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Wednesday Warfare 8-1-2018
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08-01-2018 10:33 PM



From the Coliseo General Rumiñahui in Quito, Ecuador!!!

Warfare opens and the camera scans the roaring crowd in Quito, Ecuador!

The XWF Warfare World Tour is in full throttle ladies and gentlemen! We are in the Coliseo General Rumiñahui in Quito, Ecuador and we are LIVE! Luca! Tell them what we've got tonight!

Five solid matches, Pip! We have a tag team match to open the show and one to close the show!

Indeed! The Tag Team Titles will be on the line tonight as Micheal Graves and Cadryn Tiberius defend against BX3!

Plus, Finn Kuhn and Jenny Myst go at it again to MAYBE finally settle the score? Who knows.

All I do know is that we have a jam packed night ahead of----

Oh, what do we have here?

Mr. 24/7, Pipper!

As "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest begins we watch as Robert "The Omega" Main slowly rises up from the depths of the stage, his back turned to the ring as he rolls his shoulders Hart Championship over one shoulder and the 27/7 briefcase in the opposite hand. Robert turns as the music begins to rise, after the lyrics "I make them for you" hit the speakers, just as the sting hits, he raises his arms to the sky, turning around slowly to face the ring!

He then hops off the small platform and begins to walk to the ring. He stops halfway down the ramp listening to the crowd. Robert slaps a few outstretched hands of the fans along the way. Once Robert reaches the apron, he eyes the ring, smirks, then ascends the stairs to his corner and steps between the ropes exuding confidence. Robert walks across the ring asking for the microphone.

Cut the music!

Robert waits for a second leering out over the sea of fans.

Unless you've been living underneath a rock someplace, by now you know I won Leap Of Faith!

The fans roar cutting Robert off with a chant.

"You deserve it"...... CLAPS...... "You deserve it"...... CLAPS......"You deserve it"...... CLAPS...... "You deserve it"...... CLAPS......"You deserve it"...... CLAPS...... "You deserve it"...... CLAPS......"You deserve it"...... CLAPS...... "You deserve it"...... CLAPS......

The fans here in Paraguay are certainly showing their respect towards the Omega!

Hart Champion! Winner of the 24/7 briefcase! Future Universal Champion, Pip! The fans can sense it!

Robert smiles nodding along with the rabid fans.

Thank you!

He points to the fans patting his heart.

This case in my hand ensures I become Universal Champion! It's been a long time coming and now that time has finally arrived. But before I get into all of that I need to give some thanks. Graves, I want to thank you personally. What you did at Leap Of Faith will not be forgotten, my friend!

Robert takes a brief pause.

This case isn't just about me. This case is for the Drew Archyle's who is laying in a coma right now! This is for a fallen comrade in Jim Caedus. This is for all of those who said I could never amount to anything. Look at me now!

The fans scream.

This right here is for every single one of you sitting out there in those seats tonight. People who have paid their hard earned money to come and see me put on a wrestling clinic. This one's for you!

Robert ascends the turnbuckle raising the briefcase high into the air pointing out at the arena filled with fans.

Now on to business! Dexter Bright! Since I won this case here you have ghosted. Vanished into thin air! What's a matter CHAMP cat all a sudden got your tongue? Engy you can only conceal yourself for so long, you can only hide in the shadows for so long until you have to come out and defend that belt! If you want to play this game of chess fine I'll play! I'm good at hide and seek.

I'll eventually find you Engineer and when I do, your reign as champion will come to a halt and the reign of "The Omega" will begin. I'll take that Universal Championship and never look back. They will step up, I'll knock them down one by one until there isn't anyone left to knock down. Just like the Hart I'll take the Universal into unchartered waters. I'm not here to just become the Universal Champion! That right there is for amateurs. Kids games!

I'm here to make a statement. By now everyone knows I'm nobodies stepping stone! I'm here to take that brass ring and put it in my back pocket and become something no one else in the company has ever been! The greatest of all time. Mark my words, I always do what I set out to do. Engy at the end of the day you can hide under your bed or where ever you'd like. The fact of the matter is this, my reign starts with you! So enjoy these final days as champion. Once I pull the trigger and I will. I'll assassinate your career on the spot.

Robert winks to the camera slamming the microphone into the canvas.

Robert Main set Warfare on fire right from the get-go, fans!

The hunt is on, Pip! The Engineer had better watch his back!

Indeed! Engy is in a spot that ANY Universal Champion would be troubled with. He had better grows eyes in the back of his head!

Broken Oswald & Kim Anderson
- vs -
"The Perfect Storm"
(Rain & Snow)

The following contest is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Rain and Snow, The Perfect Storm!!!

Dead Sara's "Weatherman" blasts through the speakers, as the fans are split between cheering and booing, most of the cheers aimed at Snow. The brother/sister duo roll on out through the curtains on a Harley motorcycle, Snow at the helm. Rain is wearing a denim vest, over a black tee reading "BELIEVE" in hot pink gem stones. He wears a pair of lime green shades with pink lenses; a black collar with alternating lime and pink spikes. His hair is the typical emo/scene style, stretching upward, soaked with pink and green dye. He wears a pair of shredded jeans underneath a bedazzled skirt, accented by a shimmering belt, a diamond skull buckle topping it off. He also wears a pair of expensive black boots, and a pair of spiked gloves.

