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Poonjabi Galore Shove-It
09-23-2017, Late evening into next morning
Broken Oswald Autem Sephtis
Prepare to be, DELETED!

Every match will be within a Punjabi Prison!

 photo bff0a57a-55a1-4077-abc3-7fe00b6829bc_zpslijxh2ba.jpg

The Poonjabi Prison Shove-It will be hosted within the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL

Regular Old Punjabi Prison


- vs -

Paul Catchal

The only normal Punjabi Prison, to show what Vince MeekMahan's company has been doing with the Punjabi Prison, and what I will be trying to EVOLVE!

Four Corners of DELETION! Punjabi Prison

Marlow Raxis

- vs -


The object of this, is to hit the four corners before you escape, even if your opponent has left the inner cage and is in the second, you must still hit all four corners of the ring BEFORE attempting escape.

TLC Punjabi Prison

The Big Kahuna

- vs -

Jean Baptiste Le'Croix

Tables, ladders and chairs inside and outside of the first cell. There will be a roof over the inside cage, to prevent escape via ladder from the first cell.

The Straps of Sanity Punjabi Prison

Jenny Myst

- vs -

BasIc biTch doCtor josHua reno

Both will be bound in a straitjacket as well as a strap connected to them. The doors of the inner cage will have blades on the bottom of them, specifically meant to cut the strap. Once in the outer ring, you must get out of the jacket and then climb out to win.

NYC Street Fight Punjabi Prison

Tala Sugay

- vs -

Jack Cain

Weapons that could be found on any New York street, will be inside the Punjabi Prison, from shards of glass to parts of cars, all for them to duke it out! Follows normal Punjabi Prison rules by whomever leaves and touches ground first, is declared the winner.

First Blood Punjabi Prison

The Engineer

- vs -


The object of this match, is to bloody the opponent then escape the Prison. If the opponent is not bleeding before you leave, but you are, you still will not win and once they leave, they(the unscathed) will be declared the winner, and not yourself.

Punjabi Prison On A Monster Truck Match

Robbie Bourbon

- vs -

Jim Caedus

From Bourbon's own description: "The first man to escape the prison, slide down the pole, get in their monster truck, and then drove across the checkered line wins."

It will be the ONLY Punjabi Prison that will happen OUTSIDE

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