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The Hunt
01-11-2018, 11:59 PM
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John had been a very busy man. First he had to deal with the vampire council. Well someone they sent, they wanted to know why there was a new master vampire in charge of Pittsburgh. That was because of him. Once he had dealt with that. A new case was slapped into his lap the next day he went to work. A werewolf was on a murder spree and now he was in town. The first murder had happen that night when John was dealing with the council. He went right to work, he gathered all the info he could get on this murder. It seem he had started in California and made his way across the country. The kills were bad, families were slaughtered. No one was left alive. John wasn't going to let this happen in his city but sadly the monster always seemed to be on step ahead of him. There were a time or two where he had almost gotten him. This case was pissing John off, the beast mocked him. Sending messages in blood from the people he killed, but one day. After a week of killing. A member of the Stone Throne clan had come to him. She was sent by the Queen of the pack. The top alpha. She wanted to have a chat with the marshal. He had a feeling what it was going to be about. So he had agreed to meet up.

Her name was Aadya. She was as tall as John himself and had long bright red hair, which she kept in a ponytail. Once John was there, they got right down to business, which was great. John didn't have time to waste, he was right about what she wanted to speak to him about. It was the damn murderous wolf. He was giving lycans a bad name. This wouldn't help them or any other clan that followed the law and kept to themselves. He needed to be dealt with. Aadya wanted to help find him so John could put an end to it. John didn't like the idea he'd be working with a pack, but he didn't h ave a choice. This son of a bitch was very good and was always just out of John's reach. John agreed with the help. It didn't take long for the pack to find him, just under an hour. He was at the mall in the food court. This was bad, the order was to kill on sight and now he was at the mall, with tons of people but this might be the only change to get this bastard. John made calls to the cops, other marshals and his boss. They set up a team, they were at the mall in twenty minutes. John was there too, geared up and ready to go. They had him in sight, they moved with lighting speed. The werewolf had smelled them coming, and was ready to strike. John saw the man transform into the beast.

His eyes widen as the wolf started taking out people left and right. He was powerful. the team opened fire on the lycan but they weren't prepared. They didn't have silver bullets in their guns. Dealing with such creatures hadn't caught on yet. Most cops and swat didn't have the money to get the silver bullets for their men, but John was ready. He always was. The wolf was taken the lead bullets like they were small bee stings. John lifted his handgun, aimed and fired a few rounds. When he was hit, the silver burned into his skin. His turned to John and roared before charging him. John's eyes narrowed, they were focus. He pulled the trigger and shot the beast right between the eyes. The lycan went down, hard and due to the speed he was running at John. His lifeless body slid right to John's feet. The marshal looked down, anger filled his heart. He emptied his clip into the wolf's skull. The red mist went up and covered John's chest and face. This was going to be a lot of paperwork, but for now. John could rest easy. For now.

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