Meanwhile, Snow is wearing a pair of dusty khaki shorts, a dingy tee with a "Duff Beer" logo, a pair of dirty brown work boots, her hair tied to the side in an unwashed ponytail... she wears a pair of spiked bracelets, and a pair of dog tags around her throat that she took from her greatest rival, Makayla Cooper, aka Violet-- The psychotic, schizophrenic champion of Ladies All-Star Wrestling. The two had great respect for one another, and Sarah kept this tag to always remember their war. Rain and Snow reach the ring, and they step off the cycle, before entering the ring. Both of them take to opposite turnbuckle, Snow lifting the horns, while Rain blows kisses out to the fans, as well as heart signs with his hands... Sarah dishes out a few Stone Cold salutes [middle fingers] to the packed house, as the duo prepare for battle.

And their opponents, the team of Broken Oswald and Kimberly Anderson!!!

Moonlight Sonata plays and Alysia is on the stage off to the side, near the rampway, with the audio system connected so her playing could be heard. As the song hits its first more frantic notes, Oswald walks out from the back, arms out wide, as the crowd begins to chant "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" and he moves his arms, swaying to the music. He makes his way to his wife, giving her a kiss as she plays, before making his way to the ring, swiping his right hand across the air in a horizontal fashion, joining the crowd in their chants. He then jumps up to the apron, and moves through the middle of the ropes, resuming the cutting of the air and chanting with the crowd. Finally he waits for the match to begin, and during that time, he takes off his Hellraiser Warrior's cassock.

Apparently Kim Anderson was behind Oswald the whole time but no one saw her.

As the match starts, Broken Oswald begins circling Rain, while looking over locking eyes on Snow every couple paces. Rain looks back at Snow laughing as Snow let’s out a growl before Rain rushes toward Broken Oswald with a clothesline. Broken Oswald ducks it and as he’s about to attempt to spring off the other side of the ropes, but realizes he’s dangerously close to Snow. He stops short and the two stare at each other for a moment asSnow smiles and taunts him to bring it. Broken Oswald spins around and is leveled with a second clothesline attempt from Rain, dropping him to the ring mat. Rain lifts his leg into the air and stomps it across Broken Oswald’s chests, causing Broken Oswald to roll around on the canvas in pain.

”I think Broken Oswald is a little too distracted by Snow.”

”Of course he’s distracted you idiot, one of his opponent’s a fucking Dyke!”

Rain reaches down to lift Broken Oswald to his feet, but as he does, Broken Oswald fires an elbow directly into Rain’s stomach. He springs off the ropes opposite of Snow and comes back toward Rain, jumping into the air and hitting a drop kick directly in the stomach. Rain stumbles back and stops himself from falling by leaning back against the ring ropes. As Rain pushes himself from the ropes and comes forward, Broken Oswald hits a right hand directly into Rain’s throat. As Rain holds his throat trying to catch some wind, Broken Oswald hits the ropes again and comes back, hopping into the air and rolling over Rain sending him down with a sunset-flip. Oswald reaches down and quickly picks Rain up by his throat.....THE DELETION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the pin




Winners - Broken Oswald and Kim Anderson

Cate Indigo
- vs -
Jessalyn Hart

Cate walks slowly and purposefully like a monk or nun deep in prayer, and as such a sheer indigo veil covers her head and body, trailing behind her The music and crowd are insignificant to her. In some occasions Cate will cover herself head to toe in an Indigo powder.

The words [b]NEVER...BE...SILENT!!! appear on the screen as the song starts. Lights go out Strobe lights at the top of the ramp illuminate the silhouette of Jessalyn. The lights come on to her facing the facing the ring. She runs down the ramp, slides into the ring. Climbs the turnbuckle with arms stretched out.

The ref checks both women to make sure they aren't carrying weapons, and after the check, he calls for the bell to start the match!

The two women began to circle the ring, one looking for ways to pin down the other, to keep her offense to the ground, put the high flyer on the defensive. The other wondering how she can try and add her high flying into the mix. She knew she could end up being brought to the ground. The Technical Cate watched carefully, while Jessalyn decided to rush in, but she performed a hit and run by kicking straight to the hamstring of Cate. Cate tried to grab her, but Jessalyn was faster, able to avoid being grabbed right away. Hart dancing around Cate, but as Jessalyn went in for another kick trying to soften up Cate to try and weaken her ability to stand for either her powerbomb or to stand for the inverted STF, Cate moved to sweep the other leg of Hart, while grabbing her kickin' leg. Once on her leg, Cate moved with the leg now in the air, as she maneuvered herself to stand above Jessalyn's leg. She yanked hard, pulling the leg in a way it shouldn't, causing the muscles and tendons in Hart's leg to begin to burn and ache from the yanking. She began to writhe in pain, grabbing her leg. Cate, however, didn't let her have time to recover, as she began to stomp on Jessalyn's now hurting leg, trying to keep the woman from using any of her high flying offense. As Hart went to grab at her leg, hoping to keep herself from being hurt, is when Cate took advantage by putting Jessalyn in the Stump Puller, yanking on the bad leg.

