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Retarded Dragon... Believe! - Scully - 01-12-2018 03:43 PM

You may remember that Scully and Natalie had confirmed their undying love for one another before Christmas and before WarGames.. Undying love? What? This ain't no romantic novel. But yeah they spent the Christmas period together and Christmas day was just as good as they imagined. It went well, Aston was excited, he opened his presents from "Santa" and he was definetely spoilt. Scully actually surprised Natalie. Not only did he buy her some gifts aka jewellery, perfume etc... He also brought her a new puppy. She always wanted a dog but Scully never wanted animals in their home. She was definetely shocked that he would buy her an Akita puppy. So fluffy and cute after already being; Kennel club registered, Microchipped, Great champion bloodline, Wormed every two weeks since birth. Great temperaments - bought up round children and another family pet. Which was good because Aston loved him too. They named him... Bear, well Natalie did. And no, before you ask? Scully didn't leave it in the box for days before giving it to her. His good mate, Alfie looked after bear until Christmas day when Skull went over to collect him. That wasn't the only surprise on Christmas, Scully even cooked the Christmas dinner. I mean the stuffing was a little burnt but the rest was spot on, let's just say Skull got his rewards over the festive period. If you get what I mean? (Wink, wink)

Nats mum's house, Miami, Florida
New Years Eve

They seen the New Year together too. In fact, Natalie, Scully and Aston, oh and Bear of course, went to Nats mother's, Anna's for new years. All was forgiven on the part of Anna and Nats stepdad, Sean, for Skulls unfaithfulness, the same couldn't be said for Nats brother, Doug. He wasn't best pleased. Tgey were in the kitchen sat at the table. After a evening of drinking games like Pie Face, Never Have I Ever, Flip Cup and Boxing, its safe to say the drink had flown, the spirits, the lager, the wine for the ladies. Everyone was drunk, there was plenty of laughing and there was half an hour from the New Years Countdown. It seemed Doug was okay aftee all. Boxing probably wasn't the best game to play at this stage, not with everyone already being wasted. It was Scully vs Doug....

Boxing rules:

You need a stop watch/clock, 2 shot glasses, 4 people, 2 dice, and some beer to play this game.

Two people play this game head to head just like a boxing match, with the other 2 people helping them out being their “corner men”. Sit at opposite sides of the table and each roll a dice. Whoever scores lowest on the dice takes that punch and drinks their shot. The corner man fills the empty shot glass as quickly as they can and you roll again.

It’s a fast paced game to say the least. You play in 3 minute rounds with a 30 second rest in between rounds. We play until someone quits or pukes. You could play a limited number of rounds to prevent this though.

Sean had popped outside for a cigarette. It was now round five and Scully had won every round much to the annoyance of Doug. Everyone was laughing but Doug was less than impressed as he stared daggers at Scully. Doug rolls his dice and gets a two. It was apparent he was going to lose yet another round. Before Scully could roll his, Doug stumbled to his feet, sliding the chair back aggressively. Doug had a frown upon his face, "You're a bastard, Scully."

"Hey chill man.."
Natalie intervened, "Come On Doug... Calm down. It's only a game"

Doug looked at his sister and shook his head. He turns his attention back to Scully,"You're a wanker.. . Mike. My sister deserves better.

Nats mum, Anna then had her say. "Drop it, Doug."

"How can you let this guy in your house after what he did?"

"It's up to Nat if she wanted to forgive him."

"Well you're a mug, aren't you sis?"

"Doug, you're being an asshole!"

"You're bloke is an asshole!

Skull stood up on his feet, he was fed up now. He simply smirked and sarcastically says, "What's your problem? Can't take defeat on the chin?"

"Take this on the chin!"

Doug swings a punch and Scully dodges it. Nat and her mum screamed. Skull tries to be the peacemaker, "Calm down, man."

Doug swings another punch and Scully ducks......


Doug hits their stepdad, Sean accidentally in the face as he opens the door to enter the kitchen. Sean falls back into door and onto the floor. Doug is immediately apologetic as he and Skull rush to Sean's aid. Anna and Natalie also went to give Sean some attention. Sean smikes even though his nose was bleeding. He doesn't say anything but bizarrely starts laughing which funnily enough causes everyone to laugh. He makes his way to his feet.... Suddenly on the TV that played in the background.













The fireworks go off... Natalie kisses Scully on the lips, passionately. Sean with tissue on his nose cuddles Anna and Doug walks up to Scully just as Skull stops kissing his sister.... He offers his hand and they shake hands like men. They even share a manly cuddle. Nat then hugs her brother, Skull shakes Sean's hand and hugs Anna. They then share a group hug..... It seems like all was forgiven after all.

"Do you still believe in me?
Didn't I give everything I had to give you to make you see?
I'll never forget if you turn your back on me now
And walk out, I will never let you live it down
I'll never quit, do you still believe in me?

I believe in myself, sometimes in life you go through shit but it's how you react and it's what you do to comeback that counts. I've had ups, I've had downs.. My opponent on Warfare literally has downs.
Scullys first fight of 2018 coming up. We'll talk about my opponent, he/she whatever its meant to be, in a short while.

Have a nice festive season? Get hammered on New year's? Oh wait.. I don't actually care, you morons.

