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King of the Ring - The Finale - Archie Lawson - 08-20-2017 04:45 PM

Before the main event, I just wanted to take this quick moment to thank everyone who has played a part in making this pay-per-view a pleasure to run. The fantastic match writers, the brilliant judges and general managers who are such a huge part of why I want to spend as much time in this federation as I possibly can, while I can, and to all of you who took part in this gigantic event. The XWF really is the best e-fed in the world, and although I can't thank each individual for what they've done for this event, I just want to say a huge huge huge thank you! I love you. Enjoy the rest of the show.

Ladies and gentlemen, what an incredible night it’s been, but it’s not over yet. We have a hell of main event lined up for you tonight, b’gawd, it’ll be a good one.

J.R is right folks, Brucette Blingsteen, the recently crowned champion, defends her championship against the brilliant, James Raven

And I believe the challenger is about to make his way to the ring!

The entire arena slowly fades to black as the audience excitedly awaits the entrance of "The Peoples GOAT". The drum beat and guitar solo start and a series of white and blue spotlights come up and pan the crowd. Mike Shinodas voice is heard on the speakers singing.

“Now here we go for the hundredth time, hand grenade pins in every line, throw ‘em up and let something shine, going out of my fucking mind… filthy mouth, no excuse, find a new place to hang this noose, string me up from atop these roofs, high and tight so I wont get loose.”

By now the fans are going wild and cheering as the spotlights slowly make their way to the top of the entrance ramp where a dim fog begins to form.

“Truth is you can stop and stare, rub myself out and no one cares, dug the trench out and lay down there with a shovel up, out of reach somewhere… yeah, someone pouring in, make it a dirt glass floor again, say your prayers and stomp it out when they bring that chorus in.”

The spotlights come together as one, and the fog fills the top of the ramp until the downbeat hits and a major blue and silver pyrotechnic display goes off and the rest of the arena lights turn up to full. When the smoke clears James Raven is seen on top of the ramp, his hands thrown up over his head and a huge smile on his face.

“I BLEED IT OUT!!! Diggin’ deeper just to throw it away, I BLEED IT OUT!!!”

The following match, is a ladder match, and it is for, the UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP! First, on his way to the ring, the challenger, weighing in at 222 pounds, he is the self proclaimed greatest of all time… JAMES RAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James makes his way down the ramp, high fiving fans and posing for pictures with several of them until he reaches the base of the ramp. Then, he pauses for a few seconds and sprints for the ring, diving in under the bottom rope and sliding in to the center of the mat on his hands and knees. He poses for a second, then gets up and runs for the turnbuckle, climbing up and posing yet again for the fans before doing a 360 degree spin off and doing the same on the opposite turnbuckle. As his music fades out he stretches in his corner, and then waits for the champion to make her entrance.

Kanye by The Chainsmokers plays through the arena and Brucette rides out on a segway, pumping her arms with the title around her waist. She wheels his way down the ramp, slapping hands with the ringside fans on her way. Once she reaches the ring she hops from the segway onto the apron and springboards into the ring and raises her arms as the fans cheer.

The referee calls for the bell and this match is under way! Brucette immediately goes on the offence, running at Raven, who ducks a clothesline. Brucette’s momentum carries her into the ropes.

Raven hits her with an arm drag on the return, the crowd roars as the champion rolls back to her corner. Raven smirks and raises his arms in the air, much to the joy of the crowd.

He shuffles towards Brucette, who is rash in her offence. She hits a clothesline to Raven who immediately jumps back to his feet. He then takes a step towards her, but as Brucette runs towards him, he shuffles behind her and grabs her by the back of her neck, pulling it down to the mat to execute a very quick but painful neckbreaker.

The challenger looks sharp in the early goings, but Brucette is a fighter. She won’t be going down like that!

She climbs to her feet quickly, rubbing the back of her neck with her jaw slightly dropped.

I don’t think Brucette thought that Raven would be as sharp as this. The champion looks stunned!

Raven shapes her up once more, he grapples her by the neck and pushes her into the turnbuckle. He hits the opposite ropes and runs at her, but she ducks a clothesline and now has James in the corner!

She chops him in the chest and throws him into the centre of the ring. She jumps up onto the middle turnbuckle, Raven ducks an oncoming crossbody!

Brucette is fast to her feet though, she turns and ducks a standing dropkick from Raven before slapping him in the face. Raven looks stunned but returns the favour with a devastating uppercut. She backs into the ropes. Raven runs at her but she ducks and runs into the opposite ropes!

The two head towards each other in the centre of the ring! They’re about to collide but Raven leapfrogs over Brucette who ducks. The two turn into each other and Raven hits another uppercut!

Brucette stands strong, and Raven goes for his finisher! The Flight of the Raven!!

But Brucette shoves him forwards into the ropes then drops to the mat. Raven runs past her but leaps up onto the opposing middle rope, he springboards back towards her… Crack!

Springboard elbow lands to good effect!

He then looks to the outside where the ladders are laying. He has a huge grin on his face. As he’s about to step out of the ring though, Brucette cracks him in the back of the head with a stiff right that sends him flying down to the outside head first!

She follows after him and stomps on his head. She picks him up and plants him face first into the ring apron before rolling him into the ring. She grabs a ladder and slides it into the ring.

She’s about to get in the ring as well but is met with a rapid fire baseball slide from the challenger!

Brucette goes flying into the barricade, but Raven isn’t done there. He hits a lovely cross body chop to her chest before lifting her up into the air and planting her face first onto his knee!


He punts her in the ribs before grabbing her by the head. He tries to send her face first into the steel steps but she twists out of it and grabs Raven by the hand, pulling him towards her. She drops to the mat and sticks out a foot. The toe hold sends Raven tumbling into the steps, face first! The challenger is busted open!

