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The rapture of pursuing our prize will vanquish the gain. - Robert "The Omega" Main - 09-15-2020 11:14 PM

[Image: giphy.gif]

The worst happened had to happen tonight; with no indication the weather was about to take a turn for the worse, utter darkness prevailed as clouds thickened and the sky became filled with lightning… Thunder booms, followed by a brilliant flash of lightning, the wind began to surge pushing the once calm water into a choppy mess… Page crossed his arms watching from one side of the boat as the oceans water morphed into mountains of infuriated waves. Robert leisurely made his way towards Page slipping now and then from the rain-soaked deck… Wind propelled the rain into their faces like tiny stones. The ship pressed forward towards their destination, each second that passed the waves grew larger, stronger… Up at forty-five-degree angle, then crashed down jarring their bones. Robert grins at the thought of the boat sinking… Page on the other hand stares off in the distance not moving a single muscle.

” This is wild…”

Page nods in agreement

” What’s the deal? You worried Adam won’t come?”

Robert slaps Page on the back…

” Oh, he’ll come if he knows what’s best for um…”

Cataclysm grasps ahold of the railing in front of them as the waves spin the vessel sideways. They held on as tightly as the could before betting slammed to the deck… They each reach out for anything as the slide from one side of the boat to the other. It was demanding to hang on. Another bolt of lightning filled the filled sky as the waves grew so immense that the vessel was dwarfed, riding up and down the mighty swelling sea like a child's toy... In the state that each of them was in, they'd have prayed to Poseidon himself if they thought it would do any good. There was no mercy in that September wind, no grace in the waves, only vexation and tempest. Page pushes himself up first from the deck reaching out to Robert, they both took a deep breath noticing how thick the air was with a briny mist to boot.

” Can you swim?”

” In this shit? Hell no…”

Robert nods with a snicker.

” We might not have a choice…”

” Just our luck… Perish before we defend all out Championships, stealing another pay-per-view… All those trolls would eat that shit up…”

Suddenly everything stops…

Gentlemen welcome to The Rock. Should I wait?

Page speaks up…

” Yeah, we’ve got another guest coming… Or you could go back out in this storm again… That’s up to you though… If you want to play Russian roulette be me, guest… If not… I’ll be back in a bit… But first, we’ve got some exploring to do.”

Robert nods to the captain hopping down from the boat onto the island, followed by Page as the icy sheets of rain obscured Cataclysms vision. Robert flipped their flashlight on, but it only lasted for a few seconds with a wall of water, reflecting off millions of raindrops, each seemed as gigantic as the beach-balls. If something were to happen to them any trace would be washed out to sea never seen again… Page stood with the water running freely down his face and into his already soaked clothes. The flash river that ran down the side of the island gushed over the tops of his soft leather shoes. Page leers upwards towards the heavens.

[Image: giphy.gif]

” So, this is where we entomb two more casualties huh? I’ll be honest I like the place already… It’s like a home away from home… Plus it’s got the whole snake mountain vibe…”

Page nods as brilliant flash flickered the light reflecting off the Television Championship and his half of the Tag Team Championships that were draped over each of Page’s shoulders. It was not a bolt, streaking to the Earth, but more like an almighty camera flash that blanketed everything at once.

” He-Man reference… Nice…”

” Had too…”

” This is where "SISTERHOOD OF BESTIES" succumb to the hands of the greatest Tag Team that’s ever graced the professional wrestling world… CATACLYSM…”

:::: ALCATRAZ::::
[Image: Of6HeSl.jpg]

” You know what I find entertaining?”

The voice of Chris Page is heard asking. Robert replies as years of smoking cigars and alcohol abuse made “The Omega’s” sound like it had traveled over heavy sandpaper.

” What’s that?”

” How is it suddenly the trolls rally and the open challenges are precipitously answered? Flowing like wine at the Marriage at Cana? These fools believe they are cocked, locked and ready to rock from all angles… The issue is, they are all sideline hoes that’s been riding the pine while we do all the heavy lifting, keeping this company afloat… The entire fucking place revolves around Cataclysm and has for over a year now… These unsubstantial parasites that come and go through the revolving door and expect to bypass what we got going on.”