This is what it boils down too, 2017 sucked for Scully. Not just in the XWF either, on the outside... I fucked up my relationship by being unfaithful, had to leave the family home. Hit my best mate, got a driving ban, was arrested.. On and on...

In the XWF, Scully won a handful of matches and lost more. Since I lost the Xtreme title to Ghost Tank, I know embarrassing right? I'm pretty sure that was GT's first Xtreme championship title reign?! It's gone downhill since then. I'm the guy, the only guy who's lost the Uni to Gilly in late 2016 and that's not good, considering he's failed at every other shot he has had in his XWF career. I'm pretty sure, he's fought every guy who's held the title at some point, yet his challenge against them, ended in failure. He fought me in my only title defence and took it off me.. I haven't lived it down since. I could've walked away from it all, left the XWF, it did cross my mind on more than one occasion but I didn't leave to all of your satisfaction. I didn't run, I didn't hide, I stuck at it. Danny Imperial made his debut, I gave him his first match and to everyone's suprise, including my own, he won. I had some success last year but I wasn't alone, I had Guppy by my side and we took apart the tag team division, only to fail when it mattered most. The Kings defeated us and kept their gold, me and Guppy went our separate ways so it seems. People would blame that on me too I suppose? Blame Scully that Guppy went AWOL? After all he carried me, that's what they say anyway. I did alright in the Rumble, got to the final four but that isn't winning the match is it? And now? Now, I'm the guy who was eliminated first on Team Raven at WarGames. Don't consider the fact that I only knew I was a replacement 3 days before the actual pay-per-view. Not to mention, James Raven was also a late replacement, where as our opponents, well they had plenty of preperation. Didn't you Grande Ricardo? No excuses from me though, I wasn't good enough... Well at Warfare that all changes. 2017 can suck-a-dick!

So let's talk about my opponent. Tonight Matthew, he's going to be

What again? Haven't we already seen that. Or will you be someone like Eli James or Trax? Maybe you could be Gator? Either way, it doesn't matter. The fact remains, I am going to shut you up, once and for all!

Grande Ricardo, you seem to have forgotten that you were meant to be your teams captain at WarGames, yet you couldn't hack it and Imperial had to get the job done. I'd say your showing was pretty lame too, about the only thing we have in common. Oh wait, you're also retarded aren't you? I was once retarded, still can be if I'm injected with some kind of lizard supplement, but you'd have to ask Guppy what it is exactly. Try and find him, good luck with that. Maybe he wanked off lizards like you.. But that means? I injected lizard seamen in my muscly bicep? Ewwwwww. Still better than taking seamen in the asshole like you do, you sick freak! I have nothing against gays though, just to make that clear, my best mate is gay. Yeah my main man, Alfie is gay, I'd hook him up with you but he likes men, not little boys like yourself. Just a word of advice, what happened to Frodo? Whether you're really him or not, I'm going to make you disappear, your little XWF stint has come to an end. Da end..... WAIT.. I nearly forgot...

Meet Jeff "

"Just to clarify, that isn't Mike. Like I said his name is Jeff. See what you have there is an intelligent Bearded WarPig, (just kidding) he's dumb too. You all are, you fuckin' Cunts! Bearded Dragon. The reason that specific reptile can wave is because he has a partly smart owner, where as Mike, has a retarded owner and that's why he doesn't have a clue. The Bearded dragon in that video, has had a good upbringing, all the good crickets in the world to gulp in one swoop but Mike gets left in a bathroom full of Grande Ricardo's shit. Imagine being left in a Shitty bathroom all day and no where to go, the stench, the odour, Windows closed. Must be absolutely horrific. I'm gonna say this right now, Grande Ricardo... You're not fit to own a pet. I'm going to stomp on your fuckin head Grande and when I've finished smashing you, I'm going to take Mike with me. Yeah you heard, take him to hang with Rango, the spirited Chameleon. The Lizard from Spider-Man will be there, he might be an asshole but he'll treat Mike way better than you. Geico Gecko will look after him. Hell we could even have a party, invite Godzilla and Puff, the magic dragon. Bring Tick Tock Croc along, go all out. Who needs you? He'll be better off without you, you worthless, piece of shit. The Xtreme Wrestling Federation will be better without you and I'm going to make sure that is a possibility.

I know you fancy me, I don't blame you but you keep stalking me and annoying the fuck outta me. Well I've had enough. There I was, going to face Finn Khan in a singles match and you come in, give some Shitty stip. You wanted a triple threat and like you pointed out, I got disqualified. Not because of you though, I'll do what I want. Who the fuck would be scared of you? I've had shits harder than you, even when they're runny. Saying I'm gonna run from you? Pffft... Look at you, pathetic. I mean what happened in that triple threat match? Finn beat you. Hahahaha. Then you challenge me one on one months later and the same outcome is among us, you losing again. Well you were meant to be dishing out a challenge but you once again the inner mongoloid came out. Your microphone fucked up? Before I talk shit about it? Shut the fuck up! It ain't talking shit when it's the truth and that's all I speak. Maybe you should try it sometime.

I now have to climb back up the ladder, it's up to me to show you all why I'm a former XWF Universal Champion. Time to get Xtreme on some dumb Cunts head.. Da End, Scully Has Spoken!"