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SnowFall: Yeller - Ghost Tank - 04-15-2018 07:06 PM

Ghost Tank, now all patched up, flies through the air at top speed as Andrews is trying to climb into his vehicle, only to get speared by GT. Getting up, he pulls Andrews from the side of the vehicle as a ref slides in to count, preparing, as GT climbs onto a nearby car, then performs his Phoenix Splash, landing hard onto Andrews, hooking both legs as he goes for a pin! The ref begins to count!




SnowFall: Yeller - Rain - 04-15-2018 07:15 PM

Ooc: Apparently you need to wait for the show results to be posted before you go for the gold. Sorry. :-\

SnowFall: Yeller - Shane Carver - 04-15-2018 07:18 PM

OOC: The part of the show with the X-treme title match has already been posted which is how he knew which person was the champ now

SnowFall: Yeller - Christian_Andrews - 04-15-2018 08:54 PM

Not OOC:

Andrew's kicked out

(Christian): So this is what my week is going to consist of huh? Sigh...