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Competition? Part 1: A One Sided Interview With Jenny Myst - Jenny Myst - 04-15-2018 11:35 PM

Girls are interesting creatures.

They are filled with jealousy and they are conniving. Girls hate girls, even if they say they don't.

They do.

Growing up I was always in competition with other girls. Because of my looks I was always getting invites to be a cheerleader, dance team member, picked to answer questions in class even when I didn't know the answer, to give speeches about topics I knew nothing about. Guys wanted to fuck me and girls wanted to fuck me up.

I wasn't the only one, there were a lot of pretty girls in the Vegas area, but the weird thing about girls is that they never think they are pretty. They are always seeking compliments and attention and always have to be reassured.

The prettiest ones are the saddest inside.

I came from a broken home. My biological parents were killed by this demon, this devil of a man, Paul Dollinger, then took me and sold me to a foster family. Why, you ask? God only knows but the only "parents" I ever knew were nothing more than a host for the virus that was growing inside me.

You see, I tried to be as normal as possible. I played sports, and actually was a gifted natural athlete, and I tried to do as well as I could in school.

I still remember my first day, my "mother" telling me she loved me as she tied the bow on my pigtails and walked me to the bus.

She didn't love me specifically. She loved the idea of having a daughter. I was just the most convenient.

Some of the worst things ever done were done so with the best intentions.

When I became "of age" in terms of being a woman, I was then sold to the mob as a sex slave to pay off a gambling debt. Soon after, he had a change of heart and came to save me but it was too late.

So now, what am I looked at as? A whore? A slut? A tramp? You see, I became over-sexualized at a young age and was the one in high school who was known to put out. It was popular among the jocks, sure, but the other girls always whispered about it.

You see, everyone has a background, but everyone is always in competition also. Who can look the hottest, who can dress the sluttiest without giving up the goods, who has the best hair, the best eyes, the best clothes. When you are a woman you are competing every day to be the best because if you're not, another bitch will be.

Guys, they don't care. They all have egos and walk around like every girl in the world wants to fuck them. Girls, they do want to fuck them and know the guys want to fuck them back, the problem is they wouldn't fuck themselves.

Still with me?

I hated myself growing up. I hated what I saw in the mirror because I was an object for the entertainment of men. I knew I was nothing in the eyes of them but a good time. To other girls? I was a threat.

Imagine what that does? You're a nothing to some, but everything to another. Many love, many hate, and all you need to do is smile.

Its scary what a smile can hide.

[Image: cyfuyeg.jpg]

"Hey everyone! Steve Sayors here with XWF TV and I have caught up with Jenny Myst! Ms. Myst has recently been 'discharged' from a mental health facility and is getting ready to participate in the Roxy Cotton Battle Royal at Warfare!"

Jenny looks less than thrilled to be there.

"Jenny, I am giving you the floor. Tell us how you feel about being put into this match by Roxy and your plans for this upcoming Warfare."

Jenny sat there, staring at the camera with piercing angst, her expression stabbing the viewer with 10,000 daggers.

Steve played with his collar. The producers in the back were sweating. Men with headsets were whispering to other men in production trucks, and the ones holding the camera's were beginning to shake from nervousness. There was a collective sigh of relief when she smiled and looked into the camera.

"So what do we have here? A battle royal featuring just women, and women have actually promo'd for it?!!! This must be a mirage. I am so used to the women who sign up for this place being a total waste of skin that I'll admit I cracked a smile when the XWF Camera's came on and I saw Amber Dawn's ugly mug come up on the screen. I cracked a smile, although I will admit it was mostly a wince because of the dive-bar-cougar that was infecting my 60 inch smart TV with nuclear amounts of mediocrity, but I did. I am going to enjoy facing off against women who can talk for once. Albeit, every single one of these anal warts talks like they flosh with used tampon strings, they are talking. Roxy should be proud, becuase she finally got out from under Vinnie's desk and put an idea together herself! But, what wasn't a good idea........putting me in this match. This is showcase talent for the new chicks, and the ones like Kim Anderson and Juni who we throw in there to claim as employee's on our tax returns. This match isn't for a true Queen. Every single one of these bitches is more excited than a teenage girl learning that SnapChat made a new filter in regards to Mandii Rider. Let me give a wake up call to all of you right now..........