Claret pours down the challenger’s face as Brucette smirks. She grabs him, but he bursts into action with left and rights that come flying out of nowhere. This takes her aback, and she looks for a clothesline that doesn’t connect. Raven runs up the steel steps and onto the apron before diving into her with a crossbody!

He stands tall and the crowd erupt once more. Raven then climbs into the ring and sets up the ladder in the centre of the ring!

He begins to climb the ladder but the Champion grabs him by the ankle and pulls him down! She cracks him in the skull! Then she shoves him towards the ladder. Raven clambers out of the way, and then ducks yet another swinging arm! He knees her in the gut, grabs her by the head and plants her face first into the mat with a brutal Spike DDT!!

Raven is taking control of this match now!

And he picks Blingsteen up, and he smashes her back down with another DDT!

Then he picks her up again, and another!

He feels like the match is won but he doesn’t begin the climb the ladder just yet.

Raven picks her up and grabs her from behind, German Suplex!

Raven looks down on Blingsteen. She is a crumpled mess, who can just about make out her glimmering championship above her.

Raven starts to climb the ladder but as he gets half way up, a lifeless Brucette Blingsteen grabs him by the ankle.

The challenger is shocked. He drops down to the mat once more and he picks her up!





He plants it to perfection, and he slowly makes his way up to the ladder.






But AGAIN!! Brucette grabs his ankle. This time, Raven has no intention of coming back down to the mat! He pulls her up along side him!!

What’s this!!!





FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bah gawd, I swear to you, Brucette Blingsteen may well be broken in half!!!

Raven looks up at the title and he climbs the ladder once more.

This time, he is uninterrupted.

He grabs the championship and sits at the top of the ladder, looking down at the championship as the crowd goes wild.


James Raven, with absolute authority has just claimed the most prestigious prize in the XWF!!!

Brucette is a helpless mess on the mat as medics come down to help her to the back.


The new number one contender for the Universal Championship emerges at the top of the ramp.

That’s James Raven’s friend, Robbie Bourbon, but I don’t think he’s out here to congratulate the champ on his victory, do you Luca?

What else would he be out here for J.R? They’re friends after all!

Bourbon simply stands at the top of the ramp, staring directly into the eyes of the new Universal Champion. Bourbon eventually walks down the ramp slowly. Raven climbs down the ladder and the two stand in front of the ladder, looking out to the crowd.

Raven isn’t sure how to take this. He realises Bourbon is the number one contender to his championship. Bourbon points at Raven’s belt but then offers a hand to Raven. Raven pauses for a moment before taking Bourbon’s hand.

Bourbon stares directly into Raven’s eyes before raising the new champion’s arm into the air.

Bourbon begins to head to the back as James Raven continues to celebrate with the crowd.

As soon as he reaches the back...

The lights go out...

What the hell?

The Xtron crackles to life to a car ignition firing and a car hood appearing on the screen. The patients and Kruzermatics in London begin to scream.

Four spotlights turn on pointing down at the champion in the ring as if headlights from a car. Raven starts looking around and behind him then faces the Xtron and gesturing to "C'mon..."


Wow... You do pay attention Old Man. Yes, seriously.

The spotlights and Xtron go out at the same time at the end of the video. The lights come back up in the arena and James Raven turns around, visibly pissed off and knowing something's up. But before Raven has even a chance to react he's met with a Kruzerkick to the head, knocking him flat out on the mat.



Kruzer steps forward smiling, licking his top teeth, looking down at Raven, wearing a leather biker jacket, Kruzer logo T-shirt, faded vintage jeans, biker boots and, of course the XWF Federweight Title belt around his waist. The patients starts chanting:


Kruzer then looks around the Psych Ward, still smiling, and signals for a mic.

Kruzer brings the mic to his lips, still smiling.

What? ...Were you expecting the Easter Bunny?

The patients scream... Kruzer tries to speak again, but the patients start chanting:


Kruzer smiles.

You're Damn Right It Is!!!

The patients scream again.

But if you'll excuse Kruzer for a moment patients... The ol'Kruzermatic has some business to attend to, Savvy?!

The patients scream again as Kruzer turns his attention back to Raven and stands over him looking down.

So, how's it going eh? ...Jimmy right? ...Bobby? ...Booby? ... Jive Turkey, whatever... The name's Kruzer. Canadian Icon... Thirteen time World Champion. Just wanted to say hello Savvy?! ...Congratulations Champ. ...You Enjoy That. ...For now! You'll be seeing me around. Guaranteed. ...That's All.

Kruzer smiles again and drops the mic as his theme begins to play.

Statement made. This is great! Listen to the crowd here in London! They love it!

Kruzer looks around the Psych Ward again and flashes his patented bullhorns then rolls out of the ring and walks backwards up the ramp.

Eventually? I'd say he's made his intentions VERY clear. He wants the belt. But will there be retaliation?

Raven starts stirring and rolls over, grabbing his Universal title as Kruzer gets to the top of the ramp. He pulls himself to hang over the middle rope, yelling at Kruzer holding his Universal title and pointing at it. "THIS IS MINE YOU SON OF A BITCH! ...IT'S MINE!!"

Well, I've just been told... Kruzer will be on Warfare this week in a Submission match against ...Bilbo Brommer-Blumpkinz? ...Revenge for "Mini-Pool maybe"?

Kruzer throws up the trademark bullhorns at the top of the ramp and pyros go off.

[Image: Kruze_KOTR_zpsvb3qmlw3.jpg]
Who knows partner, but one thing's for certain, this has been a great King of the Ring Event. Good Night Everybody!