” It’s almost like we’ve been here before.”

” Oh wait, I got it! Because we have been here!”

A loud clasp of thunder rolled overhead as the fury of the God’s is followed by an explosion of lighting… The scene opens revealing both members of Cataclysm standing in one of ALCATRAZ’s cells. Surrounded by four white walls, there was nothing else for Robert or Chris to do but to leer out at the camera. Maybe gawk at the paint that had started to chip off as time passed or gouged away from past residents… Page took a second wondering how it felt to be trapped here, serving a life sentence, what these men did to pass their time day after day, week after week, year after year… It had to be mind-numbing… Gradually slipping into lunacy, theorizing absurd meanings from the wall's blank stare. These prison cells were barely eight feet by four feet. Instead of a wide window with a view of the world, there was a malicious barred opening with hefty metal bars and no glass. In the summer the fresher air was a relief, helping to alleviate the stench of festering sewage but in the cold seasons, it let in a wicked draft and reduced the temperature to near freezing. It was no brighter inside than the gathering gloom of dusk, even at midday. The bed was a plank of wood hanging from the wall, there was no mattress, no cushioning and only one thin blanket. It was either suffocating quiet or ear-piercing screams of the tortured inmates. The prison cell was a hollow cube of concrete, one way in… One way out… Chris comes back from his daydream continuing…

” It was a year ago actually, we had set the Universal Title scene on fire, just eyelashes away from completing the trilogy the world was talking about… Yet here we are, only this time we dictate the pace and these underhanded deals won’t be made. No more fly by night bull shit, the fuckary has stopped here ladies and gentlemen.”

” While the Universal Title might not be around our waists, one thing has remained the same.”

Robert leans through the beefy metal bars pulling he camera in closer.

” We were the talk of the town then… We’re the talk of the town now.”

” For good fucking reason; I’m not only one-half of the Tag Champions I’m the TV Champion to boot bitches…”

Page nudges Main who isn’t paying attention…

” Oh… And I’m the other half of the Tag Champions and the Xtreme Champion… Hey Charlie…”

Robert waves as a sadistic grin forms on his face…

” Hope that arm is doing okay… It’d be a pure shame if you went into that main event with Sarah injured… The biggest match of your career and you’re not one hundred percent… Over twenty years in the business? Felt like it was your first time in the ring when I laid my hands on you…”

” Sounds like you’d be ignorant not to pay close attention to the direction we’ve been heading…” Page points towards the camera. ” Charlie you fell into that trap and look where that got you… Run through a damn meat grinder in what was the grandest moment of your shit career, you dropped the ball on the one-yard line pal…” Page sighs… ” You know Robert, it’s almost like they continue to take anything we have to say seriously, even with actions speaking louder than words.”

” That brings up an awesome segway that’d I’d slap myself if I didn’t jump all over…”

Robert shifts his gaze towards the camera peeling a long strip of eggshell colored paint off the cells wall.

” Kudos to Centurion and Ruby for actually accepting the open challenge the correct way; face to face on television. That takes beach ball-sized nuts… You two had the intestinal fortitude to come out and say that you wanted a shot… Unlike the rest of the yellow-bellied slime buckets lurking in the shadows… You didn’t Tweet us; you didn’t ask for a match on that shit show Anarchy, telling us the stipulations you wanted… Like bitch boy Thunder Knuckles… There wasn’t a second of hiding in the shadows trying to bait us or trolling us from afar… You did it the right way… You showed honor and pride for this business, in a time where there is zero… Neither of you took a handout or slithered through the weeds like the rest of the snakes and I commend you both…” Oh, and those snakes… Robert nudges Page as they both chuckles. ” You know who you are… I respect what the two of you decided to do.”

Chris follows up with sarcasm.

” Let’s not stroke their egos too much… What they did was kind of impressive.”

“I mean they are in exclusive company because I don’t think the body count that’s been laid has had any team willingly wanting to be slaughtered.”

” Well, let’s ponder for a second… Carver and Slater?”

” No.”

” Sick Cunts?”

” Negative. Remember the busted knees? Dude left his son to the wolves…”

” VVomen?”

