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01-09-2018, 08:10 PM
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Vincent Lane walks down the X-Treme Hallway, where The Engineer's dressing room door stands open.

"Oh weird, I wonder what's up..."

Looking inside, he sees the dominant X-Treme Champion performing some x-tremely compromising yoga positions. We're talking downward facing dog turned up to eleven.

"Oh shit! Engy! What's up my dude? Getting in a little yogz? Sweet man, totally sweet. Hey is this your crown? Can I check it out?"

Vincent grabs the headwear before Engy can really say yes or no, and soon is hefting it up and down as if testing its weight.

"Man, this thing is solid! It's gotta weigh like ten pounds right? Gnarly. Hey one more thing, Enge... you ever try pilates?"

Engy looks perplexed.


Lane clobbers Engy over the dome with his own crown and pins him!



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