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PlaceMarker Now and Now
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06-09-2021 11:37 PM

What was certainly was. What is, well, that's morphic.


June 6, 2021

Thunder Knuckles and Atara Themis are seen sitting on a park bench. The weather is pleasant, but both look to be waiting. Off in the distance, sitting on a blanket in the grass, is Bobby Bourbon, along with a group of equally eccentricly dressed individuals. They seem to be enjoying themselves.

AT: Well, he said it would be brief.

TK: Bobby has a weird sense of time. He said one time that three hours can be the shortest time in the world or an entire lifetime depending on perspective.

AT: That’s, uh, actually kind of deep for him.

TK: He's deeper than he lets on. He said time was nothing more than perspective, what's going to us is coming to someone else.

Atara looks downright baffled.

AT: That does not sound like the Bobby Bourbon I know.

TK smirks.

TK: It sounds like him to me.

As TK says this, we see Bobby standing and bidding a farewell to the group he was with as he jogs towards TK and Atara.

AT: So, how was your meeting?

BB: Awesome! Rick brought some salami from a dimension where meat is currency, and Krieger made lemonade using lemons he engineered to be sweeter!

TK: Sounds dope.

AT: What kind of meeting was this?

BB: Ah, well, annually us eccentric scientists get together for a picnic. I brought a chocolate lava cake actually baked in Pompeii while it was getting destroyed by Vesuvius.

Atara laughs. TK's eyebrows perk up.

TK: Any good?

BB: Yeah, but that salami.

AT: So, what, are you a member of a mad scientist MENSA?

BB: Pfft. MENSA meetings are boring and dry places for hook-ups with boring people. So many cases of crabs just circulating around so many highly intelligent genitals.

TK: Well, Bobby, what now? You wanted us to meet you here.

BB: Exactly! You see, while Betsy is doing her little daliance at a dead nightclub with dead fashion to dead music, traveling through time and whatnot, I figured it could be fun if we did too!

AT: Ooh, are we going someplace? Pre-Revolutionary France? Ancient Athens?

TK: We can go and bet on sports knowing how they happen!

Bobby's belly shakes as he chuckles at the thought.

BB: Hah, no, nothing as contrived as traveling to the past. It's, well, passé. My fellow Bastards, we are going to travel…

Bobby pauses for dramatic effect. TK smiles. Atara looks a little confused.


TK: Awesome.

AT: Huh? We're doing what?

BB: Traveling to the present!

With a flash of bright light, Bobby, TK, and Atara vanish. They then reappear exactly where they were.

BB: And we're here!

AT: What the hell was that?

TK: Fucking awesome!

BB: I know, it worked! We are in the present!

AT: But, um, we didn't accomplish anything!

BB: Yes we did! Check your phone or watch!

Atara looks at her phone as TK checks his watch.

AT: It’s 2:34.

TK: That’s what I got!

BB: Okay, cool! Now, check this out!

With that, another bright flash of light happens. Bobby, TK, and Atara are right where they were.

BB: Now check the time!

Atara glances at her phone.

AT: I still got 2:34.


TK: Amazing, Bobby.

BB: Thank you.

AT: Well, what now?

BB: Now is right!

AT: No, what do we do now?

BB: Whatever we want! There's no time like the present!

AT: Huh.

TK: Wanna get food?

BB: Yeah, I can eat.

AT: You just had a picnic.

BB: Yeah, but that was then, this is now!

AT: Okay, I see the madness, but the science…

Bobby pulls out his phone and whistles into it. As he does, a massive silver dragon descends into the park.

TK: Fucking rad.

AT: Oh, wow! How did you do that?

BB: Easy!

Bobby looks at the camera and smirks.

BB: I did it now!

June 9, 2021

Betsy, I could sit here and scorch you for hours. Everyone knows that. But, oh Impossible one, I think you are failing to grasp something very important. The irony of saying I should live in the now while you go to the past isn't lost on me, but meh, call me unimpressed.

Causality, Betsy! What has happened dictates what will happen! For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and I guarantee, I can bring one hell of a reaction. It isn't as though your or your little groups actions do something and that's it, as much as many members of Apex Legacy believe themselves to be the be all end all. Nope.

Casualty, not causality, Betsy, well, that's just what you are going to be. If you're going to play war, bring your best toys.

[Image: C6wj2eg.png]
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