim and Lycana a few more times until the pair falls to the ground. Thunder Knuckles begins slowly golf clapping from the end of the hallway as the embers on the tip of his cigar ash and fall to the ground.

PC: "Charlie already has a match lined up for the universal championship, he doesn't need to do this! This is absolutely unnecessary! What point does he think he's proving?"

HHL: "I don't think he's trying to prove a point Pip, I think Charlie's just doing this for the hell of it! He's sick and twisted like that!"

PC: "These bastards are drawing into question the integrity of our championship matches later tonight! These two might not even be cleared to wrestle after Charlie's done with them!"

HHL: "They'll be cleared, Pip! Lycana and Jim Caedus are two of the toughest superstars on the roster. They might be at a disadvantage now, though, that's for sure!"

TK's golf clap doesn't stop until Little Feather and a band of XWF security guards are seen rounding the corner and coming down the hall. TK whistles and Charlie looks over his shoulder at the encroaching security force. The Nickleman stands up tall and looks directly at the approaching security team.

The Nickleman: "I get it, you don't want me around, I'm ruining the show! Well don't fucking worry because I'm leaving and I'm taking the XWF's most prestigious belt with me!"

PC: "Oh no- Charlie's going to try and steal the universal championship!"

Charlie steps away from the scene with his now bloody baseball bat. The Nickleman swings the bat up to his shoulder before resting it there. Him and TK start to walk away as Little Feather checks on the universal champion and Lycana. Charlie reaches down and rubs the golden plate on his TV belt as he walks away.

The Nickleman: "I'm sorry you had to see that, Goldi, but sometimes a man has to take care of business. I hope we can still enjoy our date tonight!"

PC: "Wait, so Charlie is just leaving without the most prestigious belt?"

HHL: "Charlie's a nutjob, nothing he does makes any sense! He's just a violent lunatic and that's all there is to him!"

Little Feather and the security team usher Lycana and Jim Caedus towards the medical room before we cut away from the footage of the carnage.

PIP: What kind of condition is Jim Caedus going to be in come Fire and Ice?! He's a marked man! Fans we're out of time!!

Thaddeus Duke
Mark Flynn
Jim Caedus
Peter Vaughn
Charlie Nickels
Chris Page

[Image: Jkq64Z1.png]
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