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Soft Deadline Drinking the cheap shit
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08-20-2021, 10:58 PM

Bianca sat in a dive bar in New York. It was a place she had been to many times before when she was younger. It was her father's hangout, it was owned by a former Irish gangster named Vanessa Quinn. She stood about five foot four and had greying red hair. She opened this bar many years ago. It’s a gathering place for many of New York’s criminal underground. It of course was neutral ground. You didn’t bring your rivalries in here. If you couldn’t get along then you didn’t belong here. Sure there were some fights but Vanessa shut that down quickly. A shotgun will do that. No one wants to get shot by one of those.

Bianca sighed deeply before downing her shot of whiskey. She was upset about losing The Mix that OCW was hosting. She had gotten past the first round, the second. She was close. She fought with all her might but it wasn’t good enough but she could only carry the team so far, yes she did in fact carry her team. Bradley Carrington was her tag partner and was a useless piece of shit. He had left during the match and had her fighting alone. That’s what she was upset about, that’s why she was drinking. She didn’t want to be angry so whiskey helped.

“You know lass. I got some stronger stuff if you want some.” Vanessa said.

“Yeah, I know but I like the cheap shit. Couldn’t tell you why. It slaps me in the face I guess.”

“If you say so. How’s your father by the way. I haven’t seen him here for a year or so.”

“Da? He’s off on some Island in Asia. My mother wants him dead, so he had to flee there for a bit. So she could cool down, I guess my Dad killed the man she was cheating on my dad with and pissed her off. I don’t blame my father for doing that.”

“Don’t get along with ma I take it?”

“Fuck no. She go fall off a cliff for all I give a fuck. She never wanted me to become a wrestler. She wanted me to take over the family when she was done. That’s not what I wanted but every chance she gets. She tries to make me do it. One, I have a feeling she’s not going to ask me anymore and just put a gun to my head and force me.”

“What the fuck lass? Do you think she would actually do that?”

Bianca chuckled and shrugged her shoulders.

“Maybe. I’m the oldest kid, so it falls onto me to take over the family but I never wanted to do that. I would rather go gun running with me Da than run a mob family. I want to be free to do as I wish. You can’t be free when you’re in the mob.”

“Aye, running a clan isn’t easy for one and for two. You sure as fuck don’t get the freedom you want. Back in Ireland when I was running a gang. I couldn’t do what I wanted. I had to look over a lot of people. We didn’t trust the Brits one damn bit. So all me energy had to go to protecting the people in me town but I chose that path. Never let anyone pick the path to walk but yourself.”

Bianca looked up at the Irish woman and smiled.

“You know how to make someone feel better.”

“I have me moments. Here. I’ll leave the bottle here for ya. Don’t down it fast yeah?”

“Right, I won’t.”

Vanessa walked away to take care of some other customers. Bianca poured herself a shot and just looked at it for a moment before drinking it down.

“Oi, how's my little Irish Rose doin?”

There was only one person who would call Bianca that, she turned around to see her father, Michael McBride standing there with a big smile on her face. Bianca’s face lit up with glee as she ran up to her father and hugged him.

“Da! What are you doing here? I thought mother would be hunting you down.”

“Aye, but she doesn’t know I’m here.”

“How did you get into the States without her knowing?”

“Let’s just say. I had to pay a Pryce.”

“Well whatever, you’re here. Let’s drink!”

“Well Talia. It looks like we are facing off once again. The last time we did. I won but that was a tag match. I don’t count that as a victory. I didn’t even pin you. So it doesn’t count. So as far as I see it. We are zero and zero. That being said, it’s one on one. We battle for real this time. We fight for real this time. While yes. You have been in the business longer than I have. While I haven’t. Yes, that does give you an edge. This I will admit but if you think that fact alone will be good enough to win this match. I’m sorry to say it sweetheart. It’s not. I'm a McBride and we don’t go down without a fight. My grandfather and father have been in this business and now it’s my turn. It’s my turn to carry the family name here in the XWF.”

“It’s what I was born to do. I will do whatever it takes to win this match. I will never back down from you or anyone else. My pride as a McBride won’t allow me too and yes I know pride can be a bad thing but I’m Irish and Sicilian. Two races that are fiery and hot blooded. That means bad news for you. You’re going to take all the skills you learned over the years you’ve wrestled to put me through that table and win the match. If you have to kill me to win this match, then that’s what you’re going to have to do. While yes. I do respect you for what you have done in this business. That doesn’t mean I’ll just hand you the win. That would be more of an insult if I did. So come at me with everything and I mean everything you got. If you don’t. I will find a way to win. I will find a weakness and use it against you and I will show everyone here in the XWF that I belong here. I will become better than my father ever was in the XWF. I will show that I’m the best technical wrestler. It just sucks that you have to be the first I have to go through but that’s life. Shit happens.”

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