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Your Character's XWF Fan Base: The 'cool' kliq fans (booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)
Location of character (and optionally, the handler): Sarah was born and raised in Maine but now lives in Hollywood Hills.
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Theme / Entrance Music: "Material Girl," cover performed by HeLLer
"Big Move" most famous for: The Pigeonwing
Description of Move: Crossface Chickenwing, typically grapevined to the ground.
Gender: Female

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 Atticus White (06-17-2020 at 05:24 AM)
Your inbox is full lol so in reply to your PM as long as you want and any time before the main event.
 boeing 737 (02-09-2020 at 06:51 PM)
Give me your Lungs
 Vita Frickin Valenteen (01-22-2020 at 08:44 AM)
Lacklan, Thank you so much for reaching out. Vita Valenteen appreciates all of her fans, and the support that they offer. As a thank you for your continued support, we have included this free limited edition autographed T-Shirt!!

[Image: 61-V6-An3-QYAL-UX522.jpg]
 Carver's Sheath (10-01-2019 at 02:00 PM)
[Image: OUBvYfy.png]

Hey #FreeRide #SLACKland whore (see what me did tharr, teeheehee, use it!) I hear you ENJOY the fact that your pathetically pre-paved path of SLacking while getting rigged "wins" over grown men who would obviously break you in half in any fairly contested battle makes me WEEP!!! I admit it, SLackLanD... I HAAAATE it when better talent just lays down for someone lazy and inexperienced, or when they're otherwise sabotaged or drugged by "someone" before their match so they come to the ring all doped up and unable to beat down a small child! 😭 Shane had tears streaming down his cheeks but his face kept twitching and switching between a distressed frown and an unrestrained smile...? Perhaps he was still unstable as a result of CCP's shocking, unprovoked, cowardly attack on him over the weekend so now even the weakest and runtiest of the XWF litter was able to set him off?
 Carver's Sheath (10-01-2019 at 02:00 PM)
Elvis playing in the background may have influenced his next line: Why must you be so cruel to a heart that's true???

Why must you be such a clear and obvious scam and slacker??? Why must you be so eager to be exposed again and again??? Why, SlackLand? Why?
The tone in his voice told us just how concerned he really was, almost as if he felt bad for the self destructive, inattentive, bushy tailed subject he was speaking to. He was likely surprised her keepers hadn't trained her better, considering how risky of a sham was being run for so long now. You underestimate the cleansing power of these bodily fluids you seek. Someone with as much dirt to be exposed and scrubbed away as you is supposed to be smarter than to ask to be publicly washed again! Why are you doing this to yourself?!? On Shane's desk, we saw an early draft of what looked to be part 2 of some tutorial? At a glance, it appeared Sarah's name was credited as a co-creator of said tutorial? What did this mean? Were the two of them secretly in cahoots and profiting together while "working" all of the suckers in the XWF that were either too blind or afraid to speak up about anything going on behind the scenes? Was the entire XWF being #SLack'd by the two of them? LoLoMg
 Carver's Sheath (10-01-2019 at 02:00 PM)
Stop running, Sarah! Stop hiding while you discreetly mention me after I've verbally assaulted and accosted you in the public eye! Give me what I want! GIVE IT TO ME AND I'LL LEAVE YOU ALONE TO GET YOUR BULLSHIT FREE WINS IN RIGGED FIGHTS! Shane's face was beet red, but not as red as the embarrassed faces of all the guys in the back when they get privately asked how or why they laid down for a little kid they should have been able to murder with one hood tied behind their back. Are you going to throw a temper tantrum now because I dared to speak to you directly the same way the dreaded, original Hooded Man did when he was exposing you as a worthless sack of shit that only wants to travel your own limited, predetermined path? Am I "moxxing" you now when I change your name to SlackLand? Imagine if your father had been so weak instead of carving his own legacy! Disgraceful. Your family weeps right beside me. - Shane's tears did seem genuine here. There was no eye dropper or freshly sliced onion in sight, and no picture of a naked Barney Green.
 Carver's Sheath (10-01-2019 at 01:59 PM)
Make me cry, #FreeRide amateur whore! SLACK me, bitch! SLACK me hard! Let my acid tears be the cure for what many clearly see as the running XWF scam meant to appeal to the pedophile demographic because those pedos sure do love paying their hard earned money to see a little girl get down and dirty with grown men she'd otherwise have no business and no CHANCE of being on top of! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
 Carver's Sheath (10-01-2019 at 01:59 PM)
Just because you had a title created FOR you to hold since July, doesn't mean the names of the others don't matter! Learning the names of the titles that rank far above yours is EASY! The universe and world are two different things... and the World Championship of XWF has been retired, you blithering little retard! What a stupid, mindless whore! Fuck you! Die, #FreeRide bitch! Choke on Peter Gilmour's SUPER DICK!!!!! I bet he'll give you a free ride on that too!!! No need to have him bribed OR drugged by "somebody" in the back just so you can get on top of him!!!! ROOOOAAAARRRRR GOD MOXXER GOD MOXXER CRAXY CRAXY Free Rigged Wins! Wheeee!!! LoLoLoLers EHRMERGERDZzZzZ!1!1! Waggle Bagga!!!! - Shane had indeed lost his scat here, but coming from a guy who used to speak to potatoes and shove asparagus in his asshole while sending pictures of Scatbear to self-righteous yet underpaid 9-to-5ers, this really was nothing new. Just another day at the office of the exposer of shit.