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Ball Breaker
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Barney Green Offline
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(has an old school wrestling mentality; no nonsense; less appealing to some younger fans)

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06-09-2021 11:10 PM

This is gonna be a true battle of wits and see if I still got that beast within me. I admit I have been gone for awhile but that's okay. Had some personal shit to deal with.

Went through a period where I was high on meth for a bit and become a traveling hippie in a van. Tried to leave this world behind me. Needed to step away and find myself. Yet I get dragged back into this world. Centurion reached out to me and I had say yes almost immediately.

Doesn't matter who my partner is. I'm facing two legends in a match. To think, Old man Maverick came crawling out covered in moth balls. I admit I look like shit but that's how I always look. Never had those chiseled good looks even in the beginning of my career and I am broken down now.

I got nothing left to lose but everything to gain. The Wild Cards are a true blast from the past but I ain't so young either. Been here since 2008. Can you believe that? A drunkard from Boston with a smidgen of talent but guts like no other managed to carve a name for himself.

Sinister Seth Stevens. Honestly, I doesn't remember a lot about you but that's okay. With a nickname like sinister, You gotta be good. I bring the violence like always. Blood and violence is always a good thing.,

I admit I bulked up a bit to 265 lbs but being in shape was never my thing. Can't afford to be light when it comes to fighting death matches. Landing through glass and whatever else hurts. Need that extra cushion. When this battle is over, I'll go back to pounding another beer.

The time I was away was well spent. Now, I am well rested. My mind is reconnected to the will of BOB and my body is well rested. I am battle tested and ready for combat at any given moment. Kicked the meth habit but still living in a van. Don't need a house at this point in my life.

That house wasn't worth the money. So much unused space when you can just live in a van. Much simpler and easier to maintain in the long run. Got everything I need. Even a bathroom.

I'm traveling to Mongolia of all places for a wrestling event. This should be fun and I welcome the challenge. Gonna spill some blood probably but that's okay. I got no fears. You are looking at a guy that chews tobacco and drinks beer like its gonna be declared illegal.

I got nothing left to say at this point so I will see you at Anarchy.

-Barney Green

[Image: VGLuLmh.jpg][Image: rhb.jpg]
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