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America, FUCK YEAH! - John Holliday - 09-12-2017 10:58 PM

"Do you know why I love America Ben Gazzi? It's the land of the free, the land where you can be anything you want. If you want to be a doctor, go for it. If you want to be a badass mother fucking vampire hunter like me? Shit, I'm living proof of that. It's funny that Dune Coons think you can ever beat the U.S. I can't wrap my head around it, but hey I didn't mind killing your friends when I was in the Marines. To me you're all the same. I don't care if you ISIS or Al-Qaeda or whatever you wanna call yourselves. I don't even have to think about it, I just pull the trigger and then there is one less goat fucker in the world. You have no chance to beat me. You're just a warm up match. I'll beat your ass, then go on to face Gilmour for the Hart title. The things I'll do to you, you'll be begging Allah for it to stop, but he won't answer. He knows better than to fuck with America and me. No cosmic force will be able to stop me. You're going to feel the wrath of America through my fists boy."

"I'm a proud American and it was an honor to serve in the Marines. You see, once you're a Marine, you're always a Marine and it's my duty to beat the fuck out of people like you. People who threaten the lives of Americans. Sure, we are not perfect. He have our flaws, we have our ups and downs, we are a young nation, but we are have room to grow and we will. We always come together when pieces of shit like you try to come and ruin our way of life. I'm going to let that happen. Your ass should have stayed in the cave with your fellow Sand Niggers, you fucked up by coming here to the XWF."

"You see, the men in my family have been putting fuckers like you in the ground since World War Two. My grandpa kill them Nazis, my dad killed them Zipper heads and I've killed you Dusty Nut faggots. It's in my blood to defend America from all threats. So don't think for one God damn moment I'm going to be losing to you. So I have one last thing to say to you.So clear your ears of sand, pay attention mother fucker. Play very close attention."


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