” Nah, thrown together and complete waste of our time…”

” Carnes and Chaos?”

” You kidding me? Absolutely not… ”

“Gilly and Chaos?”

” Nein.”

” Well damn, nicely done Cent and Ruby!”

Our duo golf claps.

” Nein?”

” German for no dumb ass… Get educated you unsophisticated prick …”

” Get bent, I sorry I’m not as well versed as you, Robert… I’ve spent decades … Uh… Winning Championships and running a company…”

” Did win against me ass hat…?”

” Fuck off… You survived me…”

” Here we go again… I survived you huh. Pretty sure I pinned you…”

Page sighs

” Don’t have that company anymore either… Do you…”

” Wow, way to bring me down dick head…”

” I can keep going… Or we can get back to our Tag Title match?”

Both men nod…

” Funny how matches are booked when you go about it the right way… But that’s beside the point. We have our challengers for Relentless, and while they went about it the right way, I feel like this is just a mere formality. The writing is on the wall. Ruby pilfering away her Championship on Anarchy and Cent hasn’t wrestled since he lost to Shawn… These fuckers are in”

Robert sings..

” T.R.O.U.B.L.E….”

” I can see how you would feel that way… I mean we are undefeated as a Tag Team and have dominated everyone that’s crossed our path. Why should this be any exception?”

Robert places one palm on the cool concrete box they are in. Something about it feels nerve-racking… Each of these cells and every cell around the world has been specifically engineered with absolute perfection. Each of the corners is sharp and straight, the window was a perfect square with evenly spaced bars. Someone designed this cell, they sat in a clean office under the glow of the natural sun rays and used their God-given talents to create something so soulless as to constitute additional punishment. Taking liberty is not enough, keeping prisoners from those they loved is not enough, seizing their property to pay for the crimes they committed wasn’t enough… This place was designed to take so much more than that. By the time a person has done even half their minimum sentence here, they rarely recall their name and have lost most of their vocabulary. For the most part, their sanity is shot, they swing between crying for their mothers and battling invisible demons. Rumor has it that if a prisoner doesn't deteriorate fast enough, they got an injection to start the hallucinations... How fitting… Hell on Earth…

[Image: DSaZ6Ec.jpg]

” Playtime is over.”

” Playtime was over the moment they stepped forward and made their intentions known. Let’s break these two down. First, we’ll start with Centurion.”

” I’ve lost so much respect for that douche.”

Robert shakes his head in disgust focusing on the walls crumbling cell walls. If Robert took the edge of his nail, he could dig at the softening mortar between the distressed bricks. It's the damp that does it, he thinks to himself. No matter the weather outside the floor is always wet in here; probably an underground spring surfaces just outside the walls and soaks the mud that each of the prisoners used to sleep on. Each man must have prayed constantly for this tiny cube of brick to decay faster, for God to send a storm to knock it down. But deep in their hearts, they knew they were trapped … Years of dry bread and stale water left these men weak. Compared to the men they once were… Every time their nails regrew, these prisoners used them again to score the mortar, help the water to seep in and do its work. These men locked away some for life were irrelevant to the world, unable to help their families. Trapped forever on an island surrounded by water… They would die here, and they knew it…Page leans towards the camera once again as he softly states.

” Hey Cent, are you still going to ask Robert why he’s associated with me? Or have you finally done your fucking homework like a good little boy? Rolling into this not asking the same shit you did during the Captain’s Match for War games and then again during War games… You looked like a complete doofus…”

There’s a slight pause from Chris as he adjusts both his Championships, then continues.

” You know what… That’s the past… Let’s talk more about the present.”

” Currently Relentless is going to mark your first match back in the XWF since getting served during the Main Event at Leap of Faith.”

” Losing to Warstein is something I happen to know something about, but what makes me different is unlike my loss to Shawn I bounced the fucked back with a goddamn vengeance while you went away and licked your wounds… All the while applying your craft anywhere BUT here, and yet you show up on Savage with Ruby by your side? Undeserving doesn’t even begin to describe you.”

