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Time to reclaim my champinship throne
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Jim "the Jim" Jimson Offline
The man, the myth, the legend, the pin

XWF FanBase:
Not Over

(the perfect heel; hated even by the fans who usually cheer heels; pisses off internet fans too)

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07-31-2020 01:15 AM

Jim Jimson rolls up to a random tree with a bunch of pinecones under it, he starts grabbing a bunch of pinecones from under a tree and throwing them to a large Catalan man.

Jim Jimson: PASSADOR! Big D was right! There was a bunch of pinecone under this tree!

Passador: How did you find where the pinecones were if all Big D said was that he saw some pinecones under a tree?

Jim "the Jim" Jimson: You think I'd let a pile of pinecones go to waste?

Passador: Yeah, I should know that after you stole that giant penis-shaped pinecone statue from our old rival college

Jim "the Jim" Jimson (Jim): Ha! If you thought that was huge you should have seen my uncle's massive, throbbin-


??: Hey! I know him.. that's Jim Jimson

??: Oh yeah... I recognise him now..

Jim Jimson looks over and sees 3 kids, holding pinecones. These are the kids Big D was talking about

Allegedly named Jim "the Jim" Jimson (Jim): Oh, well... If you know who I am, will you let me take these pinecones for the great dolphin war

Kid 1: No,1You suck.

Allegedly named Jim " 'Simply Jim' the Jim" Jimson (Jim): HEY! I won last week

Kid 2: You beat Liam Roberts

Allegedly named Jim " 'Simply Jim' the Jim 'A verified Jimson' " Jimson (Jim): I beat you all couldn't beat him you rats!

Kid 2: My fart could beat Liam Roberts

Maybe Allegedly named Jim " 'Simply Jim' the Jim 'A verified Jimson' " Jimson (Jim): You really you think, I'm a weakling, well your about to learn that you messed with the wrong flipping Jimson, Passador beat these little kids asses up!

Passador: I maybe forever in debt to you, but I'm not going to beat up a bunch of kids

Maybe Allegedly named Jim " 'Simply Jim' the Jim 'A verified Jimson' " Jimson (Jim) Warning: possibly a dolphin fucker: Fine! I'll do it myself, who wants to go first

Jim starts to throw punches in the air at the direction of the children

2 punches later

Jim falls to the ground out of extreme exhaustion

Maybe Allegedly named Jim " 'Simply Jim' the Jim 'A verified Jimson' " Jimson (Jim) Warning: possibly, probably a dolphin fucker : You win this time you little rats, but I'll get you next time!

Kid 2: It's been like 2 seconds

The kids walk away and take the pinecones away from Jim

Kid 1:[color=#708090 I think we need a new hiding spot [/color]

Maybe possibly Allegedly named2Jim " 'Simply Jim' the Jim 'A verified Jimson' " Jimson (Jim) Warning: possibly, probably not a dolphin fucker : Who am I kidding, I'm a loser, I'm a nobody, you know3maybe it's time I finally hang up my boots and give-

Passador: I knocked out John Black.

Maybe possibly Allegedly named Jim " 'Simply Jim' the Jim 'A verified Jimson' " Jimson (Jim) Warning: impossibly, probably not a dolphin fucker : TIME TO WIN THE HEAVYMETALWEIGHT CHAMPINSHIP!

Passador drops John Black to the ground and crawls over to him





5x Heavymetalweight champin
1x Federweight champion

XWF record
4-9 44.4% chance of winning

Universal record
10-16 62.5% chance of winning

Fun Fact: Jim is owed 67k in xbux. PAY. UP. VINNIE

The relatives of Jim Jimson
Jimmy Jimson
Jim Johnson
James Jimson
J. Jonah Jimson
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimbo Jimson
Jackenhoffer Jiminez
Jimmy Jimmerson
Jim Jimbo
Jim Jackstiener
Jimmy Jim
Jim Jaghofferson
Jim "James 'Jim' Jimson" Jimson
Jimmy Jimbo Jimbob
Pinecone Jimson
Jimdick Jagoffboy
James Jimson
Jim Jimpin
John Jameson
Jim Jimjimjimjimjimjimjimjim
Jim Jopson
Jim Jimmy the Jim Jimmerson
Jim Jimpegmyass


You wanna see my cool new banner


Here it is
[Image: tJUYYdT.jpg]

What... you don't like it

Well I tried my best you fucking piece of shit you don't have to make fun of it you little bitch

You thought something was down here huh. Well, you must be pretty dumb. Maybe you should go check-up in the text for the pins
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