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Swing - Calypso! - 05-15-2018 10:11 AM

[Image: giphy.webp]

After spending nearly a month on top of Danny Imperial, pinning him for his not first, not second, but mother fucking SEVENTH XWF Federweight Championship reign, Calypso, as ragged and haggard as he may look..... remains positive.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTzLZ4MK1U_MX1xB3eFw4x...i2yJIyEn-g]

He's managed to stay alive and avoid starvation, but only through the local Napoli's Pizza delivery service... He had no way to prepare his normal, most-delicious, and better-than-you healthy-as-shit gluten free meals which has led to a slight weight gain in the process. Calypso knew that sacrifices were going to have to be made when he decided that it was time for a seventh reign, but did he realize that it would go this deep? For this long? With no lube? Has the Federweight Division that he's spent literal years as the head architect started on the rise again? Has the competition become this crazy that even XWF officials stay clear of it and avoid the crazy-ass heroes and villains that battle for what could be the most prestigious strap in low card history? Time will tell. Calypso Nation is here to waits.