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Oh Brother - Peter Fn Gilmour - 12-06-2017 12:57 AM

We are hours away from what anticipates to be the scariest match in XWF history. Two men go into the ring which will be surrounded by barbed wire explosives and C4. One of them will come out alive and with the XWF XTREME Title. ENGY, the champion looks to continue his hot streak by beating the Xtreme Icon Peter Gilmour in a match he knows all too well. Peter is looking to become the 14 time Xtreme Champ and dethroning the almost unbeatable champion. Peter vows to beat ENGY and show the world he demands respect and bring respect back to the Xtreme Title. Can he do it? Or will he be blown to bits by the unstoppable champion. We'll find out tomorrow night as WARFARE comes your way from TAIPEI, TAIWAN. Don't miss it!

We now open the scene back at the hotel in Taipei. We see people of all ages and sizes coming into and out of the hotel. Some are going to the continental buffet to have some breakfast as it is around 10am local time. The camera now switches to show Peter Gilmour sitting down in a room away from the lobby and breakfast area. Nobody else is in there as somehow he got into a private room. He is wearing a black shirt with red on it, almost like blood. He also has blue jeans on and his hair is spiked perfectly. Peter is on his laptop watching some old matches of himself. We can see from behind that it is some of Peter's deathmatches from his time in Japan and other federations including the XWF. He has a glass of Jack and Coke with the Jack Daniels bottle and a bottle of Coke next to him if he becomes more thirsty. He stares at it intently and sees all of the horror and torture he put his body through over the years. Peter begins to touch his arms which have severe scars on it and begins to cringe after watching some of the clips. He then closes the laptop and begins to think out loud.

Peter: Man, all those years of deathmatches and look what I have to show for it. 7 Deathmatch Titles, gallons of blood lost, broken bones, you name it. I've put my body on the line for over 7 years in the XWF and 5 elsewhere. It hasn't been pleasant but this is what I love to do. The deathmatches, while they are scary as fuck and I could die at any moment, are what makes me the Xtreme Icon, the XTREME GOD. But tomorrow night on Warfare, it very well could be my last match. I go into a barbed wire C4 explosives match with ENGY who thinks he has the match won. He must be either stupid or delusional. I think it's both.

But this could be my last match. I could get my arms, legs, or even face blown off if I get sent into or fall into those explosives. They hurt.. A LOT! Ask Mick Foley, Terry Funk, my idol ONITA, Sabu, the list goes on and ask them if it shortened their careers. Ask them if they were scared. Ask them if they regret having the match. They will tell you the same thing I am going to tell you. They don't regret a thing. I'm going into this match with one goal besides getting that title.. SURVIVE! If I can somehow survive blowing myself up, I've earned myself the respect of the fans and I hope ENGY. But we all know he only respects himself and his whore Madison. But I digress.

Anyways, ENGY you think this is all a game don't you? Going to a school for special people telling them my real life story. Boy, you are so far from knowing the real me. I felt bad for those kids. Having to hear a hypocrite and a liar named "DEXTER" talk about someone better than him. You make me so sick ,I want to vomit all over Madison's chest. Then again I'll just cum in her face when I take her sweet ass and place it on my super dick. But I digress on that.

Peter winks sadistically and licks his lips. He then continues.

Peter: The point is ENGY, keep thinking that insulting me will make you win the match. You still could win, but you're not going to be the same after tomorrow night. You're going to be scarred for life and be in the hospital right next to me. Yeah, I might lose a ton of blood, get blown to bits, but somehow I'm going to survive and somehow I will walk, or be carried out with the Xtreme Title in my possession.

But talk all you want ENGY, it's only going to make your ass kicking more enjoyable for me. You talk about my wife being a "ring rat". Uh, another lie. My wife is no ring rat. She is the Goddess of Xtreme and she never ever gave my balls an itch. She is clean as a whistle and some am I. And don't bring up the AIDS thing because I cured her of that a long time ago. So FUCK YOU!

You say I make bad decisions. Yup, another LIE! When the fuck have I ever made a bad decision? Maybe picking partners to tag with like Morbid and Duke but that was years ago. When I met my wife Maria, that wasn't a bad decision. All the other girls I've been with, I've never regretted fucking them. Not one bad decision on that. Moving to Japan and training with Max Masterson. Not a bad decision. Facing you in an barbed wire explosion match? Might be a bad decision but I'm willing to risk everything for the Xtreme Title. EVERYTHING!

You claim I am the bully. WRONG AGAIN MOTHERFUCKER! I never bullied anyone in the XWF or in real life. I was the one who got bullied. But I overcame it and defeated them all like I will defeat you tomorrow night. My attitude towards being picked on and bullied doesn't change the fact on that.

