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Saturday Night Savage
06-19-2021, Late evening into next morning
Event posted by Karen Hunt
XWF Management

[Image: V3i33MC.png]


Chicago, Illinois

Tommy Wish
- vs -
Corporate Chaos
- vs -
Corporate Street Fight
By order of Theo Pryce, Corporate Chaos may use weapons, while Tommy Wish and Dock may NOT

Micheal Graves
- vs -
Dolly Waters
- vs -
Atara Themis ©
Reverse Ladder Match
The Championship will be given to the time keeper, and the winner will be the first person to retrieve the belt, scale a ladder, and hang the belt over the awaiting hook
1 RP, Unlimited Words

- vs -
"Chronic" Chris Page
Singles Match

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

[Image: xwftv.png]

Andre Dixon ©
- vs -
Corey Smith
Andre Dixon may choose the stipulation for this match in his 1st RP

OOC: All matches are 2 RPs with 3k Word Limit, with the exception of the Shooting Star Match. You must post 1 cold open RP before the soft deadline (Friday June 12th 11.59pm board time) if you wish to post 2.

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