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05-13-2022, 07:40 AM

The road to Leap Of Faith continues with another episode of Saturday Night Savage, and Ringmaster had a great opportunity. He was competing in one of the most dangerous matches in the business. Ringmaster knew a steel cage match would change the lives of both him and Mr. Kido. The match is meant to scare the weak and humble the strong luckily Ringmaster had a plan going into the event. No one analyzed a match like him which is why he needed to be in a place where only the strong truly survive and where steel is the name of the game and escaping is the only way out. The first stop was a place situated 5,000 feet above sea level on a barren expanse of land in the sandy, arid foothills of Colorado’s southern Rockies is a place that has been described by those who have been there as “hell on earth.” located 100 miles south of Denver near an old mining and railroad town, that the most dangerous criminals in the U.S. federal prison system reside in ADX Florence or Supermax. Ringmaster would walk inside and talked to the Sheriff Deputy about a very odd request most men would never ask.

[Image: ADX-FLorence_AP-Images.jpg]

Leroy Jethro Gibbs
How can I help you today good sir?

I was wondering if I could become a prisoner for a night. I want the darkest, coldest spot inside the prison. I want a place where the only voices are the ones inside my head as I'm surrounded by steel bars. Can you have that arranged?

Leroy Jethro Gibbs
We never have volunteers to join the ranks of our prisoners. So before I agree may I ask what the purpose is?

Let's just say I love the feeling of being trapped and finding a way out. I enjoy living life on the edge and I am fearless.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Well, against my better judgment I will allow you a weekend experience you will truly never forget. Please follow me.

They have Ringmaster change into prisoner clothes and they directed him down the hallway. On the way there he saw a poster with a familiar face. He reached over grabbing it with cuffs as the door swung open just a few feet away. There were no windows and the air was stale. Ringmaster steps inside and closes his eyes as the steel door closes. The key is turned locking the legendary athlete inside with no escape. Life was not going to be easy for him. Sitting on the cold hard floor Ringmaster spoke.

Confined spaces do not bother me at all. I go for what I want. A steel cage match is Mr. Kido worse nightmare because I plan to bust him open and use every inch of man made steel on a disgrace like him. The world has no idea how elusive he can be. I must admit though he finally achieved fugitive status.

Ringmaster drops the poster he saw on the wall. It hits the floor as the image becomes clear.

[Image: rionwanted.png]

It's not something you should be proud of though considering you pride yourself in being a lion. The only cowardly lion I know is in the Wizard Of Oz. His story is far different then yours isn't it? He had nothing and gained everything by believing in himself. You on the other hand Raion Kido have everything to lose by not achieving greatness. It's what you strive for is it not? Everybody wants to be great, but you see you like power. Ringmaster knows that with great power comes great responsibility, and that’s something I will always deliver. Something you don't realize about me Raion is that there is more to me then what you see. I have no problem being a high-flyer, submission machine or just a brutal raging lunatic who will beat the soul right out of you. Whose going to stop me when a cage surrounds us? You are talking about Leap Of Faith but are going to survive and actually make it there? That remains to be seen but while I have your attention...

Ringmaster stands up as he runs with all his might and hits the door with a shoulder block blasting it off the hinges. The loud thud is music to his ears. He never had any intention on staying. Ringmaster made his way out of the prison when he heard Leroy Jethro Gibbs debriefing his staff on the newest member of the wanted list Raion Kido.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs
I want to thank everyone for coming on such short notice. Life is never easy as Sheriff Deputy and the assignment I received this morning is going to push us to the brink I promise you that. There is a new name that appeared on America's Most Wanted and no one knows where he could be.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Everybody looks over surprised to see Ringmaster standing there. He boldly walks in and stands next to Mr. Gibbs.

I couldn't help but hear you are seeking Raion Kido. I have no problem finding him for you and bringing the sissy in for questioning but don't be alarmed at how stupid he is. He is a horrible actor and thinks society owes him a favor. However, if you see him on your travels contact me personally.

Ringmaster writes his number down as he dismisses the group and publishes the poster throughout the region. It was already in the national database as Ringmaster leaves to enjoy the Colorado weather. He finds a local park having a seat. Ringmaster doesn't wait very long before he goes live on Facebook and confronts Raion Kido.