The ref looked to Jessalyn, asking her if she wanted to submit. However, Hart endured the pain, as she used her good leg to kick hard into the mat to push herself backwards and using the momentum of Cate holding her leg, to roll until she is on top of Cate, putting the woman in a pinning predicament and the ref slides in for the count!


Cate released the hold while kicking out. Hart took her chance to escape to the outside, hobbling around outside the ring as she rubbed her muscles in her leg, trying to get them back into working condition after minutes of being attacked, after being pulled in ways it shouldn't be pulled. Cate saw what Jessalyn was doing, and slid out of the ring, rushing after her, only for Hart to use the ropes to her advantage by yanking up on them, and using her good leg to be used to replace an arm in order to clothesline the rushing Cate.

With Cate down on her back, Jessalyn yanked herself up to the top rope and used it in order to perform a moonsault stomp onto Cate's midsection! The crowd going wild, while both women writhe in pain, though for Jessalyn it is her rubbing her stomach, while Hart rubbed at her bad leg. The ref began to count them both!





Both women began to stir, trying to get to their feet. Hart using the barricade, Cate using the mat apron.




Both women leaped into the ring, sliding under the bottom rope, breaking the ref's count. Hart got to her feet first, favoring her bad leg, but you wouldn't know as she ran into the ropes, bouncing off them as Cate was getting to her knees, only to be met by a shining wizard performing Jessalyn! Hart pulls Cate from the ropes and hooking her right leg as the ref begins to count!



Cate had moved her left leg and it was now on top of the bottom rope, and the ref saw, as he breaks the count and informs Hart of the rope break. Jessalyn sighs, and as she went to grab Cate, the technician grabbed the left arm, wrapped her legs around Hart's torso, and put her into the Kimura Lock! Jessalyn goes for the ropes, only for Cate to roll with Hart away from the ropes, until they're in the middle of the ring, with Jessalyn screaming in agony, and Cate continuing to apply pressure to the left arm, as if trying to break it with only one thing she can do, and begin to headbutt Cate time after time after time, trying to damage Cate so she can release the hold, only for the woman to continue to put pressure on Jessalyn's arm, contorting it in such a way it looks like it's mere seconds from breaking the woman's arm!

Could this be it?[

.... Hard to say, Luca...

Hart is fighting it, trying to somehow break free of the hold but instead reverses course and grabs a hold of the ropes forcing a break. The ref forces the two apart and as Cate Indigo jaws with the ref Hart sneaks in behind her and rolls her up




Winner - Jessalyn Hart

Warfare cuts to the back where Jenny is standing in front of Chris and Nazi in the back. She slaps Chris just as the camera cuts to her.

"YOU are the weak link! I am beginning to think that it is YOU! This isn't how it was supposed to go down! I did my part, I beat were supposed to win the briefcase! YOU are supposed to be the one to cash in on Engy and be the next Universal Champion!"

She slaps him again.

"AND YOU!" She looks at Nazi. He looks at her with cold eyes.

"You were supposed to keep your belt and not lose it to some frat boy with limp wrists and stupid catch phrases! WE are supposed to be taken seriously!"

Jenny looks clearly flustered.

"Two weeks ago we held most of the gold in this company! Now what do we have?! Now we have to EARN out respect. Since we don't have gold to fall back on, we have to make people fear us......."

She turns away from Nazi and slaps Chris again. He bites his lip, quivering with anger but doesn't say anything.

"Now...I have a match with Finn. Let me show you two what a VICTORY looks like. Try not to fuck this up....."

She storms out and slams the door.

Nazi looks at Chris.

"She always like this?"

Chris sighs.

"You have no idea."

Nazi get up and shakes his head with a little chuckle, patting Chris on the back as he walks out of the room.

The lights go out in the arena and suddenly a video plays on the screen.

Uh oh?

What's this?

The fans start erupting in cheers as the lights come back on and we see Barney Green standing in the middle of the ring, dressed in a black and gold sports jersey that says "Green 68" on the back with the Bruins logo on the front and black shorts with a gold stripe going down the sides and no shoes.

Holy shit! It's Barney Green!

Green has a mic in his hands and goes to speak as the music fades.

Barney: Its been awhile, XWF. You see, I thought I was done after Jim Caedus. I thought I would sail off into the sunset and enjoy my retirement. I am 34 years old and broken down with a bad right knee but certain people in management thought they could just badmouth the old school era of the XWF and thought I wouldn't notice it on Twitter.

Green pauses for a moment as the fans are just sitting there in silence.

Barney: I may be just the fat kid from high school who got to live the dream. I have wrestled against the likes of Chris Chaos, Jim Caedus, James Raven and even the good Doctor himself. I may not have always won every match I have been in. I am probably at a deficit that most people would find embarrassing but Vinnie Lane, You ran your mouth. You gotta pay for that. I know you are retired as the owner of the company which is bullshit in my opinion. I guess I will just start taking what I feel is mine.

Green drops the microphone as his music starts to play again and he heads backstage.

Finn Kuhn
- vs -
Jenny Myst
Falls count anywhere!

Will they finally settle the score?

Here we go! This is a match that has been brewing for a long time, these two hate each other!

