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Once Relentless is over... - The Freak - 09-15-2020 08:19 AM

We see a bunch of (18+) cheerleaders who reside in Santa Monica at the pier, with a rowdy group of people without their mask on their ugly faces. They start to pep up the fans for Relentless, and we see the cheerleaders doing their routine. After that, we see The Freak in a Relentless letter man jacket with a megaphone to speak.

"Are you people ready for Relentless?"

The people start to cheer loudly.

"Good, I am here to promote the show that will span across three days in Califorina. There will be fucking blast, there will be twist and turns...and most of all, there will be champions upon champions. There will be paintball fights, Pokemon duels, and even a gladiator theme at Rose Bowl. Who knows, I might appear in one of them."

Then he laughs and speaks on the megaphone.

"Jokes aside, I will personally give you all free tickets and a boat ride to Alcatraz to see all the shows, it's on me!"

Then he signals the event staffers to hand them all three tickets to the show, and they all started to go crazy hype over the free tickets.

"This is my gift to you all who are here today, but what I want you all to do. I want you all to go watch that Universal Ladder match at Rose Bowl Arena, and yell out "FUCK GREGGO" ontop of your lungs. If you can show your support to Charlie to dethrone reign of terror of Sarah."

Then he looks at the people, who then started to scream "FUCK GREGGO" before the show even came to town.

"Yes Greggo, fuck you... and what you stand for in this company.. I know you aren't much of a fighter, lord knows you couldn't fight Jim Dumbson last Savage. At this point, I even want a shot at you. So if you aren't afraid of The Freak, then show up here at the pier, because I want to talk to you about tearing your ass out of your brain."

Once Relentless is over... - GREGGO has a wet scrotum! - 09-15-2020 11:16 AM

"Hrmmmm, yes HRMMmmm not MMMM this time. Cuz I'm confuzzled instead of appetite soaked."

"Raab, didn't I already tell you off yesterdeh? And din' you tell me to stop talkin to you and u wanna wait for Sarah to finally notice you 1st hand? WTF now ur asking for me?"

Greggo, it's not the same guy.

"Huh who saids that?!"

I did. It's GOD.

"WuuuOAH! WOAH! GoDdD?!? In the flesh?"

No. But yes, GOD.

"What is your command? Do I need to take on another new client ASAP and add them to my and Sar's GREGGO FAM stable?"

No, you fool. I'm just here to tell you the Freak and Lord Raab are not the same person.

"WTF? Then what do I do?"



"Uuuuuuhm shits man what do I do? Whatever ok ok think think."

"I got it! Freak I accept yer challenge!"

"On 1 condition!!!1!!! (yes 1, like in the excrementation marks lmfao)"

"You can name the time n' place but only if you change what you said right now! You gotta tell all ur fans TO NOT chant shitty things about me and NOT boo my client. You tell them you made a typo. You tell them you meant to say 'support Sarah, the invincible champion of champions, and buy her merch! and click like on all her RPs!' but make sure u tell them RP stands for recorded promo or they get thrown off."

"Do it. Fix yer werds n' you got a deal!"

re:Once Relentless is over... - The Freak - 09-15-2020 07:36 PM

Sadly Greggo I can't, simply because I don't like her and what she stands for in this place, so if these fans end up booing and hissing her off, then that is their own choice, i'm just a mere vehicle or in this case a boat ride, to show up and show out support on who ever side there on.

In terms of a fight, I have an idea... how about we have oursevles a flaming Tables match, where one of us has to burn while being slammed through it. I know these fans are probably are going to love it.

How does it sound, Greggo?

Once Relentless is over... - GREGGO has a wet scrotum! - 09-15-2020 08:55 PM

"You just got done brain washering all the fans but now you say it's gonna be their choice. Boy you really do fit in 'round these parts! Same shitmind games."

"As 4u not liking what my Sarah stands for around here i guess that makes sense cuz she stands four WINS and ATTENTION and THE LATEST TECHNOLOGICALICO ADVANCEMENTS IN RPs! (RECORDED PROMOs!) so yeah bub iCan already tell yer standards prolly don't align up with that worth a camel spider's devil dong. U stand for being a jobber like Charlie "I dont c 2 many undefeated jobbers" Nickles with the damn near 50/50 booking record LMFAO@HIM! I bet you LIKE him!"

"u know what i accept the challenge just because u made me so friggin mad rn! U step in the ring with me where it counts and stop trolling the damn 24/7 halls! The xwf is supposed to ALWAYS LOOK DEAD at all times! Stop being active here and just wait till we're booked in 8 weeks!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!"

"On Realtime Edit: Oh man I'm sorry I got reeeeal mad there 4 a minute. U just really trigger my jimmy jammers. 4get what I said about staying quiet. U R allowed to answer me and tell me the date you want me 2 beat ur ass."

#HoodedManSTILLf'nSucks #VeryAngry #BurnFreakBurn

re:Once Relentless is over... - The Freak - 09-16-2020 08:44 PM

Let's settle this on night back on Warfare on the 14th show, even though we can settle this later on when you are prepared from seeing Sarah almost ticking herself off from reaching the brass ring known as the Universal Championship at Rose Bowl.

So, it's all up to you, i'm just giving you the time you need, so in case something happens... you can cry out your tears if she reaches the brass ring or not.

Once Relentless is over... - GREGGO has a wet scrotum! - 09-18-2020 12:13 AM

Greggo is covered, covered, COVERED in shit from head to toe. He's got a bad limp, a visible erection, and is covered in shit.

"Mmmmm, mmmm I'll cry alright. At yer funerial after I bury you. HAOWW YEEAH BURRRRRR(greggo shakes like he's freezing)RRRRRRRRRN BABEH BURN!"

"I opted in 4 that date so all you'z gott2do now is go accept yer fate. Boi, I'm gonna beat yer dumb balls in on the 14TH."

Greggo passes out in a disturbingly large puddle of shit and as the camera pulls back we see a trail of scat that runs longer than Gilly's superdick.