Raion Kido thank you for such a beautiful quote from Buddha himself. However, Buddha is not going to help you on Saturday Night Savage. He certainly is not going to help you I pound you into the ground. I'm sure you've heard the term hell on earth and Mr. Kido it is something that will live with you forever. I'm sure your battle with Charlie Nickels was bad but you see unlike Charlie I have a way of leaving scars on the inside because the catastrophic damage I do. It's surprising that you would doubt my mastering skills and me. What exactly do I need to master to impress you Mr. Kido? You don't sign my check. Your sure as hell don't pay my bills. I don't need to impress you at all.

The wind was blowing the perfect amount of breeze as Ringmaster continues on.

Buddha also states. "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may."Mr. Kido, can you do this on your own? Are you able to get in the ring with me and do things the right way? I'm sure you'd really hurt to disappoint Buddha who clearly is an inspiration to you. He also states we need to conquer ourselves for it is more important then winning the battle with others. When I look in the mirror, I accept the man looking back at me. He is strong, confident, determined and ready to step into the motherfucking Lion's den and slay you. I don't care how you want to spin things good sir you are no match for me. I've been beaten, drugged, shot and my reputation has been destroyed over the years so whatever you think is going to tame the Ringmaster think again. The only one being tamed this week is your momentum and realizing that no matter the level of greatness, the Ringmaster comes out on top.

He closes the live feed and continues on his way. A few hours go by when he receives a call from Mr. Gibbs.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Do you mind coming by tomorrow and speaking to my guys? They want to know more about him.

Yes, sir.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs
I will see you tomorrow then in the conference room?

No. With all due respect Mr. Gibbs you need me more then I need you. So this is what we are going to do. You're going to speak to governor and he will allow me to speak freely and convince everybody I am the only man for the job. Can you handle that?

Mr. Gibbs was surprised that Ringmaster spoke so direct and firm but it was something he respected. He agrees to the terms and makes a few phone calls.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs
There you go. You're the honorary speaker at the press conference tomorrow.

Thank you. I want you and the entire staff there because I am going to lay it all out there. Some of it might confuse you but believe me it all has a purpose in order to capture him.

Ringmaster finds a local hotel and gets an incredible night sleep. He woke up feeling like a million bucks as he prepares to arrive at the governors office. It was time to shake the very foundation of the Colorado and this would be the only opportunity before Mr. Kido finished his master plan. Ringmaster combs his hair making some last minute adjustments as he speaks.

I appreciate you being Captain obvious Mr. Kido. I already knew who I was dealing with, though. I know you could careless about me and I love that. Truth is you're overlooking me. Your mind is on Leap of Faith and what awaits you there. I can't blame you at all but how dare you disrespect someone who is going to help you get noticed even more. We might share our hatred of Mr. Nickels but value what he did for me and knowing I can grow from it. How dare you accuse me of having soft victories? You are being disrespectful toward the XWF with comments like that. Every victory is EARNED no matter how easy or difficult it might be. Look I'm not going to sugarcoat my feelings about this match I know your jealous. I think it eats you alive that no one is talking about you. I stole the show on Saturday Night Savage. I'm the reason no one remembers your match against Charlie and it pisses you off. It's not a surprise to me your hung up on your upset victories. You enjoy living in the past because it reminds you of when you could slip under the radar. Now the pressure is on you, and it scares you. The Ringmaster is confident no matter what happens that's the difference between you and me. I don't make excuses I just get even unlike you. I remember you telling Charles "WHEN" you beat him and yet did you? Absolutely not. I left the possibility of losing because I know how this business works. So you can say my opponent didn't care about my two victories because I am not defined by those matches alone. A victory over you would be great, but it's not needed in order to be successful. A real man makes his own path he doesn't rely on others and that is something you need to figure out. You need to master your own thoughts before you worry about what others might be saying.

He leaves the room and makes his way downtown. He is the first to arrive as he waits for the governor. It was time to make history and expose Raion Kido as a big fraud. The governor walks in and greets his guest.