This next match is set for one fall with the stipulation of Falls Count Anywhere......Introducing first, from Frankfurt, Germany, but residing in New York City....Finn Kuhn!!

As the heavy riffs of No Resolve's Kill Us echo their way through the arena, the fans begin to litter the stage and arena with boos as they know who's coming out. As the main riff starts to play, Finn Kühn makes his way out from the back in a long, black jacket, and his head bowed and in a hood, walking slowly towards the ring, allowing all the noise from the fans to go in one ear, and out the other.

As the lyrics began playing, Finn removes his hood, looking ready, determined, and walks to the ring with purpose. Once in the ring, he poses on the turnbuckles as fans continue to boo the Kaiser. After a few seconds, he hops down, and waits for the match to begin.

Just then, the lights go dim in the arena. The crowd begins to sound off as pink smoke encompases the entrance way and white stropes illuminate it. Jenny's face comes up on the X-Tron with a smile and a laugh, then the arena goes black again.

"FOLLOW ME" comes up on the screen in blue stays on the screen until it melts in pink letters, reading "PERFECTION". After about 5 seconds, in half blue and half pink letters, "POWER" comes up on the X-Tron as Aramanthe's drums and guitar riff begin. At the 10 second mark, Chris and Jenny step through the smoke at the rampway. Jenny bends and twists, blowing a kiss (WWE Maria) and Chris stands behind her, throwing up an X with his arms (symbolizing him killing AX3). Nazi steps out from behind then, and saluts the Nazi SS salut before joining them in line. When the pose is finished, Chris twirls her around, bends her back, they kiss, then walk to the ring. When they get to the ring he holds the ropes open for and she enters slowly, Velvet Sky style with a step through and a little ass shake. Nazi and Chris then post up on either side of the ring as Finn looks around at them nervously.

Still my favorite entrance in this company!

You just like to see a little ass shake!

What man doesn't. And who are you to be saying anything about little? Chicken Nugget.

Ding Ding Ding

Finn and Jenny stare at each other for a minute. Finn is a bit nervous, clearly, about a possible interference from the other Empire members at ring side. Chaos gets up on the apron and he turns to look at him. The split second he takes to look at Chaos, Jenny rolls him up in a small package pin. She puts her feet on the ropes!



3---Finn kicks out of it at the last moment.

Jenny tried to steal one there! This damn Empire...they've got Finn all out of sorts!

Finn was born out of sorts.

Jenny motions to her head, as if saying "I out smarted you". Finn shakes his head then grins. He turns and uses the ropes to jump over the ropes, cross body landing on Chaos and Nazi on the outside! All three men are down. Finn continues to hammer away at Chaos, despite being woozy.

This tension is still thick as ever! These two have unfinished business and Finn isn't gonna stand for a screw job here!

Jenny, agitated now, slides out of the ring an grabs Finn. "ME! FOCUS ON ME!" she says, yelling as she whips him by the arm, back first into the steps.

"GET UP!" she yells at Chris before crouching down. She runs and hits a SHINING WIZARD into the steps! Finns head crashes against the steel steps.

My god....

The ref's count is at 7. She slides into the ring and Nazi picks up a limp Finn and slides him into the ring. Jenny covers.



Finn kicks out at 3!

Jenny slaps the mat, pissed off and yelling at the ref, who just so happens to be John Bihl, that it was a three count. "ARE YOU BLIND?!" she yells. "COUNT TO THREE!"

Jenny picks up Finn and locks him into position for a DDT, but he uses his strength and powers out of it, flipping Jenny over his back and onto hers.

Oh look, her favorite position.

Finn, getting his bearings, turns around and Jenny uses her legs to spring board him onto his back. She jumps up and he is up quick, too, and runs at him. He ducks and she flies off the ropes with a cross body. Finn catches her and lifts her over his shoudlder for a slam, but she uses her agility to slide behind and shove him forward. He grabs the ropes to catch himself, but Chaos, who is on the outside, slaps him. Bihl doesn't see this as he is attending to Jenny, who is reaching into her bra for her trusty spray. Finn stumbles back and Jenny pulls her hand out quick and brings her leg around for a chick kick to the side of Finn's head. He stumbles back and Jenny knees him in the gut. She signals to the crowd and locks his head, running and jumping off the ropes, spinning into a Stratusfaction style bulldog.


Jenny hit gold digger! Diving way back into the bag of tricks for that one! Finn is out!

Jenny covers.




As much as I hate to say it, another dominating win for Miss Myst!

She is establishing herself as the alpha female here, and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it! Hey, some guys are into that!

Here is your winner, Jenny Myst!

Winner: Jenny Myst

Finn is beginning to stir and Chaos is in the ring now, crouched in the corner.

No, damnit! No! This damn Chaos and this Damn Empire! He's gonna break Finn in half here!

That is the plan, stan!

Finn gets up and Chaos levels him with a spear!!!!!!! The crowd reacts with an "oooohhhh" as Finn is out flat. Jenny is outside the ring and grabs a spray can from under the announce table. She rolls into the ring. She tosses it to Nazi.

Chris and Jenny hold his arms as Nazi spray-paints EMPIRE across Finn's back!

Another victim! Empire is marking their territory! Someone needs to stop them!

Why don't you go do it, big mouth?

