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Poll: Who Wins The Gatorweight Challenge?
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Michael Waters 5.00% 1 5.00%
Marf 35.00% 7 35.00%
Bobby Bourbon 30.00% 6 30.00%
Jim Caedus 5.00% 1 5.00%
Mini Morbid 15.00% 3 15.00%
Wildcard Spot 10.00% 2 10.00%
Total 20 votes 100%
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Gatorweight Challenge
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(Gravy_Xtreme_5000) Offline
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06-06-2021 09:36 AM

Well. That was interesting, wasn’t it?

What can I say? I’m a gigantic piece of shit, and lumbering around inside of the body of Micheal Graves has made me comfortable with that fact. But just like I told Marf, that’s what the 24/7 Hallway is all about. This is where the scum of the XWF reigns supreme.

Graves holds up the freestyle title, with a picture of Gator crudely glued on its surface.

I said before that I would use this belt to honor the man, the myth, the legend that is Gator by issuing a challenge in the new, totally unofficial, probably illegal, Gatorweight division.

So here’s the dealio, I'm calling out some of the best trash talkers in the XWF today to see who has what it takes to get this belt off of my fluid waist. You get five hundred words, spread it out to whomever you like but do NOT use the words: voting, polls, or anything alluding to the fact that the winner will be selected by the XWF community. It's just a bad idea. Sound good? Good.

Five hundred words, starting now:

Marf- I'm starting out with you, baby-dick. You showed me something the other night. In spite of being an opinionless fanboi for your kliq, you took some blows and swung back hard. I appreciate that type of dedication. Why in the fuck you don't go hard like that prior to yer' actual matches is a mystery, but whatever. You've got the stuff, and you've got the smell that proves you belong down here in the gutters. Seriously, there's nothing wrong with an occasional shower. Now, will you match up with these other heartless pricks I'm challenging? That remains to be seen, but if you'll just shoot from the hip and pull yer' head out yer' friends' asses, I think it's the toilet-rim the limit for ya!

Bobby fucking Bourbon- I could have easily challenged TK in this spot because it's goddamn obvious that you've taught the guy well in the trash talk department. But something tells me he's too proud to wear a spinner belt, even with a fucking legend's face donning its surface. But you? I've known you a long time, and yer' just the piece of shit who thrives at running yer' mouth. Yer' one of the best ever. Even if the trash talk is so systematic and textbook that you literally invented a seminar to teach it, thus devoiding the art of it's needed jene-sais-quoi element and turning OUR sideshow into a fucking parody. Trash talk doesn't belong in academia. It belongs here with the bloody knuckles, Indian burns, swirlies, and wedgies. So bring it on, big boy. Remember who the fuck you are and come make Dolly Waters yer' verbal bitch.

Jim Caedus- Fuck what anyone says, Jim. You've got the words that move mountains... of homeless people into a state of dumpster diving for change so they can buy some meth to keep up with what you say. You've always been, in my opinion, the best at gutting people open in limerick, but sometimes yer' a little too good ya' know? Hyper-focused like you've been taking colonic injections of liquid speed. My friend, I'm challenging you because I know you've got the shit, and it's time you introduce some of these rookie-fucks to what a true verbal slaying looks like. But I'm asking you to go back to the old Jim Caedus, the killer, no-holds-barred motherfucker you were before you let Main and Drew soften you up.

Mini Morbid- You little bean burrito bitch. Look what you've become. A sideshow act in a pretend wrestling organization. At least you used to be just a side-show act in the Feder Halls, which yes, IS an upgrade from the bWo in every way imaginable. People today would never know the way yer' little ass used to thump dumb pricks over the head who thought they were getting an easy pass- why? Because you too have gone soft. Pathetic. Lets hear what you've got these days.

Whoever else- I'll leave wildcard spot open. Here's an obligatory: FUCK YOU!

[Image: Gravy-Waters.png]

[Image: T44NOvt.gif]
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