Governor Polis
It is a pleasure meeting you. The sheriff tells me your a very direct guy. The world needs more men like you no question about it. I don't have the best sources for a lot of coverage with the short notice but in about five minutes a camera crew is going to arrive and you'll be at my desk. This is your time to speak and expose whatever it is you need. I hope that is suitable.

Of course! The fact you have accommodated me on short notice means a lot to me. I do know Mr. Gibbs will be here to watch this live with his entire staff.

A few minutes go by and right on time is everyone from the prison and a camera was directed straight at Ringmaster. The moment the light turned go he spoke.

I am going to cut right to the point. This country is under attack by the biggest coward the world has ever seen. He wants to infect stupidity onto all of us allowing him to control what we do and say. His name is Raion Kido and as of yesterday he made America's Most Wanted list and I'm the special counsel that is going to locate him and put this country at ease. It's been so long since this country could rest without worrying and I want you to know have no fear Ringmaster is here.

The image shows up on the scene to show everybody what he looks like. He clears his throat as he spoke once more.

This man has done nothing but spread lies to the American people. He spoke about my burden being so heavy wanting to lift the American people to victory with me that I was crushed under the weight of my ego. He spoke about my body being weak and not ready for such a task. However, standing before you everybody here can see I am far from weak. I am far from a quitter and my mind is stronger then ever. Unlike this man I have courage and a set of balls to back it up. He wants to question my legendary status saying in order to be a legend your ego has to be there. That would be false because egos are not winning championships. Egos are not winning matches, and ego certainly don't pay my damn bills. I fight with confidence. I win matches because of confidence and Americans will look at me and know that I am a winner the moment my music hits. Mr. Kido hides behind words that have little purpose on his life. You can see that the wanted poster states he is a known coward. Yet he wants to speak against a legend like myself. He considers himself wise beyond the years but for me it reveals his weakness. The man is known for trying to use words against me. I was the one who said in front of a live audience that a marquee victory does not change who I am. What is wrong with that? Are you trying to call me a lair and claim that losing is going to affect how I sleep? Is it going to rattle my soul that I leave the XWF? Absolutely not. I know what I have to offer to this country and who I represent in all I do. You want to turn them against me and laugh in my face knowing you succeeded, but he will not be able to hide much longer.

The image disappears as he looks directly at Mr. Gibbs. It was a piercing look one of conviction and wanting to succeed.

I was brought in by Leroy Jethro Gibbs because the moment he saw me he trusted me. He knows that I will not fail. It’s time for him to face the justice he is long overdue. He is self-centered and absorbed with doing things his way because he feels it's the only way to be successful. Mr. Kido thinks he is high-caliber when he is nothing but a submissive cuck that does whatever he is told. I'll give you a little credit for trying his best at being factual, but he fails at doing that simple task. Raion Kido is you truly impressed the American people and the XWF Management why have you not got your chance at the Undisputed champion and yet Charlie Nickels will? If you're considered a star then why are you not making demands to face the best and truly prove how great you are? It's because you're not ready. I know it's a reality check for the coward realizing that no matter what he does Ringmaster will still be mentioned before him. It will burn him up inside and feed the negative attributes inside him. In that moment he will show the world why making excuses is the only thing of value to him. I appreciate you tuning in and knowing that he will see this and yet I do not worry. If you see him, take action and no he is nothing to fear.

Ringmaster stands up looking directly into the camera.

The words I speak may hold no merit with this man, but that's because he doesn't like to hear negative comments toward him. He wants to be one with Buddha and his inner self but with me around he can never relax. I give him anxiety, and it's making him worry. You see everybody taking down a man like this requires intelligence and I have a Ph. D in sarcasm, entertainment and being the best at everything I do. What can he say to that? He is hiding from me because I'm the biggest challenge he will face in his life. It takes a lot of balls to say that but considering out of the two of us I'm the only one with a pair I can say that. Thank you for your time, and I appreciate you allowing me to speak today.

He walks off camera with a smile on his face. He walks past Mr. Gibbs. There was no more time for words. Ringmaster was ready for war. He was ready to prove he will do anything to show what kind of talent he is. A leap of faith might be needed but it was something he had no problem doing.

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