The three of them stand in the ring with their arms raised as the medical staff races out and Warfare cuts to the back.

- vs -
Azrael Erebus
- vs -
Joachim Bright
Triple threat!

The following contest is a Triple Threat Match and is scheduled for one fall!

I've been looking foward to this one, Luca!

Pip, you say that about every match. C'mon! Am I the only UNbiased commentator in this place?

I suppose I do get excited for quite a few matches, but that's because the XWF is the place where the action never stops!

So damn cheesy.

A Perfect Circle's "The Doomed" rings from the speakers as smoke fills the entrance ramp. One by one, the lights begin to switch off at the command of the drums, slowly engulfing the arena in darkness. Once the drums take a brief reprieve, a lone back light shines on the entryway, revealing a silhouette of a man wielding two daggers. When the percussion returns, All the lights illuminate the building once more, revealing JACK staring straight at the ring.

He walks to the ring slowly and unafraid, keeping his unwrapped eye facing forward all the while.

Introducing first! Weighing 164 pounds..... JACK!

That dude is freaky lookin'.

A strange individual, indeed. JACK recently made his return to the Xtreme Wrestling Federation after an extended leave of absence. I'm glad to see him back!

Not once does he face the audience, some of whom offer and immediately retract their hands. He rolls through the bottom rope and heads towards his respective corner, waiting patiently for the bell to ring.

And here comes the spaceman....

And his opponent.... From Moonspire.... Azrael Erebus!

Azrael also recently made his return to the XWF and has had a series of matches including Doctor D'Ville and winning the XWF Bombshell Championship!

The music comes to life within the speakers, Azrael appears and walks to the ring confidently, with a dead set, determined look in his eyes. Eyes that smolder with a touch of fire.

And their opponent... Joachim Bright!

The son of the Universal Champion, Dexter Bright, better known as the Engineer.

Definitely a different style, Pip. Engy usually gives me the creeps when I watch him stalk his opponents, I don't typically get the same feeling from Joachim.

You get different feelings?

Yeah. Wait, what?

As the opening instrumental to "Words as Weapons" by Seether kicks in, Joachim appears at the top of the ramp. His entrance has little in the way of frills, but he'll clap hands with people who reach out to him. He'll climb up the ring steps and vault over the top rope, rolling to his feet and backing into a corner where he sits on the top turnbuckle while waiting for the match to start.

The three men stay in their designated corners as the bell rings. Jack sits with his legs crossed over one another on the top turnbuckle. Azrael appears to be levatating, hovering up and down ever so slightly, just a couple of inches off the mat. Joachim leans calmly with his back to the turnbuckle.

You feel that tension, Collins?

I do.

In a flash the spaceman zips across the ring and attempts a flying kick at Jack. Just as quickly, Jack jumps into the air and dodges and grabs ahold of Azrael and throws him to the mat. Joachim remains in his corner as Jack lands between him and Azrael.

Jack stands in the center of the ring facing Joachim as Azrael gets to his feet behind him. Joachim steps forward, Azrael rushes Jack who again evades the attack. Azrael flies past Jack towards Joachim, who was ready for him! Joachim leaped into the air and grabbed Azrael around the head with his feet and spun taking the spaceman for a ride out of the ring with a head scissors!

Jack goes right after Joachim as he stands up and attaches a Dragon Sleeper hold! He presses Joachim back against his knee, then slams him down with an inverted DDT! Azrael didn't spend long on the outside and jumped from the floor up to to the apron before stepping into the ring. Jack sees the spaceman as he continues to work on Joachim with an armbar. He releases it and attempts a super kick to the chin of Azrael as he approached! Azrael ducked and took a couple of steps into the ropes and came back with a flying clothesline! Jack hits the mat and Azrael rolls through and back to his feet in time to catch Joachim standing up. Before Joachim coule lift his head up, Azrael caught him with a running one-handed bulldog!

The spaceman is the only one standing here! What a performance!

Not for long, though, Pip!

Jack is relentless and is back to his feet. He is behind the spaceman who doesn't appear to notice. At the last moment, Azrael turns around and catches a kick from Jack that was gunning for his gut. Jack attempts an Enziguri, but fails and falls to his stomach. Azrael flips him around and picks up both legs and applies a very steep Boston Crab! Better yet, the Walls of Jericho! Jack's face is pressed hard against the mat as Azrael pulls hard placing all of the pressure on Jack's neck. The official stays close to Jack, asking him over and over again if he quits.

Azrael with the submission! Jack is in a tough place right now!

Jack doesn't seem like the type of guy that would tap out....

As Jack continues to try and fight back, Azrael keeps the pressure on. He looks around for his other opponent and starts shifting the move around to get full-sight of the ring.... Which lined him up perfectly for a Shining Wizard from Joachim! The move laid out Azrael and nearly broke Jack in half because Az didn't let go of the move immediately after getting kicked in the face. He took some of that move with him to his back.

Jack, after being folded in-half, rolled towards the edge of the ring and just dropped off to the floor. Azrael looks out in the ring and Joachim is heading to the top rope at a very fast pace. He only looks down at the spaceman for a moment before leaping off!

Ode to Joy![/red]

Nailed it!

Joachim pulls the leg for the pin!




