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Jacob Stapp - Jacob Stapp - 07-13-2019 09:12 PM


In-Ring Name: Jacob Stapp

Wrestler's Real Name:Jacob Stapp

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: new

Wrestler Date of Birth: September 21st, 1986

Height: 6ft 1inch

Weight: 217 lbs

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

Personality: Cocky, confident, arrogant, sometimes a jerk.

Looks Description: tall, athletic build black hair, rown eyes

Ethnicity: Mexican-Amrerican

Pic Base, if any: [Image: rollins_zpsd3d4efbb.jpg]

Strengths: good on the mic, fast, agile

Weaknesses: not as strong

Entrance Theme Music: Never Gunna Stop by Rob Zombie

Special Entrance (if any):

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves: Wrist Lock & Jumping High Knee, Superplex, Frog Splash, Suicide Dive, Sling Blade

Trademark Move(s): Phoenix Splash, Falcon Arrow
Description(s):Jacob stands on the top rope looking towards the audience; he then jumps backwards, turns 180 degrees in mid-air, and lands on his opponent. As his opponent is latched onto his neck, Jacob grabs hold of his opponent’s torso, lifting them into the air in a vertical position and dropping them back onto the mat.

Finishing Move(s): pedigree, curb stomp
Description(s): Jacob's finishing move was previously popularized by Triple H. It’s a double underhook facebuster in which Jacob bends his opponent forward, places the opponent’s head in between his legs, and then grabs his opponent behind the arms. Jacob then jumps up into the air and propels his opponent towards the ground., the opponent run towards a kneeling opponent before stomping their head into the mat.

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots:

Additional notes: