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11-26-2017, 10:01 AM
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The scene opens up to the passing of pavement. The dashed-yellow line zips by appearing as a solid streak of yellow....

The line begins to swerve back and forth.... Steering left then right... Left then right.... Until the screeching of brakes can be heard followed by the smashing and crashing sound of metal....

We now feel tired. Our eyes heavy. Our scene grows darker....

And darker...

And darker.........

[Image: BvMQO7A.jpg?4]

[Image: xzhpMgb.gif]

With a flash of light and a wave of heat our scene opens back up to an open coliseum with demons and ghouls all screaming and shouting in hellish harmony! Standing and surrounded by the lake of fire is the ring where the 2nd Annual Shove It: Where the Sun Don't Shine will be taking place! The stage, ramp, and ring all being bombed with hellfire and brimstone as Dimebag Darrell stands in the entrance way shredding out the riff from 'Cowboys from Hell'! Gorilla Monsoon accompanied by Bobby 'the Brain' Heenan stand in the announcer's booth off from the entrance, dressed to kill in a suits you would save for your own funeral.

Hello fans and welcome to XWF wrestling! This is Doctor Louis D'Ville's.... Shove it!! Where the Sun Don't Shine! I am Gorilla Monsoon and with me, once again, is the one and only.... Bobby 'the Brain' Heenan!

Who's idea was it to wear this suits, Monsoon? I'm sweating to death down here!

I know we've just started here, but will you stop?

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Uh, oh. Here he comes!

The demons and ghouls in the crowd go wild as the music of Doctor Louis D'Ville begins to echo throughout the coliseum! A spotlight shines near the very top where a large throne made of skulls and souls erects out of the structure and extends high above!

Of course HE would get the best seat in the house!

A lightning bolt crashes down onto the seat of the throne and Doc appears sitting comfortably on the throne as the smoke clears. Grinning ear to ear, he stands up as his music slowly fades out. Without a microphone, he speaks and his voice bellows and echoes loudly throughout the coliseum.

Hello, my friends!

Big pop from the audience!

This hometown crowd really excited to see the doctor tonight!

Beside Monsoon, Bobby Heenan has his microphone tucked under his arm so he can applaud with both of his hands to the good doctor.


Bobby nearly drops the mic as he pulls it out.


I would just like to say, I have been EXTREMELY excited for this event. I have looked forward to hosting another Shove It since last year when we awarded the winner with the XWF Xtreme Championship!

This year, however, we currently have a very strong reigning Xtreme Champion... In fact, Mister Engineer has recently accomplished all of the necessary trials to be given a 24/7 briefcase!

So, unfortunately, while I did promise a VERY precious prize at the end of my most glorious rumble, it will probably not stack up to something like the Xtreme Championship.

With the mystery of what the good ol' doctor could provide for a prize at hand, I DO appreciate those willing to step within my own domain to take a crack at chance and put their bodies.... Their minds... And their very souls on the line to compete tonight! So...

Without any further delay....

Let's get it on!

Doc takes a seat and sits back as the demons and ghouls cheer and chant "XWF! XWF!"

And may the best man win!!

There you have it folks! The doctor has spoken!

Start your engines baby! The race is about to start!

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