[white]Phew! That was a close one there! Azrael Erebus with the resiliancy!

Joachim wastes no time and pulls Azrael back to his feet. He throws the spaceman into the corner and attacks with a couple of kicks to the midsection and chops to keep Az stunned. Joachim lifts Azrael up onto the turnbuckle and sits him there and follows him up.

Oh man, what are we going to see here?

Joachim stands on the very top turnbuckle looking for a hurracanrana, but Jack is back on the apron and grabs Joachim by the ankle. He starts climbing up the turnbuckle too, but is fought off and thrown to the mat by Joachim. Jack's resiliancy still shows as he struggles but manages to get to his feet and goes after him again. Joachim, again, fights him off, but nearly gets taken down. Jack manages to get to the second turnbuckle and that's when Azrael revives and grabs him by the throat. He throws him across the ring with super-human strength and Jack crashes into the opposite turnbuckle. Joachim sees the small window of opportunity and jumps, hooks his legs around Azrael's head, and tries pulling him down! Azrael counters by powerbombing (throwing) Joachim across the ring, as well, and falling in the center of the ring. Azrael levatates up to the very top and calculates his flight. He leaps into the air....

Here comes When Worlds Collide!

Azrael flies through the air and is going to hit Joachim square in the center of the ring.....

When he's just about to hit, Jack nails him with drop kick to the face! .... Which sent Az flying backwards across the ring! Jack goes after the downed Joachim and picks him up on his shoulders looking for Die Another Day... Joachim throws a couple of elbows to the side of Jack's head sending him stumbling around... He faces the corner where Azrael is back to his feet waiting for him..... Az zips across the ring at light speed and hits a direct spear on Jack!

Jack drops Joachim, who somehow lands on his feet. Jack is planted and Azrael pulls the leg for the pin!



Joachim breaks up the pin!

Another close fall!

Joachim kicks Azrael in the side of the head again, as he did when breaking up the pinfall. The spaceman fights back with a couple of fists and kicks of his own, and they battle back and forth across the ring. Az eventaully gets the upper-hand and maanges to send Joachim flying backwards over the top rope to the outside following a backflip kick!

The spaceman heads back to Jack, lifts him to his feet and spikes him down hard with a DDT near the center of the ring! He does a flip in the air and lands on the top turnbuckle!

Wow! What a fuckin' ninja!

Azrael looks to attempt When Worlds Collide on Jack now, but Joachim is back! He climbs the turnbuckle quickly up to Az and pulled him off in a version of a Fireman's carry! Az landed to the outside and Joachim stole his perch! He looks down at Jack and flies across the ring towards him!

There it is! WOW!! Double moonsault! This kid's incredible!

The Lightbringer! Hit the road, Jack!

You've been waiting the whole match to say that, haven't you?


Joachim lands the move and pulls the leg tight!




Winner - Joachim Bright



Micheal Graves & Cadryn Tiberius
- vs -
Bilbo Blumpkinz & Sebasstian Dyke (w/ Ghost Tank)
Special guest referee - CRIMSON DONG!

A thick fog rolls onto the entrance ramp as the opening riff of Unholy blares throughout the arena. Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes the stage and in the flash Micheal Graves appears seemingly out of thin air. Graves walks down the the ring to a mixed reaction. At the bottom of the ramp he takes a running start and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. Graves stands up and raises his arms out to his sides like a cross. He slowly lifts his head up, looking to the sky as the lights fade in.

First, representing the team in the corner to my right, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Dark Waaaaaarioooooor, MIIIIIIICHEAAAAAL GRAAAAAAAAVES!!

...And his partner, hailing from Morgantown, West Virginia, CADRYN.



The XWF Universe chants Tiberius's name in unison with Tig. The overhead lights in the arena go dim as strobe lights begin to flash in rhythm to the sound of thunder crashing in the distance. The crowd goes wild as the fog rolls thickly from the top of the ramp as Cadryn Tiberius slowly makes his way out of the back. He stands tall in the midst of the fog as a storm rumbles behind him. Cadryn begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on the way down. Cadryn climbs the apron and enters the ring, pausing for a moment in the middle before tossing his white Stetson cowboy hat into the crowd.

Both Cadryn and Graves stand beside each other, looking up the ramp.

And their opponents, being accompantied to the ring by Ghost Tank, BEE ECKS THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Cadryn and Graves continue to look up the ramp, but suddenly, we hear the rev of a motorcycle engine elsewhere in the arena! Up at the top of a set of stairs that lead into the seats! It's BX3! Sebastian Dyke is riding on the bike itself, with Ghost Tank in the side car and Bilbo's wheelchair duct taped to the other side! Sebastian revs the engine again as he takes off down the stairs. Ghost Tank's sidecar and Bilbo's wheelchair snap off when Sebastian drives down some concrete stairs on a motorcycle inside an arena. Sebastian's byke hits a step the wrong way, and Dyke careens down about forty more steps and lands in a heap on the arena floor itself. Security clear the way as medics attend to Dyke. Ghost Tank has climbed out of his side car and is now trying to get Bilbo down the stairs. Bilbo is up to his neck in a burlap sack and is screaming profusely, wiggling like mad. Bilbo knocks the chair over, and breaks it. Ghost Tank picks up Bilbo and carries him in the burlap sack down the stairs like he was groceries. The medics are looking at Sebastian Dyke, who says he's thirsty. They hand him a big bottle of chocolate milk! Dyke reaches into his pocket and pulls out a can of tuna, and with the last of his strength, cracks the can of tuna open in his gloved palm after suffering what appears to be a dislocated everything. He mixes the canned tuna and chocolate milk in his mouth! He's up and he's okay, having swallowed tuna and chocolate milk, eating that shit like it was groceries. Dyke steps over the guardrail, one leg at a time, all giant like, and so does Ghost Tank, but Ghost Tank slips in some tuna oil and spilled chocolate milk, and winds up lobbing Bilbo into the ring with both Tiberius and Graves! Bilbo howls madly on the mat!

