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10-25-2021 07:51 PM

[It opens up with Tommy and his new playmate Briana from his last shoot at a nail salon, while she was getting her nails done, Tommy was sitting outside the car watching various Bianca McBride matches on his phone, then about fifteen minutes later, Briana comes out of the salon with her nails done and sits on the passenger side looking at her nails with all glee.]

Briana: What do you think about the nails, I got them in your fav color! All Red just what you like!

[Tommy puts his phone down and looks at her nails and smiles. Then he drive off to his crib, where they had some halloween type decorations on display before it’s halloween. Then Tommy turns on the netflix to watch random horror films, and stumbles upon the first Saw film. He plays it, and sits on the couch as Briana hands him some popcorn to munch on.]

Briana: You didn’t say you like themmm! Tell mee you like themmm!

T: I do, I do… now please calm down, and lets watch this movie.

Briana: Ugh, SAW again? Haven’t we seen this movie like six hundred times already?

T: C’mon it’s a classic, seeing people chained up on walls, torture porn… all the fucking works, so if you want to go to the room then be my guest and leave me be.

Briana: Ugh, your sooo not fun Tommy.. i’m going to be in the room, playing with Jimbo while you see the same scenes over and over again.

[Briana then leaves him to watch the film, and as hours progressed, it was getting to 1AM and he headed to the bed room. Then he turns on the light to see her in her bra and panties, hands tied up with a her mouth gagged with rope. Tommy looked at her with confusion, as she gestured him to come close. He then pulls the rope out of her mouth as he talks to her.]

T: What’s up with all the rope stuff? I didn’t know you be into that kinda stuff.

Briana: That’s one of them, you see i’m into that kinda kidnap plaything. Only once in awhile though, it was on my bio you didn’t read off tinder that time.

T: I didn’t know that, I was just purly swiping the hell out it, but I guess we got our own kinks and shit. So what you tryin to do now?

[Briana then tells him to do some rope stuff with her, that ended up into something that the kids will learn by the age of sixteen. After all that was handled, the next day rolls around and Tommy wakes up beside Briana, and his alarm went off at 8am but turned it off and went back to sleep as the scene faded.]

====Supa SPOOKY Freaky, NOW!!!!… TEMPTATIONS SING!!!=====

“Well I guess I finally got a girl who as freaky as me, but how long will it take until either of us end up busting out? Only time will tell on the both of us, and I loved the first Saw movie too so that’s a plus I guess. But now, the not so plus plus is that I am apart of a show that has this concept of horror and spooks abound. To be honest, I would have skipped out on this show, but someone (someone not named Demos) had convinced me through my email to partake on the show.

So here I am, back in a singles fashion… back to be able to show the world, that I fucking suck so hard, that even Jigsaw would immediately murder me if I was in those many SAW traps and challenges in front of me, but fortunately that’s not the case. What is the case is this, I’m up against a daughter who shares the name that scared many men and women in XWF since the time I was lurking the place for some laced pantyhose.

I’m talking about Micheal McBride… one of a Purebred Killers with a guy who shall go nameless due to legal issues and heat with the peeps in the back.

(Fuck Glimour..oops!)

I’m taking on his next of kin, the one who will bring mighty might to the name of McBride… BIANCA… the one, and the only. The one who should have made a dent in the once lived bombshell or Shooting Star thing, but it went out in flames. Now, she’s fighting a man like me in a one off Jigsaw match where we got to break our chains and shit.

To some it might sound scary, to me… that SOUND LIKE FUN TO ME!!!

Truth be told, I may or may not escape the chains, but if I did I would SO love to come back to that area where’s she still in chains and just have some um.. “pg”… stuff with her, I mean I can envision her begin for me to stop hurting her any more then I should. Oh that thought of seeing her struggling to break free as I pummel her on the ground makes me feel SO ALIVE BABY… that her daddy need too stop me from going to far with his precious daughter.

So Bianca, this might be the only chance I have to ever come face to face with you, in this fine situation in a Marf-Nickles Joint before the halloween comes into place. You and I, will have too much fun trying to break the chains and come out the winner. Who knows?…

I might take you out and have you see Shooting Stars in that dingy room…

Whatever the case will be Bianca, welcome to the FREAKY show once again.

I’ll see you in the Castle, my darling.”

-Insert Catchy Slogan Here!-
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