” I guess I have to be the egotistical prick and simply say I hammered Shawn like a cheerleader on prom night…”

Chris grabs the cell door screaming.

” Twice.”

Chris leans back as Robert continues.

” So excuse the fuck out of me if I ask this straightforward question… If you can’t get past Shawn what in the fuck makes you think you can knock on my door and leave with my prize?”

Robert lets out a sigh before leering at his half of the Tag Team Championships.

” You can’t be this simple-minded.”

Chris sarcastically chimes in.

” Well he does think he drew the house at Leap of Faith.”

Robert rolls his eyes giving the camera a jerking off motion.

” Cent couldn’t draw the house of a nursing home…”

” Centurion, you’ve been on quite the downward spiral and it dates back to you failing right before War games… Then at War Games, it progressed when surrendering the Hart Title; an impressive run, I won’t deny, a Universal Title shellacking and now you think that coming into our house is the best way to get back on those winning ways?”

” Not happening. But I can see why you choose us, it’s the same damn reason everyone else chooses us… Dyson, TK, Graves, Bourbon, The Freak, Charlie the lines out the fucking door. I bet you are asking yourselves what do we have in common with that list of has-beens? Well… You are all in the same position when it comes to the XWF… On fucking life support… Rock freaking bottom… Chris and I are the ventilators that keeps fucks like you in this business… We can revive a dwindling career and take you right back up to the APEX… We can put more money in those pockets than you could ever dream of… Our names attached to yours brings clout in more ways than one…”

” Robert is one hundred percent correct about everything that he just said… Sadly, what you’re walking into is another failure. Another notch on the shortcomings belt that you’ve worn for years, Centurion.”

” No denying that. Cent, the peak of your career was when Raven decided to bring your broken-down ass back… Then you saw an opportunity to ride my coattails to the top of this company… The limelight tasted good didn’t it Cent. You got the chance to run your tongue over the sugar cube one last time, only this time you got a good taste, didn’t you? What did all my hard work bring you? Bright lights, main event matches of gigantic pay-per-views you didn’t belong in… It brought you championships you didn’t deserve and stardom you would have never achieved if it was not for me James and Drew… You broke through the glass ceiling because of us… We took a relic from the past and made you relevant again… I handed you the world, giving a dinosaur a revamped career… You were charity all the way pal and if it wasn’t for the handout, you’d be on the God damn unemployment line someplace begging for a job… I handed you the keys to a brand-new sports car and you turned your back on me… If you think that you are going to come back and bleed me dry like last time, you are sadly mistaken… No more endowments, no more feeling sorry for you gramps… After I’m finished with you this time your XWF career is over for good…”

Robert winks at the camera.

” But don’t worry old friend there will always be those companies out there willing to pick you up because of your name, because of what you did in the past, squeezing a few dollars out of you when they can. I mean that’s what you’re doing now right? James, Atty and Cent… The three amigos…”

Robert shakes his head…

” Not even the lovable Ruby has enough star power to carry you to a victory over arguably the toughest team this company has seen in YEARS; we talk a monumental game but we back it up. I can’t wait to hear what kind of made-up horseshit you try and spit in our direction because lord only knows you give us better material every time you open your mouth… Kind of like Nick Ryan.”

” Was that an old school throwback jab?”

” Why yes, yes it was.”

” You old guys and your bull shit beef.”

” I’ve been waiting so long to shut your fucking trap once and for all…. There’s a lot I’m going to sling your way over the next two weeks… When I’m through verbally assaulting you, I doubt you’ll show your face at Relentless… Do yourself a favor… Don’t.”

” If you do, I assure you the thrashing that is waiting for you is going to be enough to send you packing… For good. Like I said a moment ago, this is going to be the last Run of the late great Centurion.”

” Beating the shit out of Centurion is going to be fun, what sucks is he drug Ruby into this with him.”

” The Anarchy Champion back in the mix…. WAIT…” Robert waves off the camera ” I almost forgot… Excuse me ex Anarchy Champion, had to get that out of the way… Sorry, my bad… Nothing like pouring salt in an open wound… Ruby impressed at Leap of Faith, gave Lacklan a run for her money going after that briefcase and has done more than hold her sitting on top of Thursday’s Nights. But what now? The two of you are coming into this match like a stick stuck in the mud…”

” While it would be super unchallenging to pick at you over reigning on a third-rate program, we’ve decided not to go that route… Everyone else already has so it feels like beating a dead horse, doesn’t it?”