BX3 Making a big, big entrance here tonight, Luca!

Dyke points to the ring, then remembers his motorcycle! He turns around, steps back over the barricade, one leg at a time, all giant like, and hustles over to his motorcycle! He sets it upright and gets on, revving the engine again! He peels out, and crashes his motorcycle a second time, this time into the barricade ringside. Barricade goes flying everywhere. The motorcycle sweves and hits the ground sideways as Dyke slides across the arena floor again, right in front of the announce table. He gets up, climbs up onto the apron, steps over the top rope, one leg at a time, all giant like, and raises his arms in the air as Bilbo howls on the floor, Limp Bizkit still blaring throughout the arena. Ghost Tank steps up to the apron and slaps it. Limp Bizkit finally subsides.

And tonight's special guest referee, hailing from Need dat puss. Farming and wanking and needing dat pussing. Fuck yo fancy iphones and your droids. Screw yoyur tablets and your toilet paper. Who needs any of that trash anywho...

Tig looks at the card she's reading and up at the camera and doesn't understand.


Crimson Dong gets to the ring. He's wearing a referee shirt. That's it.

The following match is scheduled for...


...and is for the XWF Tag Team Championships!

Dong calls for the bell as we start with Dyke and Tiberius in the ring! Dyke and Tiberius tie up! No, Dyke rolled through, and is looking back at Tiberius, tapping his head! He then stands up, runs to the the corner, kicks off the bottom rope, turns around midair and lands on both feet. Facing Tiberius, Dyke slaps his left shoulder with his right hand, then his right shoulder with his left hand! Dyke looks at Tiberius and beckons for him to bring it on! Tiberius walks over and they go to tie up! Dyke rolls through again, and stands! Dyke looks at Tiberius and rotates his arms in small circles very quickly while sticking his tongue out and hopping on one foot. Tiberius does the Flair strut, walking towards his partner, the Dark Warrior!

Both men getting a feel for one another here in the early moments of the match!

Both the legal men in the match square up. Dyke and Tiberius go to tie up, and Tiberius slips in a thumb to the eyes! Dyke staggers back, holding his right eye! Crimson Dong steps in and gives Tiberius a warning, letting him know he won't allow that in this match! Crimson Dong's penis brushes Tiberius slightly as he does, not in a homoerotic kind of way either. Dong checks on Dyke, and Dyke nods, letting him know he's okay. Both men go to tie up again, and this time Dyke throws a thumb to the eye! Tiberius staggers away as Crimson Dong steps in and gives Dyke the warning this time, then checking on Tiberius. Both men go to lock up again, and both men throw stereo thumbs to the eye on each other. Both men stagger backward as Dong yells at both men. Dong walks to the timekeeper and tells him to remove a point from each team!

This is absolutely ludicrous.

This is Warfare, Luca!

Dyke and Tiberius face each other again, ready to tie up. Before they do, Dyke marches in a circle around the ring pointing at all the crowd! He then spins and looks at Tiberius, and gives him a thumbs down! Tiberius runs at a turnbuckle, flips off of it, and lands doing the superhero landing pose facing Dyke. Dyke cracks his knuckles! Tiberius cracks his neck! Dyke draws his thumb across his neck like he's going to decapitate someone! Tiberius goes to a knee and sticks his arms out waving on the fans! Dyke does a sweet break dancing move! Ghost Tank is pleased with what he sees! He's sliding his hand down his own pants and masturbating at the sight of it, leering side to side at the XWF Universe!

GT's masturbating, Luca! He's masturbating on live television!

Both Dyke and Tiberius tag in their partners! Dyke picks Bilbo up in his burlap sack and chucks him into the ring! Graves with a pin as Bilbo lands!



Bilbo slides a shoulder up somehow and stops the count! He's yelling for someone to pull him out of his bag! Graves steps away and Dong unties the bag Bilbo was in! As he pulls the laces away, we see Bilbo is completely nude and having sex with a canteloupe! Graves laughs and points at what he sees! Bilbo throws the canteloupe at Graves, revealing a swollen member! The melon explodes, revealing there were a shit ton of scorpions inside! Semen covered scorpions crawl all over Graves! He screams in agony as he gets a scorpfacial! Dong and Bilbo make the tips kiss! Graves rolls outside, but Ghost Tank is waiting for him with a fire extinguisher! Graves gets blasted with a shot of fire extinguisher! The sperm and scorpions freeze to Graves's face! He rolls back inside and runs and jumps on Bilbo! Pinfall!