You bring up the fact that I fold when it comes to either title matches or facing guys like Main, Robbie, Theo, and others. That might be true, but like I said before, I gave all of them a run for their money even in defeat. I'll admit, yeah I will admit I might not be better than them. BUT, I never gave up in those matches. I might of lost but in my heart, I WON! You may be better than me in SO MANY WAYS Engy. But the simple fact that I can and WILL beat you won't change the fact you're better than me. It doesn't matter who is better than me Engy. They always have weaknesses and can be beat on any given day. And your day has finally come. Tomorrow night, you will be taken to the Xtreme and you will be exposed and you will lose the one thing you hold proudly and that is the Xtreme Title. Sure, you can cash that briefcase in right after I beat you. I already know that. But even if you do, as tired and beat up as I may be after the match, I am still going to walk out of Taiwan the champ. Or at least be able to walk out of there alive and in one piece.

And you think you're going to take MY SPOT? MY SPOT? Dog spot, liver spot, but MY SPOT?! HA! I highly doubt that. I'm higher in the ranks than JIM FUCKIN CADEUS! Yeah, the soon to be next Universal Champion. Not you, surely not Robert Main and not even your pathetic looking ass! My spot will still be secured no matter where I end up on the Top 50. I'll still be on the list regardless. So the only thing you're gonna take is maybe a piece of me tomorrow night. But you will never take my pride or my hunger to be the best here in the XWF. NEVER! I'll be here for a while longer and we will dance again. Maybe for the Xtreme belt or if you somehow cash in on the Universal Title, I'll be lying in wait to take you down. But like I said, MY SPOT will still remain here in the XWF and on the top 50 regardless.

And by the way, I did want to join the KINGS despite my plan of exposing them from within. I wasn't tricked. I know those idiots like the back of my hand. I know all of them don't like me and I in turn feel the same way. But if I ever did join the KINGS, and wasn't tricked, I probably wouldn't execute my master plan. But let's not talk about Theo, Doc and Maddy ok? I'm more focused on kicking your punk ass.

You want me gone Engy? You want me out of the XWF? Sadly it's not ever going to happen. I put to much time and energy into making the XWF the best in the world. I have given my time, my blood, sweat and tears for this company. I was never handed anything in my time here. I earned everything. I earned title shots, titles that I've won and even my fuckin' wife Maria. I EARNED THAT SHIT! Like the great Ozzy Osbourne once said, "IM NOT GOING AWAY!" I will be here until the day I can't wrestle again. And that time will never come. even if I get my arm torn off, I'll still be here in some capacity. I got my dick and ear torn off and STILL wrestled. Fortunately, I got them back on my sexy body so my wife can caress and love. But that's beside the point.

The real point is Engy, my poor stupid friend, you are not going to take my spot or rid me from the XWF. I will be the only one to pass the torch to a deserving person. And you're not even close to being that guy. So take your little prediction and shove it straight up your pathetic ass.

You make fun of my weight. Heh, same old shit I've heard for the past 3 years. You do remember I was thin right? I might be fat, but I can still kick your ass.

Engy, your little joke didn't make anyone laugh. It was so bad nobody cared. Mock my weight and my wife all you want. The only story I'm going to tell my kids is that one great day in December of 2017, I fought the so called best in the world and I beat his ass so bad he was never heard from again. I took his Xtreme belt and put it around my sexy waist. I sent him into that "VOLTAGE" and he blew up and I pinned the remaining body parts. You ain't shit man!

So hate me all you want. Keep thinking you will take me down and take my spot on the top 50. Keep thinking you will rid me from the XWF. But I'm going to be your worst nightmare come true. When I pin you and take your belt, don't bother cashing in on me. Hell, Jim Cadeus should do the same fuckin' thing because if both of you try to cash in, I'll beat you both! I hate you just as much as you do Engy. I want your belt and I want to end your little hot streak. I want it to come to a "SHOCKING" end. I'll enjoy watching your body get lit up like a Xmas tree. I'll enjoy watching your skin blister and peel. And I'll enjoy watching you scream.

Tomorrow night Engy, it all ends for you. Tomorrow night, is the end of the road. I hope you shine that belt up real good for me because I'm going to take it. I'll risk everything to get it. I'll take the "VOLTS" Engy. You won't take me down. Even in defeat I'll make sure to give you the fight of your life and make you have to EARN the win. But sadly, you will not win. Tomorrow night, you will get beaten by the KING OF XTREME Peter "I'm a Fuckin' Beast" Gilmour. Now go tell Maddy some more lame stories about me. I'm going to tell my wife Maria a little story as well. The story of how I beat the unstoppable ENGINEER. Oh how GLORIOUS it will be. You will be DELETED after the GREAT WAR has taken place. I'll see you inside that ring Engy.

And with that Peter gives us his customary sinister grin and then closes his laptop and places it on the desk across from the bed. He then flips off the camera before heading out of the room. The scene then begins to FADE TO BLACK!