” There’s a huge difference in getting in the ring with B.o.B than there is getting in the ring with us… And you lost to B.o.B. Another Graves shit show that will never amount to anything other than a few dark matches and third rate television shows… Congratulations your sorry halfwits have a Championship that doesn’t mean shit… Hey everybody join B.o.B and you might just become Anarchy Champion… Fucking bunch of pantywaists cream puffs… ”

” Ouch.”

” Tell me about it. If anyone wants to see the living breathing definition of doormats look to the B.o.B stable…”

” It’s BoB… “

” It’s a cluster fuck… My point is we’re vastly superior to that combination any day of the week and twice on Sunday…”

Chris nods.

” Well duh.”

Robert flips Page off.

” One thing you and Centurion have going for you on this quest to topple Cataclysm rests with each of you having absolutely NO momentum as you attempt to get in the ring and box with the Gods of the XWF. Zero fucking momentum people…”

” We all know that as individuals you’re both capable of great things when you set your minds to it, but this isn’t the time nor the place to try and throw yourselves together and call yourself a team. Robert and I have decimated any and everyone that has crossed our paths for a variety of reasons, the main one being we are cohesive and we run like a well-oiled machine.”

” We do our homework and pick apart all of the weaknesses that are brought to the table before driving the final nail in the coffin. This isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows because if you want what we have you’re going to have to elevate your games to levels you’ve never seen before. Chris and I are here for a reason and we’ve remained dominate with a stranglehold on the Tag Team Division because collectively we are unstoppable.”

” So now you both have to ask yourselves a question….”

There’s a pause from Chris.

” What are you willing to give?”

” It had better be your lives…”

” Because that’s what it’s going to take.”

” To leave Relentless as the XWF World Tag Team Champions.”

There’s a collective pause from Cataclysm.

” You better thank your lucky stars pins or submissions won’t get the job done… I mean anyone can escape an island, right?”

” I mean it’s a hell of a lot easier than actually beating us so I guess one would say they’re coming in with an advantage.”

” Let’s be fair… Nobody has an advantage when they’re stepping up against us. While all they may have to do is find a way off the Rock, they’ve played into our hands… There are no rules! Anything goes! If we want to lock the resident Super-girl in a cell and leave her to rot there’s nothing anyone is going to be able to do stop us.”

” If we want to beat Centurion within an inch of his life we can.”

” Oh shit… let’s not forgot the most important piece of this equation…”

Chris states as he slaps Robert on the arm. Robert and Page look towards the camera as the lights begin to flicker repeatedly.

” You’re not facing Chris Page and Robert Main….”

The lights dim to total darkness.

” That’d just be too umproblematic… We have other plans…”

The lights start to slowly flicker before revealing…

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: yHms1ue.jpg]

[Image: K3hgzL5.jpg]

” The Beast and The Omega are eagerly awaiting an official introduction.”

” Welcome to your own personal hell.”

” You might be able to run on this island… But you cannot hide… That’s why we are here now…”

” Hey I wonder if there is an electric chair here…”

The cell door slowly creaks open…

” Let’s go find out…”

The dastardly due moved from inside the cell out onto cell block leisurely, silently. The air inside was different, and for a moment Chris and Robert were unable to put their sinister fingers on why. Then it occurred to them each individually, the smell of sweat was gone, there was no sound of people, nothing but the eerie silence. But that wasn't the worst of it. This place is just walls, walls and empty rooms. Here Cataclysm could feel the icy grip of death. A feeling they each cherished… Each step echoed throughout the cell block as the lights flickered from the storm raging outside. In the distance, the faint sound of water dripping from an old dingy drainpipe splashed into a puddle on the floor.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Robert, it’s time for me to take control…

Robert replies…


” You say something?”

” Yeah… I’m going to take a look around you go and get Barker…”

Page nods as the two fist bump.

To Be Continued…