Dyke in with a diving elbow for the save! Tiberius in and cocks a fist back at Dyke! Dyke looks at Tiberius, reaches into his pocket, pulls out a single loose piece of chewing gum, unwraps it, slides it in his mouth, and chews it slowly. He puts the foily wrapper back in his pocket, then starts to do a slow clap at Tiberius as both Dyke and Tiberius step back out onto the apron. Graves starts to glow purple! Suddenly, crashing through the roof of the arena is a huge, veiny purple dragon! It snatches Bilbo up in it's mouth! Bilbo glees in exctacy, knowing he's going to get to fuck a dragon! Ghost Tank reaches in his pocket and throws some random change he had at the dragon and then hides under the ring! As the Dragon starts to soar away, Bilbo's limp foot whacks Sebastian! Crimson Dong signals that he saw the legal tag! Dyke steps over the top rope, one leg at a time, all giant like, and Graves knuckles up! Dyke points to Cadryn! The XWF Universe is going crazy!

These fans want to see Dyke and Tiberius go at it!

These fans are nuts.

Graves looks around at the crowd and goes to tag Cadryn! Every step he takes, the louder they get! Graves slaps Cadryn's hand and points at Dyke. Cadryn cautiously steps into the ring as Graves leaves. Dyke and Cadryn circle each other. Dyke spins and raises his right hand in the air, pointing at his chest with his left thumb! Cadryn does a standing backflip into a splits before appealing to the crowd! Dyke points to himself with both his thumbs then gestures like he's walking away with the belt! Cadryn points to himself with both his thumbs then gestures like he's walking away with the belt! Cadryn and Dyke step to each other, Dyke nearly a whole head taller than Cadryn. Both men shoot off the opposite ropes! They run at each other, and Dyke ducks as Cadryn hurdles him! They run off the ropes again, and on the rebound come at each other! Cadryn stops and goes for a hip toss! Dyke blocks, hops over, and goes to deliver his own hip toss! Cadryn blocks! He hops over and goes for a hip toss of his own! Dyke blocks, and pushes Cadryn away!

Neither man can get a leg up on the other!

They should stop spamming the taunt button then!

Ghost Tank crawls out from under the ring. As he does, he's splatted on the head with a huge pile of dragon shit! Then Bilbo lands on the ground next to him, covered with dragon cum! Ghost Tank doesn't know what to do, so he puts his right hand down his pants again and picks up Bilbo in his left and just tosses Bilbo into the ring! Dong attends to Bilbo, who is lying on the ground in sheer exctacy having fucked a dragon, explaining he can't be in the ring! Dong goes for the five count for Bilbo to leave!


Bilbo is still writhing on the ground, experiencing some kind of strange tantric orgasm that lasts forever!


Dyke goes to assist Bilbo, but Cadryn holds a finger up and points up the ramp at the XWF Logo on the XTron! Dyke can't help but stop and point at the sign himself!


Ghost Tank, realizing what he has done, switches his hands, using the slick, dragon and Bilbo cum covered left to masturbate with instead of his dry right!


Graves is in the corner! Bilbo rolls over and falls out of the ring, still ejaculating! Cadryn and Dyke face off against each other, and start blasting each other with rights, hockey fight style!

Dyke gets the upper hand and fights Cadryn into a different corner! Graves starts across the ring to come to his partner's aid, but Dyke Irish whips him across and straight into Graves knocking him out of the ring! Cadryn stumbles backwards and falls into the corner with the back of his head on the bottom turnbuckle!! Sebasstian licks his chops!

Oh, please, no...

Oh, please, yes!

Dyke runs across the ring and nails Cadryn with his crotch! Over and over again Bronco Buster-style!

Cadryn you got Dick All Up in Yo Grill!!

After Sebasstian grinds Cadryn into dust, he pulls him out of the corner and covers him!!!

This can't be!!



Yes, it can!!


BX3 are the Tag Team Champion!!!

Winners and NEW XWF Tag Team Champions - BX3

The crowd sits in awe as the bell rings! Graves stands up and looks to Cadryn, frustration bleeding through his eyes. He stands there for a moment, awestruck at the idea that they just dropped the titles to BX3 of all people.

Micheal Graves looks as though he’s about to boil over Luca!

Graves takes a deep breath before shaking his head in disgust.

I can't say that I blame him Pip, his team just lost to the Goon Platoon of the XWF!

Micheal doesn’t bother checking on his partner, instead opting to turn his back to the ring and casually walk up the ramp to the back, leaving Cadryn in the ring unconscious.

What a way to end the night here, folks! A title change and definitely some tension now between not only two partners, two friends!

Don't get all mushy on us now, Pip! Just say goodbye!

We are out of time fans!! Be sure to tune in next week where we will see rhe Bombshell Title and Hart Title defended!

And the return of Barney Green!!

That, too. Goodnight everybody!!

The show comes to a close with BX3 celebrating outside the ring and Cadryn Tiberius still laid out in the ring.

Thanks to all the writers and staff involved in making this show possible. Your help is appreciated as always!

Micheal Graves
Ghost Tank
Darius Xavier
Chris Chaos
Robbie Bourbon

[Image: ZPrmNMt.png]

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