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Crab In A Bucket (Open Challenge) - Reggie Estrada - 07-31-2020 01:18 PM

We see Reggie inside an area with pictures of revolutionaries personalities in the walls. Then it pans to Robert Main on a cross with the belt, being crucified in a painting. Then a flag of the star drapes over the crucified Main, and Reggie speaks.

"As time comes again and again, we all have that crab mentality of having what we can't have. Well, if i couldn't retain that belt from Leap Of Faith, well nobody should have the luxury to see detailed portrait of a crucified Main with his belt, as he screams in agony.

Heh, Agony... I don't think Main knows what that word is, since everything is handed to him on a golden, shiny, bloodied plate...with no questions to tow towards him. Man must so nice to be an undead white biker...oh well i'm not a slave to the machine like he is.

Unlike him... i know way more shit then he does...

But onto more important shit... i'm issuing an open challenge to anyone for the Savage August 29th edition... in plain ol' match, to prove to everyone that you're all just crabs in a bucket, for me to poach, steam, and eat the remains of whatever that remains your brainwashed minds.

I don't care who answers the call..."

re:Crab In A Bucket (Open Challenge) - Charlie Nickles - 07-31-2020 04:30 PM

A google notification pops up on Charlie's phone.

"An XWF update, eh? Maybe they finally booked me for some shit."

Charlie clicks the notification and is hyperlinked to a video of Reggie issuing his open challenge. A sinister grin slowly spreads across the newcomer's bearded face as he considers the possibility.

"This boy's issuin' a challenge to me? My my, I don't think this cat knows how we roll in Steubenville."

Charlie rummages around his motel room for a few minutes. A pen, a piece of paper, and an envelope are soon brought to the rusted metal desk in the corner of the room.

"I'll have to get a fuckin' stamp when I send this..."

Charlie pens a letter to Reggie, which he immediately sends to XWF management. A sticky note placed atop the envelope requests XWF management to forward the envelope to Reggie.


Your call has been answered. On the 29th, we shall test our wills against the other. My career will be birthed from your ashes, or perhaps you will reinvent yourself atop my decimated body. Only time will tell, Regg'.

But we are not boys, Regg'. We are not children. We are not amateurs. We are professional wrestlers, on the world's biggest stage. Let's give the people what they want. Let's make the ratings skyrocket. You and Me. Light tube death match. August 29th. The winner walks out alive.

Yours truly,
Charlie Nickles

P.S. If you refuse to face me in the light tube death match, I will bring the light tube death match to you.

re:Crab In A Bucket (Open Challenge) - Reggie Estrada - 07-31-2020 04:51 PM

Reggie takes the letter from somewhere and opens it up... he looks at it, and he laughs at this challenge from this rustic Nickles letter.

"Ah, i see that a man like himself wants to take it to that other level of the game. He want's to live out his former glory days of being an Hardcore wrestler, thinking that it will launch him back to these people heads... news flash, they never cared for him just like how his own family didn't care for him.

I guess me and this rustic relic by gone era of Hardcore wrestling are a like, but not exactly a like in the grand scheme of things. I am not a man of lightubes, this isn't IWA Mid South Wrestling, but since he's the one who brought up the stipulation...

then it's settled!

Me and this hardcore relic guy is going to tear one another up, and oh man i would love to reinvent myself on a man who's broken from within, as I bash multitudes of lightubes over his head.

He's going to wish he never crossed paths with me, even through his lovely letter he's written to me...

In fact, i will personally invite him to this lair to speak on this issue...

Where you at Charlie Nickles?"

re:Crab In A Bucket (Open Challenge) - Robbie Bourbon - yesterday 09:58 PM

Dibs on being special guest ref.

Robbie does a bib with a lil' crab embroidered on it, the phrase "Give Me Crabs" embossed in it, while licking his chops.

Crabs are Keto!

Robbie picks up a whole two gallon plastic bowl, Rubbermaid, full of strawberries and whipped cream. Also, oddly keto friendly.

I will officiate such a violent bloodbath. Eating crabs the entire time. 🦀.

His pronunciation of a crab emoji is perfect.