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2020 started off with a bang at C-Fest and now we are working our way towards March Madness! Join us LIVE from LAS VEGAS on March 29th!!!!!

the X-treme Wrestling Federation. Since 1999 our community has built a fantasy wrestling universe that is shaped by the decisions they make as writers (role players) for the characters they control. Some of you might know this as E-Fed, E-Wrestling, or Fantasy Wrestling. If you've competed in e-wrestling before, the basic idea is the same as it's always been; competitor A's role plays versus competitor B's role plays where the quality of story and trash talk determines the match or storyline outcome.

If you're new to professional wrestling, XWF is still a place where you can have fun without keeping up with the sport. In pro-wrestling, in addition to the athleticism that comes with the matches, you also have the writing aspect of it where they create larger than life characters like The Undertaker. Obviously we don't have a ring to put our community members in, so we go all-out with the writing side of the competition.

The best place to start if you're new is the FAQ which will answer a lot of your questions and explain how our community works in greater detail. Even if you've participated in e-wrestling before, you should take a look because we do have some features that you won't find in most traditional e-feds.

We have fully integrated our forums right into our site so everything works as one. The homepage (the page you're seeing right now) will always serve as the "base" with occasional updates but for the most part, everything happens on the boards. Enter the boards here: XWF Boards

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