Not a single one of you is ready for Mandii Rider.

Hell, I am the longest tenured female on the active roster and I was not ready for the return of Mandii Rider. I'll admit it. I took Mandii for granted because I had been running through these hoes like a well dressed black man at an Ivy League Sorority house and thought Mandii was all the same. BUT, I think I proved that if there is anyone here that is on Mandii's level it is me. We HEADLINED TURNING POINT for god sakes. What women who have ever been here can say they headlines a Pay Per View of that magnitude? These bitches are just happy to be here.........I am happy to be one of the best to be here.

Mandii's hot topic panties are probably moist at the new "Women's Revolution" we have here. She actually has a division worth fighting for now. You see, I was the longest reigning Bombshell Champion in history......but I was in a division by myself. I faced Kim Anderson and Ezariaha, or whatever the fuck she goes by now, more times than I can count on both hands. I had virtually zero competition. I was a one woman army. Now, Mandii is a pirahnna being hand fed gold fish. Good job, Mandii, I am happy your vision for women here is coming true.

[Image: 7hj1wUv.gif]

But I am racking up accomplishments left and right while Mandii is stuck being the champion of the deaf, blind and dumb. She is like the leader of the leper colony with this group of misfits. Is this really the vision she had? I refuse to believe that. Mandii was so desperate for competition, well now she has it. Good luck, champ.

You see, I am over here racking up accomplishments left and right while Mandii is stuck with a belt she at one point claimed she didn't even really want. You see, Mandii's entire agenda was to take me out, to humble me, to make me see I wasn't what I said I was. She had no idea that this belt would make her a paper champion, but hold her back from all of the things she claimed she wanted to accomplish. She couldn't participate in Shove It, she can't go for a Universal Title, we all saw her work ethic when it comes to Tag Matches......now she is teamed up with a body double of Leo's character in Revenant and taking on the two most useless names on the roster in the Main Event.

But I am the joke, hey Chelsea?

[Image: XC51hRw.gif]

Speaking of Chelsea and these other crusty cum stains, I should probably talk about them, right, since I am going to be kicking their asses all over the ring on Warfare. Lets just take a look at these new faces, shall we?


Where oh where should I begin? They are all so generic and boring, with no new backstory. All sad and depressing, broken homes, drug usage.......I mean, Jesus Christ I know I am enviable but at least pick some of my better qualities!

Let's begin with Chelsea Storm, since she had the most to say about me and her promo wasn't a complete train wreck. Just a minor one.

[Image: 1zTpxXF.png]

Chelsea, you seem to know your way around a microphone, but do you know your way around a wrestling ring? Let's hope, or else you are in for a long night. You were quick to throw insults out there, even going after someone's dead father. Come on now, that is something I would do! You were a total bitch! But I guess you have to be looking like you do......I mean.......

For real? You look like one of those women who do the late night work out equipment commercials and push the motive that anyone can do it! You look like a worn out soccer mom who has been smoking Pall Mall's in your mini van for the last two decades. How old are you for real? Like 47?

No, you just had a birthday if I'm not mistaken. You turned 24. Where will you be celebrating your 25th, at a bingo hall? Shit, you might have to hit up Roxy for workers comp after this match because your face looks like your bones have osteoporosis. I've seen more attractive females on Jurassic Park.....

Life....uhhhhhh.......finds a way.


God these bitches are dumb. Is Roxy on a mission to hire only bitches that make her look good by comparison? Vanessa Navarro, the white girl with the Spanish name--wrap your pea brains around that one--looks more like an extra in a hip hop music video that only airs on Spectrum on Demand than she does a wrestler. Shit, I thought I was different looking for this business, she looks like an alien......and that can be literally as well.

