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Special Pre Show Segment - Wednesday Night Warfare 12/06/2017
12-06-2017, 07:04 AM
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As the scene fades in we see a live shot of the Taipei Arena. First an exterior shot that shows lines of folks still attempting to get into the arena and then an interior view that shows the thousands of seats being filled one by one. Next we transition to the back halls of the arena where we see XWF Xtreme Champion The Engineer as he prepares himself for his title defense match with Peter Gilmour that will main event tonight's show.

Engy continues to roam the hall psyching himself up when both Robert Main and Jim Caedus, The Apex, step into the camera's view.

"Hey Engy how's it going? There's something I wanted to discuss with you if you've got a quick second. When Robert here threw down the gauntlet in challenging The Motherfuckers to a match at War Games, a venue suitable for a bout of such epic proportions: Good, The Apex, vs Evil, _you_ assholes...we as well as the people expected a bit more than Robbie's two outspoken swollen testicles bouncin' and jigglin' angrily, slingin' mud to the best of their laughable ability, while Der Fat Führer prick himself essentially shriveled up in hiding only to peek his dickhead out to waste time with a few sophomoric stabs. I mean, maybe I'm wrong...Robert, you challenged them, right?"

Let's go back in time for a moment, bear with me folks! Now then! Engy, I've been calling your merry band of misfits out now since beating your fearless leader right here dead center! After that where has the almighty leader of the MotherFuckers been? He went on to win the Universal Championship against a James Raven that didn't wrestle up to his legendary abilities. We all have those nights, Raven is still and always will be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time!

Main pauses for a second to allow Engy to consider what has been said thus far.

I've been asking for an answer for weeks now! I'm not going to drop to my knees and beg you. The Omega don't beg for anything. Engy, now I'm sure you'll have to take this up with your mother hen Robbie! He has his thumb on you Engy, and BWB! That's bearded war bitch folks! He says jump, you two say how high! Now Jimmy and I have some permission slips printed up for you and BWB. Just have mommy sign them!

Robert pulls two permission slips from his pocket as Engy slaps his hand away. Robert grins.

Did I just strike a nerve? There's that fire I've been looking for. Since you're feeling so manly right now, give us an answer! No asking the kingpin of nothing! Be a man and give us an answer! Actually I'm not asking! I'm demanding!

Bobby, I have no problem giving you an answer. My answer will always be YES. It was YES to you when I agreed to defend my XTreme championship against you. It was YES to Jim Caedus when I gave him the same. I PERSONALLY have absolutely no problem facing either or both of you again.

I do see a couple problems however. Number one, I cannot speak on behalf of Robbie Bourbon or Bearded War Pig. Number two, well....number two appropriately enough is there's only TWO of you. So if we're gonna do this thing, ain't you guys a little outgunned?


Engy jumps ever so slightly, no doubt surprised that someone was able to sneak up behind him.

Engy takes a step back from the man which unfortunately puts him one step closer towards Caedus and Main whom he bumps into accidentally.

What's wrong champ? Not a big fan of being severely out numbered? You ain't got nothing to worry about bro. Beating on guys 3 on 1 isn't really our style. We leave that kinda bullshit to some other guys.

Archyle reaches his hand out towards Engy but the current Xtreme Champion and 2017 King of The Ring does not oblige the man. A mistake for sure as Drew reaches forward and grabs Engy by the wrist and pulls him forward while simultaneously kicking Engy in the gut and then delivering a vicious double arm DDT onto the cold concrete.

What was that bro? We said we weren't going to beat on him!

That wasn't a beating. That was an introduction.

The unknown face leans down towards Engy, removes his mask and then lightly slaps Tne Engineer on the cheek to try and wake him back up.

Hi Engy! I'm Drew Archyle. I'll be seeing you around. Oh and don't forget, we want an answer to our challenge from ALL of you. Savvy?

The three members of The Apex disappear from the camera's view as Engy continues to lay on the ground staring up at the ceiling.

This was originally intended to be a segment to close Warfare however Vince wants to get the draft started for War Games and waiting on this segment would have pushed the beginning of that draft back so this was the compromise. Robbie Bourbon if you could please respond to this challenge for your group, either in the affirmative or the negative that would allow Vince to proceed forward with the draft. Members of the Mother Fuckers and Apex are free to trash talk back and forth in this thread if they would like. Thank you.

"Mens et Manus" - "Mind and Hand"

XWF Director Of Information Technology and Cyber Security
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