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X-treme Wrestling Federation BOARDS » XWF Live! » Looking for a FIGHT (or alliance)! Looking to insult each other (or team up)!
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Trade: Rep 4 Rep
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My wang is out

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06-29-2020 09:47 AM

"Mmmm, howdeh folks. I havent had some1 gimme a rep on the SexWF website thingy since 2013. 2013!!! Go look for yourself and you will see the last one was from Rain. Rain!

"1 person's rep is all I need and I will be up to date and belong here. Everyone Gimme some love and I will rep you back too! I need every rep. Say nice things about me in the rep comment. I want my account to look like people give a hoot about me in today's day and age, instead of looking like some forgotten shit-eating jobber. Please help me look like I belong here with you guys as one of the cool jobbers. Please make me feel loved and feared. Rep 4 Rep let's goooo! Let's swap love."

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