[Image: ANpTBut.jpg]

This Jersey Shore cast off is said to have brute strength. For realz? This bitch is a toothpick. Not only does she look like she is having a mid life crisis, the bitch was born when Reagan was still president. She's old. Jesus Christ Roxy, first you employee a bitch whose face looks like someone with IBS had a Texas Roadhouse Gift Card they didn't want to waste and took one for the team, but now you hire a legit senior citizen. What's the matter, Madison was feeling bad about being the only fossil on the women's roster? Vanessa, when you are done deep throating your spray tan bottle, you better start training for this match because you're in over your head here. You have cut two promo's now with this tough bitch persona, but when the chips are down you will fold like a tent. I dare you to come at me, and you will get put on your ass faster than a fat girl trying to sit down. I am small, but I am crazy. I have no regrets, and beating up on some Section 8 twat with a loud mouth--I thrive on these moments.

Ohhhhh so you've had a tough life. A tough upbringing. Is this supposed to mean we have to go easy on you? To wear Mickey Mouse gloves and dance on egg shells? Fuck that....you'll get a thick skin here quickly....though, that doesn't seem to be an issue for you.


You're daddy, in all likelihood, crashed that car intentionally when he saw his future. A son who, for the most part, has a tail and a daughter who was destined to spend his entire retirement pension at Planned Parenthood. Is that the kind of life you'd want for your daddy? And your sister turned to drugs? Oh, what a shock. She probably saw herself in the mirror and realized that her life as a respectable female was already deader than her father was. Fuck, I'd turn to drugs too if I had to deal with a half-lizard brother and a sister whose life aspiration was to be a poster girl for sleep-and-fuck-motels on I95.

You're a total joke, and you have about as much chance to win this little rumble as your brother does playing in the NFL. Louder than sirens, louder than bells, is there a heaven when your daughter belongs in hell?

Rot. Bitch.

[Image: zu8myaY.gif]

Amber Dawn, the dive bar cougar as mentioned before. The Stepford wife who decided to leave the kitchen and come to a contact sport. For real, whats up with all the dead family members? Just because you're mother went Andrea Yates and spared you, you think you have a crutch? Bitch, I'll make you wish you died in that tub too. Foster home? Is that supposed to make you special? I assume you know my back story, I'll spare you the juicy details. Point is this......for someone who has grown up around so much turmoil, you sure aren't setting a good example. Does smoking and drinking in a dingy motel while reading erotic fiction and touching your baby dick make you feel better? Or do you get plastered every night because you have to look in the mirror and see the biggest waste of a set of tits to come around since J Wow?

I'll bank on number two.

You can't live with yourself because you can't love yourself. Your horrific life is being used as crutch, an excuse to be brooding and deep. You try to plead insanity when all you are is a 23 year old nobody who fell back on people's sympathy instead of going out and making something of yourself.

Oh wait, you did?

XWF community, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Amber Dawn is a serial killer! Nice life goal, sister! You really knocked that one out of the park! Well now you get to feel what the other side feels like when I murder your career before it even blossoms. We should rename this match "The Tabitha Dawn Women's Battle Royal".........

Too soon?


The rest of these women.....do they even matter? Remi Skyfire, who sounds like the female damsel in distress from a James Bond movie, Erica Russo who has already proven herself to be a bigger invalid than Navarro's brother, Claire Lloyd who I am not sure even really exists, Hiroshima's pride and joy and explosive talent.....get it? and then the Dyke and a half. The only other one I am missing here is Decima.


[Image: RfSJsvv.gif]

Not even sure what to say here.

What is the point in all of this? These SIDS victims aren't competition. I am in this match to win it. I am in this match to prove a point. Mandii Rider may be the boss at the end of the game, but to get there you still need to go through me. I am going to quell this little rebellion and prove to the XWF world that the only one worth facing Mandii Rider here is me. I have unfinished business with her and it will feel soooooo much better to win this little shindig with Roxy at ringside. I get to look her in the eye and see the hatred, the rage, the absolute disdain as my arm gets raised. There is no prize in this, no belt, no briefcase, no title shot. All there is here is pride, and I am going to show Roxy what it truly means to truly be perfection.

There was a bit of a pause and then Jenny flipped her hair.

[Image: U4YyK4a.gif]

"Whelp...........that's that."

"Thanks Jen.

Jenny Myst everybody! We'll be back after this!"

[Image: O3o3Cy6.gif]

[Image: cO3NG1Q.png]