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Disappointed. The Least You Could Have Done Was Sandbag Me. Fuck. - Jenny Myst - 12-06-2017 12:50 AM

"Finn, it's simple. Truly. You're just built to lose these matches. You can't hang with me, and you know it. You act like you know everything, and that is the problem. You KNOW who the hooded woman is. You KNOW that there is a conspiracy against you. You KNOW that I am behind your recent skid. You KNOW that you can beat Chris Chaos---pretty sure you said that before too. You know too much, Finn, but you never really understand. You know that you suck, but you never really understand why. You never take the time to really break down why you don't belong among some of the top names here. Why do you think it is?

Because you fail to acknowledge your flaws. You fail to acknowledge that there is anything wrong at all. You look in the mirror and you see perfection and you blame everyone else for your inconsistencies. It is everyone else's fault that you suck in your mind. It is everyone else's fault that you've been held down and the legacy of Finn Kuhn will never accerlerate past "what could have been". You aimed for the stars but you couldn't even touch the ceiling. That is my fault?

No, Finn. You see you did it to yourself. You made the mistake that most rookies around here make, and you came in expecting to be good. You came in expecting to blend in and expecting to have titles and notoriety and fame. You came in expecting to be given the world. You are like a bad movie, Finn. We all had our expectations about you during the opening reel, and we have left the theater disappointed. You're nothing but a let down. You could have been so good, but half the time you just fail to show up on the big stage. We never know which Finn we are going to get. The Finn Kuhn with the intense trash talk and the A&E Channel backstory? Or the Finn Kuhn who is silent all week and gets beaten in less than 5 minutes. Hell, I am beginning to believe that Danny Imperial is more stable than you are. I am let down.....I really expected more. We all did.

Shame you, Finn. Shame on you for making assumptions about people when you don't even have your shit together. Shame on you for blaming me for being the reason you can't get on the winning end because of a tunic and a fog machine. Shame on you for giving me this ammo. You see, if you were winning, I wouldn't have shit to say. If you didn't bark bigger than your bite, I may actually give you some credit and admit that this is going to be a tough match. If you were winning matches I may actually say that Finn Kuhn is the real deal. Now, how can I possibly say that? How can I possibly give you a lick of credit when you have done nothing but embarrass yourself.

You see Finn, I WANTED you to be good. I wanted you to take this company over. I saw intangebles in you that not a lot of people have. Things they say "you can't coach that". But you can't coach stupid either, Finn. You can't coach somoneone who simply refuses to learn.

Shame on you, Finn. Shame on you for sucking so much. Shame on you for allowing someone like me to shame you. Shame on you for not being stronger. You have no idea what you are getting into, but the opportunity it worth it, no? You have a chance to go toe to toe with the best bitch in this business. You have a chance to come onto the scene like a hurricane.........you're barely a drizzle. I was looking forward to a promo battle with you. I was looking forward to hearing more about your Nazi roots. I was looking forward to sipping some wine and listening to you ramble about how good you are when your only accomplishment since walking in those doors is having a six pack and Ryan Seacrest hair. I was looking forward to making something of this match on the flagship show. Now it looks like I am going to dominate you in the ring AND on the air waves. There goes a moral victory. Thanks dick.

Finn you are the endangered species, and I am the poacher. You are innocent of everything other than the fact of not having the means to defend yourself. You're just another head to hang on my wall. You aren't a trophy to add to my case, hell you're barely a pin to stick on my blouse.

Shame on you Finn for allowing me to bully you this way and not punching back. Shame on you for allowing your career to slip even further down the tubes when I make you my bitch tomorrow night. Shame on you for not seeing who that mystery druid was sooner..........beacuse I am telling you right now.........

The answer may be closer than you think.

Shame on you, Finn, for being anything but


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